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Light Stealers - How They Steal Your Light

This article is a companion article to Energy Vampires. In that article I discussed how others can use our energy of compassion and sympathy to feed off, whilst draining our energy and getting a buzz from unloading all of their problems onto another person. They can actually suck energy or drain it out of our body through etheric cords, so that after spending time (even ten minutes) with an energy vampire who can be a friend, family member or stranger, we feel exhausted. Once an energy vampire has done their best with us, they feel energised whilst we feel drained, irritable or even angry.


Another way a person can in fact drain us considerably is through using their 'ego' against us, often in the form of bullying, negativity or downright abuse. You will notice with any bully or negative person that their ego is very enhanced, strong, aggressive or perhaps arrogant. These traits suggest a person who has let their ego control them, allowing it to come to the forefront and run the show, so to speak. This ego can only survive by making the bully act in negative and arrogant ways and then stealing light off other people.

We each have an ego and the ego is the part of each person that is of a lower energy vibration and is not of Spirit. The ego is strange because it is formed from energies such as lower emotions and thoughts, otherwise called 'misqualified energies'. As spiritual beings with a soul, we survive by taking in a type of continuous, spiritual light, without which we could not exist. But the ego needs a lower kind of energy to feed off for its own survival, for example the ego grows stronger when it feeds off fear, hatred or worry. It can also grow stronger through our personal addictions for it feeds off that as well. There is no way for the ordinary person to eliminate ego entirely but we can learn to feed it less and ignore it when it speaks to us.


When we are bullied, most of us become at least a little upset. Some people can become disproportionately upset to the point of depression or suicide. Why do you suppose this is?

When a bully attacks and the victim lets the bully affect them, the bully is actually stealing light off that person. This is why it hurts and why it becomes very personal. It is a kind of attack that feels very 'wrong', if not downright dark to the one being victimised. It is actually a very serious Spiritual Crime indeed to perpetrate bullying on any other soul. Whilst we are allowed to speak up for ourself, express ourself and protect ourself, no person is allowed to attack others in order to steal their light essence. The fact that this is so common in the world today shows the spiritual state of humanity presently. Bullying seems to be purely an act of the ego; it does not come from the spiritual self. To feed itself and grow stronger, the ego victimizes whomever it can, by whatever means it can, to feel fed by others' light and satisfied. The stealing of another's light is considered an attack.

Another type of light stealer is a passive aggressive person to some extent; they may be less aggressive and steal less light, but they nonetheless feed by creating strife, usually behind the victim's back.


Another ploy the ego uses is false negativity. What I mean by this is deliberately saying untruths in the form of negative statements to try to force another person to experience negativity in their being. This could be a person who constantly tries to bring us down, who negates every statement we make or tries to convince us that everything we do is wrong. Then after their work is finished they will tell us how sorry they are for being the person to ruin our day. This form of negativity is also bullying, for by tempting us to feel bad or wrong, they steal light in the form of our pain and suffering which they feed off. These people should be avoided at all costs as this practice is another form of black magic or light stealing. All the naysayer wants is to bring us down with no thought for our life or how we are feeling.

Both methods, bullying and negativity, can occur whilst we are physically with a person or whilst online reading their messages. It is rare for most of us to get through a single day without having some form of light stealing directed our way. Some people are less aware of the problem, however on some level all people are aware of this. Even a person who shoves us bodily aside or dominates us because of their larger size is usually trying to steal energy. Some of them experience a buzz as they physically dominate others and enjoy it, resulting in transference of some of our spiritual light into them. It is almost impossible to walk anywhere in a crowd and not have others try to bowl us over or force us aside so they can move past (unless you be so large they don't try it).

Why is it Painful?

The simple reason for the feeling of pain is that light stealers generate low emotions within us and attach cords that suck out our light and energy. A psychic cord can be attached (usually in the solar plexus chakra) just by the mere action of their intent to harm. Enemies cord with enemies whilst bullies cord with victims. This hurts us. We can experience any range of debilitating emotions as a result of such cruel abuse. The good news is we can reject a bully with outright words, thus severing the cord. When a person negates us (an evil act) we become empowered to negate them in order to cut the cord and balance the karma.

Note: Be careful you don't negate innocent people! Doing it once in self defense is okay so as we cut the cord. There is no point letting a bully or energy vampire feed off us, but equally no point in becoming a bully in return.

See my article on how to cut the cords with them if needed.


What alarms me the most about bullies and negative people is their skill level and expertise. They seem to be incredibly apt in the ways of evil and there is a reason for this. If you have ever unwittingly said something innocent online, you have surely opened yourself up for a bully, negative comments, or a general lack of respect that steals light. Practice makes perfect and bullies of all sorts practice online casually and constantly stealing others' light.

The reason why they have such developed expertise in the dark arts of bullying is twofold. Firstly it is because an ego that is highly developed and controlling them, rather than their soul having control. Secondly many of them attract dark and negative entities from the lower astral (emotional) plane. These entities are not human; they are low vibrational energies that likewise feed on light in the form of low emotions, pain and fear. They devour it. They work with a bully or light stealer, they lend their evil skills, and then share in the bounty of pain that is released by the victim.

The reason I am writing this article is not so any readers will experience fear,  but rather so people can be aware this is why it happens and pretty much how it happens as well. The only way to stop giving away our precious light and energy is to avoid strangers (especially online! -- we all know and acknowledge that online bullies are rampant) and use our intuition to carefully discern who to trust in your circle of friends.

Don't ever forget the power of ignoring a bully, negating their efforts and refusing to give them any energy. They rely on tricking us to make us unwittingly become upset. When we understand how and why they do this, they cannot touch us so easily.

Note: Always protect your children from unwanted, online bullies. I don't believe the internet is good for sensitive children and can affect them greatly.

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