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Do You Know A Psychic Energy Vampire?

An Energy Vampire is an acquaintance or friend (or anyone) who either deliberately or unwittingly drains us of energy, emotion or vitality, thus leaving us exhausted. It can happen in our homes, in our workplaces, or even just chatting with a neighbour. If you know of anyone who you tend to avoid because they are just more trouble than they are worth, they may just be an energy vampire. Is an Energy Vampire Real? Yes, they absolutely do exist. It is a kind of psychic phenomenon that involves actual 'energy cording' from one person to another, and that is why they are often referred to as Psychic Vampires. Below we will define an energy vampire.

Spotting And Identifying An Energy Vampire

They are easy to spot once you can recognise the signs. These signs include:
  • someone who talks a lot but does not listen
  • someone who dominates at all times
  • they can belittle the other's point of view
  • they are all important, more so than anyone else
  • they never reciprocate an act of kindness
  • ask for favors, time and don't mind who is inconvenienced
  • the attention must always be on them
  • drama queen, creates mountains out of mole hills
  • always sense disinterest and try to win back people
  • pretend to be oblivious of anyone else's problems
  • only 'give' if afraid of losing the person

batKnowing An Energy Vampire

The way such a relationship begins is the vampire will zone in on a person who is often quite giving in nature and, ideally, sympathetic and/or empathic towards the vampire.  The way a vampire works is they must first establish a kind of bond or friendship before they can engage in energy draining of another.

The way they find their pray is through talking to people and simply mentioning whatever problem is bothering them and waiting for the reaction. If someone shows a passing interest or sympathy in those problems, the energy vampire then seeks to form an instant bond of 'friendship'. Note: these are usually not real bonds built out of reciprocated friendship or any longstanding association - rather they are quick, fly-by-night friendships that are asserted, usually to the surprise of the unsuspecting victim. Most if not all of these friendships are characterised by inappropriate complimenting and by the repeated assertions that you are now friends. In fact these compliments can be so profuse it can momentarily stun a person into believing they are genuine. The compliments however are designed to fool the sympathy giver into believing that a real friendship has formed, allowing 'give and take' to happen in equal proportions, i.e. I compliment you and then you let me drain you.

The vampire then proceeds to stalk their pray with lists of issues and problems that need to be listened to (often daily) whilst empathy is sought. The vampire will never wish to discuss the other person's issues or reciprocate in any way other than a superficial two minute version of giving back - once again this is to convince the giver that the friendship is on equal footing.

How An Energy Vampire Feeds

A vampire can mercilessly present issue after issue to burden their acquaintance until they have received enough kindness, consideration, empathy and energy from the kindhearted soul they are draining. Here are a list of common examples to demonstrate:

Example 1: "Why don't I just drop over for a cuppa tomorrow and we can have a nice chat? I have missed you so much and I love spending time with you, you are so smart."

In example 1 we have an invitation to meet in person. This sounds like such a lovely idea until the vampire drains the caring friend of kindness and advice, leaving them feeling confused and slightly angry at the intrusion, and exhausted by all the love forced out of them.

Example 2 is a phone conversation, which in theory seems nice. Usually a vampire will not mind interrupting anyone or taking precious time away from a giving friend who can little afford to lose it. A vampire may say, "I was just thinking of you and wondering if you are okay. How's it all going." Their friend speaks for a minute, glad to catch up and get a little bit of the stress off their mind. In return, a vampire can speak for 1-2 hours, slowly draining their friend of all they have. They slam the phone down feeling angry and hard done by but, after all, isn't this what friends do?

Example 3 is the emails that begin to come more frequently than any acquaintance can cope with. They receive daily email digests several pages long of every issue an energy drainer has, with the expectation of a prompt reply to discuss, encourage, care or help make them feel better. This is a seven day a week roster of emails, public holidays and Christmas included. This has happened to myself and others simply from giving an acquaintance an email address.

Pranic Drainage Energy Feeding

energy cordsWhilst we are being drained of valuable time and emotional energy we need for ourself, we are also being drained of pranic energy/life force energy (Chi or Qi). The vampire actually connects an etheric cord/energy cord between us and them, one that we may not be able to see, although we can see or feel it 'psychically'. Each time they drain someone with their issues, they go away feeling light as a feather and refreshed whilst the other feels used, irritable, tired, drained or actually mad.

Pranic Drainage can also happen as we sleep. Once someone has this cord hooked into our solar plexus chakra, they can drain away vital force energy as long as we allow it and are 'open' to them. In this case it is recommended to do a quick Cord Cutting as per my article here in order to sever any unwanted etheric cords.

Stopping An Energy Vampire

Sometimes an energy drainer can be hard core in the way they seek to stalk another for their advice or sympathy, wanting nothing less than all we have to give. We have to shake them properly unless we want them intruding on us constantly with a relationship we never truly agreed to. Unless we approach them in the exact right way, they can make tenacious stalkers or even begin to use bullying tactics or guilt  to keep the sympathy flowing.

It is actually a kindness to let them know in an unmistakable way that we are moving on. This can help them to detach those etheric tentacles and find someone else. From experience I have  found that ignoring an energy vampire can encourage them, for with silence we can be unwittingly consenting to what has been going on. I have found that with any unwanted attention, the best way to loosen someone's grasp is to confront and be blunt, and never sugar coat the message or apologise.

When we say no to an invitation extended by them, we do not need to provide a reason or explanation. One word is enough - No. If they wish to know why we are ending the unhealthy relationship, they may wish to use the reason to argue or convince us otherwise. We do not have to explain our reasons (especially if we barely know them) or let them tell us that our feelings are wrong. I just leave at this stage and smile because they now have gotten the picture that I want those energy feeders out of my life.

Unfortunately for energy drainers, they need our sympathy in order to drain us and once they see that sympathy is gone, they move on quickly to find new targets, leaving us feeling free.

I've had many experiences with energy vampires and stalkers over the years, all of whom I barely knew. At first I thought I was supposed to learn a spiritual lesson from them, but after so many years of this I have come to realise the reason why it happens is because energy vampires are everywhere and they are voracious. Once we learn the trick to not apologise or feel guilty for standing up for ourself, losing a vampire becomes a simple process and they find they are unable to cord or extract the energy or time they wish so dearly to take.

The co-article to this is Dating An Energy Vampire which is about male oriented attacks.

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