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What Is Your Life Review?

After we die and pass to the other side, we must undergo something called a Life Review whereby we acknowledge and look at all the points in our life that impacted others negatively. Depending on the kind of person we were and the karma we accrued, this could take a short time or quite a long time. Living the life is one side of the coin; there is a whole other side to this same coin that we totally overlook whilst we are living our life. So what does this life review really mean and how do we do it?

Life Review

The Angels Help Us

Firstly, it is our angel team who help us through this stage. It is actually the third stage of our life since before we were born, we spend a lot of time preparing and planning various outcomes that we wanted to achieve. Then we come in to earth and we live our life, making all kinds of free will choices as to where we are going, who we travel with, and importantly how we treat other people. Life is full of people who are less kind to others, lie, cheat and swindle - but trust me, people do pay for all the wrong they have ever done. Those bullies who got away with whatever they wanted, they all end up having to view what they did to others and they all must feel the pain they inflicted, and then make up for it in their next life!

So when we pass over, we spend much time with angels and, after resting for a while, we must undergo a type of life reenactment whereby we review all we have done during life. I do not believe we watch it on some kind of screen; rather we come here to earth in a spirit body and watch it as it actually plays out. We slot into the correct place in time and, with our angels, we stand next to ourself and feel it all from the other person's view point. We feel what they are feeling in that exact time. Ouch!

It can be a long process and it can feel like a punishment. Also, there is no way around this process; it is something you must complete. You may have been wealthy, poor, or you may have been the Queen of England - it matters not. Once you have passed over, all fame and money lose their meaning and we are all the same and all equal in God's eyes once more. Yes it is funny, because many famous people have to readjust to no longer being special, and of course the rich miss all their cash.

Karma And Consequences

Have you been unkind or living carelessly in this world, treating others as if they were less? It is funny how we do these things, forgetting that our angels are always, and I mean always, by our side watching. If people just once considered that they live on after death of the body, that they are accountable for their actions (imagine being accountable), then people would act differently whilst they are here. This is the main reason why Buddhists live in a state of harmlessness to all others. The Buddhists know.

Whilst we live on earth, the number One priority and the number One reason we are here is to be kind to others. This entire experience is a lesson in kindness. You can't fail on earth if you live an impeccably kind life. Love others as you would have them love you. You see, Jesus really was right.

So there are consequences for all of our actions and they are never simply forgotten. We are either rewarded with praise and any other reward that we deserve for a job well done, or we pay the consequences. We are shown exactly where we went wrong each time, so there is absolutely no misunderstanding with the angels, and we do this until we feel the pain of others and begin to understand. We could spend what amounts to years in pain as we watch it all, for we cannot skip any of it. If we did it, we must look at it. A life review may not be something any of us wish to experience.

It is a nit-picking and often long process, especially if we have been misbehaving. We are taught many things during this time until eventually we are given a karma update, for it is the angels who decide what karma is left to us and what we must do about it. Sometimes we may go up a level of growth and progress on the ladder of evolution. Or sometimes we are brought down to a lower level that we had already mastered, sent back to try again.

How Do I Know This?

I had always read and suspected that this is what occurs when we pass over, but recently I began talking to spirits who were around me from my life, and they told me they had to watch me grow, had to learn who I was and what made me tick, because they were very bad to me in different ways. I found one spirit who was apologetic, and another who was angry at first, but came around to apologising to me. They are never far away because it is part of their work to watch me, not as a punishment but as a learning experience.

Despite this, we are told over again in spiritual readings that this is what happens. We have all heard of karma. And I hope that by discussing our life review, we may learn to be kinder and more careful of others, if we wish for a short review and to avoid the negative karma.

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