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Visualization - Why It Doesn't Always Work

Visualisation is something that new age books recommend almost like its something out of the Bible; how could we not be visualising each time we want something to happen? And yet as I've discovered, not only does it not work very well, but it actually tends to block creations from occurring. Let me explain.

When I was a teenager, I was natural at manifesting creations. Knowing it was a natural process, I never focussed or obsessed over it. Whether it was an after-school job, a boyfriend or even getting into university, all I had to do was think on it positively, let go, and things would happen. I felt powerful because I could make many interesting things happen. I got a great job, had a boyfriend, got into university and really was never worried about the future.


But then a strange thing happened. I began to discover "New Age" books, and there were many of them even in the 90's. I thought the books were all fantastic and most of them were. Amongst them were books about Manifestation, Abundance and Creating What You Want. Without ever wondering if the books were in fact accurate or true, I simply swallowed them, assuming they must be true. My first book on manifestation is when all my problems with manifestation started (yes, the irony of it). I lost the ability to naturally manifest because I began to believe in wrong facts from the manifestation books. My manifestations became unnatural as I followed step by step processes that promised the world.

And I'm not the only one. Did you know that in new age circles we talk about how we "new-agers" are the worst when it comes to money. Money seems to run from us. We are dreamers of the biggest kind (and this is amazing when it comes to picturing the world in peace and harmony). But have you ever wondered why, on an individual level, new age people never seem to have our lot? We are shopping in opp shops and we aren't even hippies anymore. Remember the hippie stage? "I prefer not having cash" we would state, and we kind of didn't, at least until we needed to actually pay the bills.

I was sold on the 'techniques of visualisation' and I got intense around it. I believed that I could create anything I wanted, not knowing that I'd lost the natural way to manifest. I was using all the 'new' ways I was learning - all of which were wrong. You should never expect to manifest. You should play it like it is a game, and simply hope with an open heart.

I was told if you wanted a house, then try to visualise it down to the last detail. If you wanted a boyfriend, picture him exactly and send it out, then let go.....Picture your perfect job, picture money coming in, blah blah blah. And now I will tell you why it doesn't work so well.

Too Much Detail Causes A Closed Mind

When you in fact visualise something very precisely, you are saying to the universe that this is what I want. This thing exactly. What if the universe doesn't have that thing exactly, and what if your guides are trying to lead you in a different direction? What if you make up your mind very strongly but you are meant to receive something else? Do you know what happens when we do this - we completely mess up our own manifestation process and the universe knows we are stuck and brings us nothing. Our guides wait for us to clear out our expectations and become open again.

For many years I've been a visualiser and I cannot remember one time that my visualisation came true. I was told in books and by psychics that to find a man, I needed to write down specifically what I wanted; make a list, write it in a big circle and it will definitely occur. I did all this but I still kept meeting men who were not right for me. It made me feel like I had failed.

Rather than relax and become open again, I became ever more clear about the exact future I wanted. I thought that you order it - because that is what new age books said. Like in a cafe, you are meant to order your future exactly as you would like it. No wonder these books always sell out. It's so addictive. We are told that we create our life through our thought (this part is true) and we feel empowered, yet we are shown the wrong way to do it. I thought I was being strong by not giving up, so I never became OPEN. I never gave up.

Why Visualisation Doesn't Work

Manifestation is not about the mind at all. Forget using your mind, ordering things from the universe or making demands. Pinning up pictures of your dream house may never bring it to you if it isn't in your life plan. No - manifestation is all about FEELING things and then knowing, because once we feel it, our heart tells us immediately if it is coming or not. We have the ability to know what is right for us. We have the ability to feel when it is coming.

I find it amazing that we are taught a lot of crap because that crap sells books. We are told we must buy the books, read them and use our minds to picture stuff, but then we wonder why doesn't it ever arrive? Somehow we all think we failed or are really bad at visualisation. In fact, visualisation is kind of the wrong thing to do. Let me tell you the right way, which coincidentally is the way I used when I was a teenager and, without trying or stressing, I got everything I ever asked for.

Open Expectation & Being Positive

Open Expectation is what works and it automatically makes you positive. We never need to visualise anything. I used to think to myself, "This is what I want, a job" and NEVER add the details of it. I was open to whatever came along, and things always just happened. My angels would lead me to the right job. When I wanted a boyfriend, I never pictured what he looked like, and within weeks I'd met a very nice boy.

The way to manifest quickly is to say to the universe, "I'm Completely Open", or "Hey, send me something fun" and then play it like its a game. See what comes along and don't be too serious. Learn to laugh if it isn't exactly what you wanted and try again.

In his book The Jeshua Channelings, Jesus (or Jeshua as he prefers) says the following:

"Creating from the heart is more powerful and requires less effort than creating from the ego. You do not have to bother about the details; you just need to be open to all there is, both inside and outside."

"From this openness, you may now and then sense a certain pull....this pull is the quiet whisper of your heart....When you act from intuition you are pulled instead of pushing."

This was amazing to me as he admits that much in new age teaching is in fact incorrect. We often try to forcefully or egoically attract the things we want. We are always pushing, using ego, and never feeling pulled to it through our intuition, or our heart. The difference is incredible.

The Authors

The last thing I want to say is that thousands of new age authors write books and there are thousands of rejects each year. I've been told this by new age publishers, not because the books are bad but because they only need to publish a few each year. The authors who do get the publishing contract and write about 'ordering up' whatever you like from the universe believe in their techniques because they were published. It did work out for them, so they think they are correct in what they say. They never consider the thousands who find out how brutal it really is. So I don't blame the authors. I just think it is a shame that so much 'out there' around manifestation is pure fantasy and it tends to turn us in the wrong direction.

Visualisation is only good to use on imagining a positive earth, or sending energy to friends, but not on your own desires. Never order things, rather play with it with an open heart and open expectation. Let your angels do the work and bring you unexpected things! It's fun.

I now feel more open to manifesting whatever the universe thinks is best. I'm getting ready for some surprises. I feel a bit jealous of the people who never read these manifestation books with their extreme promises, for they are naturally manifesting just fine all along.

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