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How To Become "Psychic"

Have you ever dreamed about becoming more psychic, learning how to tune into the future, help others, or even pick up the thoughts of others? Many people dream of this and there is a reason - it is entirely possible. We are ALL innately psychic and are all able to focus upon and learn certain techniques that can help us tremendously in our lives. It is no trick that this is an advantage, one that could steer you away from danger (via intuition) or steer you towards true love. Read below to learn how to hone your innate psychic abilities.

Become Psychic

1. Start Increasing Psychic Sensitivity

The best way to become psychic is to actually start doing it. Don't question it but jump in, because you are going to learn fast.

You can't just sit back and wish for something to happen. Firstly, work out what you want in terms of your psychic wishes. Many people want to get visions, or automatically read minds, but this kind of thing will come later. Firstly, you have to understand how it works, how clairvoyants get information, and then do what they do to get the practice.

You're going to start out with your intuition. Then you can develop a good relationship with your guides. Did you know that almost all psychics simply converse with their guides? All the information comes from guides. This is what is happening and what is going on. When I read for someone psychically, I simply talk to the guides. They show, talk, send feelings and give pictures and information, or draw out the right cards. This is HOW it is done - through your guides/angels.

You are going to have to talk to your guides one way or another. You cannot really try to go it alone without them. Don't worry who your guides or angels are, for you many never really know. Just start talking to them and listen. They are beings who want the best for you. Listen to see what images you can get, what words you can hear, or what feelings come to you. This is how it's actually done. You cannot "read" energy so well without this cooperation. It's easy once you start to get it.

2. Practice To Hear Words & Connect

The best way to practice is to meditate, but if you really hate to meditate, you can actually learn to sit quietly for the same affect. Grab a pad and pen if you want to; it depends on you if you want to record the impressions your guides are giving you.

Sit quietly with phone turned off. It's better to sit upright or you may drift off to sleep. Now relax and wait a few minutes whilst your mind empties. Keep bringing your mind back to the now until is feels a bit more quiet and you are ready to tune in. Give yourself two minutes at least for this and focus on your breathing as it slows down.

It's not difficult to tune in, even if you aren't very good at it, so do not worry. Now as your mind is empty and receptive, simply listen or watch to see what comes into your mind. It may be a greeting, a picture of a flower you love, or the feeling of someone even who passed over. Focus on it and see where it goes. Does someone speak to you? Do you see colours? Do you receive a feeling of being loved? Allow yourself to feel this and then know you have made your first contact.

If you can't get anything at first, don't give up; you may have a mental blockage for a bit. Simply try again an hour later or the next day and you will start getting something.

3. Give Yourself A Reading

Yes, you are already ready to do this because you learn BY DOING. Jump in and see what reading you can get.

You will want to do a one question reading by asking your guides, angels or spirit family a question, one that is important to you. It matters that you care what they say. Now start to meditate or sit quietly and put the question to them. What do you feel, see or hear? If you do not get an answer yet, then try again tomorrow, or pick a different or easier question. You are going to pick it up although you will not be an expert at first, and this is okay. Practice is the key to your psychic development.

You should do this for a few days first to learn to recognise the feeling of your guides. As you do it often, you will see they have a particular feeling or energy. This is their frequency and personality. They could be humorous or serious but they will be loving. If you like, you can picture white light around you or request white light protection from your angels if you are worried about who is coming through. You can come to know your angels the more readings you do, so enjoy and have fun with it.

4. Do Readings For Friends & Family

This will be very interesting because you will start to get a feel of what it feels like to read for others.

Ask your clients for a one dollar coin, to facilitate the energy of the reading. I would always get a better or stronger reading for someone who paid rather than someone who wanted to take too much without giving. Spirit is aware of this, so begin slowly and charge a token fee.

Focus on the question the person asks and start to speak. As you get the feel of it, it can start to come more quickly, but at least you are now doing it even if slowly and a little unsure. You will be surprised as you bring through information, for the abilities you always had will now be opening up.

People will let you know how you are doing. There is some trust here, for you have to let go and say things even though you don't know if they are true. If you are hearing your guides correctly then they will be true and your clients will acknowledge this.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

This is the way to learn, and you will keep opening up more abilities or more sensitivity for years to come - to newer or easier ways to read. As more people become aware you are giving small readings and as word spreads, keep doing it. You can put your prices up a little now.

If you are overwhelmed or want to stop for a while, this is perfectly acceptable. Some people may want to take a month or even a year off, just to process this new turn - that they may be psychic. You will probably come back to it though after having this wonderful start. Eventually you will start going again, when you want more information from your guides.

6. Read Psychic Books, Blogs & Learn

You need to get some general information on psychic matters, on other psychics, and what the powers are and how it all works, so you are going to read books. Whether they are ebooks, old or secondhand books, or even new books bought from a store - it is all good. Research the subject and learn. If you find a great blog or website you can learn for free online.

7. Go To Psychic Classes

These classes actually exist, and may be called a psychic circle or a spiritualist group, whatever form you find or calls to you.

I went to psychic classes when I was in my early 20's but the classes were not good. The teacher sat back chatting and never taught us; we never did any exercises, so my friend and I quit the classes. I eventually learned through a wonderful book how to channel. Then a few years later I started to do readings. You can learn in many different ways so be open to wherever your journey takes you.

Many psychics nowadays do tarot classes, clairvoyant classes, healing classes; it is much more open nowadays. There are many more psychics and a lot more expertise. It is not such a 'mystical' topic any more where only a few lucky people are readers. Stay open to what is out there. If one class doesn't work out, try another and see what fits.

8. Find A Mentor Or Personal Teacher

If you are lucky, you may find someone who can personally mentor you for free. Do you know a psychic who could help? Many psychics also have readings done, so if you find yourself reading for an experienced psychic, go ahead and let them know you are just beginning. They may well give you some help or some tips because they remember how it was when they started out. Trust your feelings and after a few years of "doing it" you will find you have gained much expertise.

This is really how we progress on the psychic scale. We use our skills to help ourself and others, not because we feel curious or want to invade someone else's space, but because we love to help and can make some cash. If you are genuine then spirit will help you. If you want to use it for nefarious reasons, it may be harder going. Just make sure you keep it honest and you can become a wonderful reader! Even if you only want to read for yourself.

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