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Is There Life After Death?

On this side of the veil, it's almost impossible to know about life after dying unless you're a clairvoyant, and I often talk to those who have passed over. I've learned many interesting facts and bits and pieces about the realm we go to and the opportunities available there. None of us have ALL the answers, yet, for those souls who have passed over for a few minutes and then returned, we hear stories of a blissful, loving and relaxing dimension waiting for us when we are ready.

Death Tunnel

They say we go through a tunnel of light to "the other side" where we immediately meet up with loved ones who passed before us. But then these temporary visitors are resuscitated back to life preventing us from learning what more happens. What occurs when you die for real, and where do you go? I'd like to put together an article to give an idea of the things we do over on that side and what we go through.

We Go Home

Many believe that the other side is our real home, our true place of being and living, and that the physical world is where we come to learn lessons and grow faster. It is known, due to its toughness, that we grow much faster here than we can in our home dimension, which is a dimension of pure love. You could equate one lifetime on earth as one mission or lesson, and then after finished it we get to return to where we came from.

The earth is a crazy, difficult plane of being where we often feel isolated, alone, and often we live as slaves to some large corporation, or are treated like commodities. If we do not find our way, life can be very tough, so we must be sharp and have our wits about us. This earth dimension has been hijacked and turned into an unnatural world of money and debt slavery. Life upon the other side is about how valuable and loved you are, and there is no money there.

The difference between earth and our home dimension is vast. Can you imagine passing out of your physical body at death and traveling onwards and upwards into a kind of heaven? This is much like what really happens. We are pure, spiritual beings, but we live a life where we are told there is no God and no afterlife. It can be slightly confusing once you die, but you soon learn that you live in a paradise and that you will live forever because you are made out of spirit. You may study at universities, and you may live there without needing money. You can get your previous memories and visit all your friends on the other side. But at some point, you will probably learn that you need to come back again for another life, since we almost all do.

At this point, you need to go into a deep preparation for the next life you will live, either on Earth or elsewhere in the universe.

Preparing For A Next Life

When it is time to begin again on a new adventure into this world, we spend much time with angels, who are our biggest helpers in this kind of mission. We could not come to earth without the angels help and aid, and their constant supervision once we are here. We often work with them and others in order to get our life working and on track on the Earth plane. Angels are beings who come from God and were created to help others evolve up into a knowledge of God and all things.


We will have a master angel and perhaps a master guide as well (you can read about the roles of angels and spirit guides in this article.) We have much help when we come into such a hostile world as the earth, and we bring many loving souls with us to watch over us.

Discussions with our angels will include why we must come, what karma we must free up when here, and other such things as our mission, who we will help and even who our partners and children will be. These plans can and sometimes do change, but everything you can think of is in this Life Plan that is set up with us. It is a contract that we ourself help to draw up.

How long we stay in the afterlife is up to us, but we are pushed back into another earth life if we try to stay in our home dimension too long. Often people love it at home and may not want to return to earth, yet if you've already been on earth you will probably have to keep coming until you've balanced your karma.

The souls who come to earth are very hardy souls, so if you are reading this then you are a brave and very tough soul who is here for a reason, even if you don't know it yet. Many souls who want to spend time on earth are knocked back; only the strongest can come. If you are here then you may have hidden talents and can help the world in some way. Your role may be to bring up strong children and equip them with everything they need to live here easily.

How Does Heaven Work

Life in the heavenly dimensions does not involve a physical body, so you will find your "body" more fluid; it will respond to your thoughts. If you want to look young, you just have to think it. If you want to live in a beautiful house by the water, you just have to imagine it and it's created. There is no time or space on the other side of the veil. You are outside of 'time' that we have here on earth.

The level that you live on will equal your spiritual attainment, for we are always progressing spiritually on the other side. Some of your friends may be older or younger spirits and live on different levels. The ones that live below you can be visited, as you have free access to all levels below yours. However, the higher levels cannot be accessed. When we have not evolved yet to that level, we cannot go there as we are still beneath it.

We can put in time and effort to evolve ourself and learn many things on the other side. We have freedom and no stress. We have advisers and anything else we may need for our living arrangements. Perhaps the only thing we must do is evolve, but that comes naturally as we follow our interests - those urges that God gave us in order to fulfill His plan.

As I see it, life really is a lot of fun and challenges. It may seem difficult right here on earth because we are living in a hijacked reality that is unnatural to our basic nature. However, this realm is being cleaned up right now and will right itself again soon, with all evil being ejected from it so we can grow more correctly again. Life can be blissful and we never have to fear anything that is coming for us, unless we stray onto the evil side of doing things.

If any of this feels wrong to you the reader, please discard and keep to your own beliefs. I try to fill in the gaps from all I have learned but no one can be 100% right until we actually go over to the other side. I hope by reading this you have learned something helpful.

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