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The Four "Clair" Psychic Abilities

The four "clairs" are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. Have you ever wondered which of these clairs you have? Do you have all of them? This article will discuss each of these briefly and is a starting point on the path of discovering psychic abilities. I have begun a new website called where I will be posting a wealth of information on these topics, you can check this out on the above link.


Perhaps the most famous ability is clairvoyance or "clear seeing" and it is the ability to see visions with either the inner sight or with the physical eyes. It also covers seeing spirits and auras as well. Those who practice mediumship are often clairvoyant (also clairaudient) so that they can see and speak with those who have passed over. Other clairvoyants may see visions from the past, present as well as seeing actual future events that have not yet happened on our time line. They have the ability to transcend the physical dimension where time exists and get information from the eternal now moment, where all events occur simultaneously.

Clairvoyance is a talent that we are generally born with and as children we can see and interact with our spirit guides. Do you ever notice how toddlers point to nothing or stare fixedly at something we can't see. At some point as we grow, we learn to ignore our clairvoyance because its not encouraged or understood by most adults, and this skill becomes lost to us.


earThis is one of the most handy skills to have in terms of gathering information, and also surprisingly simple to develop. Imagine being able to hear what spirit guides wanted to tell us. In order to develop clairaudience or "clear hearing", we can try automatic writing or indeed channeling. This develops our inner sense of hearing thereby discerning what is our mind chatter and what comes to us from outside our mind. Another way to develop clairaudience is to start talking to our angels. Say things to them and develop a relationship with them. Once we give our permission for them to start talking to us they start to put words into our mind. They are jokers so angels will always make funny comments or comments about what we are wearing or doing, so be prepared to have them enter your life if you open that door to them.

Clairaudience can also involve hearing what spirits are saying. Those who are not careful can have spirits in their room at night endlessly talking. I have never had this problem but known of those who do, so be firm if you are not interested in who is talking to you and ask them to leave.


The ability of "clear sensing" is quite common for sensitive and intuitive people. We are least likely to shut down this ability as we do all the rest. This clair is all about sensing things about our surroundings and other people. We can pick up energy about the places we are in such as homes or workplaces, since buildings and locations give off an energy spectrum just as do people. We can get a good vibe or feel distinctly uncomfortable in a certain place, or gather information about the past of a place. We can also sense spirits and what the spirits are feeling.

When around other people, clairsentients receive clear information about their character and their emotions as well. It is not easy to fool a clairsentient for this reason as they can have an uncanny feel for what is going on with another person. Energy doesn't lie so clairsentient people can often tell a lie when it is spoken by the feel of it or if the corresponding emotions of the person do not fit what they are saying. Very sensitive people may wish to actively block the emotions and thoughts of others so as to block the negative energy, and this can be done effectively with crystals or other means.


Have you ever known something without being aware of how you know it? You may very well possess "clear knowing". At times in our life, information becomes available to us without a vision or without spirit telling us - we simply know! One time I heard about an investment someone was making in real estate and for no given reason, I knew immediately that it would fail. I did not know the details of how, but I would have staked my life on it. Within a very short amount of time, this person lost a great sum of money. The knowingness left no room for doubt in my mind, I knew as though I had time traveled and seen it. Claircognizance is not as well known or discussed as the other clairs, yet most of us get that perfect knowing at times. We cannot force this knowing, and I am not sure how it can be developed like we can practice and develop the other psychic abilities. We do not necessarily benefit from it, nor does it seems to occur as a warning like a vision or dream may do. We simply know something definite regarding the future.

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