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7 Types Of Empaths

There is more than one type of empath and chances are you will recognise a bunch of these in yourself if you are sensitive and empathic. The natural ability of being an empath blurs with many psychic skills. To know the difference between being psychic or being an empath, read about the Emotional Empath in point one below.

empath types

1. Emotional Empath

The most common form of empathy we know is where one person easily picks up the emotions of others around them and feels the effects of those emotions as if they owned them. An emotion empath can become deeply sad for example is around another individual who is experiencing this sadness. This is where an empath differs from a Clairsentient, because the clairsentient feels the emotions of others without taking on those emotions or owning them. The empath however goes into other people's emotions, deeply experiencing them in their own emotional body. With skill, the empath can change their empathic ability into the clairsentient ability by disallowing others' emotions such intimate resonance in their own being.

2. Physical Empath

Have you ever witnessed a psychic with a skill for health readings pick up the energy of other people's bodies? Whether it is just a sore neck, an injured leg, or something more serious, this ability is classed as a form of medical empathy, whereby the reader experiences another's physical complaints briefly in their own body for the purpose of providing help during a reading. Some mediums can do this also when communicating with a loved one in spirit, by experiencing the health difficulties present when they passed over. This is often used to confirm that the medium is picking up the right spirit and can be a great comfort to those being read.

3. Claircognizant Empath

This form of empathy blends with the psychic ability of Claircognizance (the ability to just know things) when dealing with other people. This kind of empath will simply pick up information off other people by being around them, as in simply knowing all kinds of things without being told those things. The claircognizant empath often knows when someone is lying. Crystal (aura) people have this ability in spades. One glance at someone can give them all kinds of insight into a person, and no lie will get by them because they can hear your intentions as you speak. They resonate to others energetic field, and through this resonation they can read the energy of others very easily.

4. Plant Empath

Do you have a special empathy for plants? The flora or plant empath certainly does and can sense plants needs, such as where a plant may like to sit and with which other plants. They may even communicate with them more intimately. I like to thinks of the trees whispering in Tolkien's 'Middle Earth' and the beings who could communicate with plants, like the elves - were certainly flora empaths. Even though this skill is represented in fiction as a magic power, plenty of average humans are plant empaths and plenty more could open this skill with a bit of practice.

5. Animal Empath

Similar to a flora empath but with animals. Surely those of us with animals have at least a bit of this sense. Of course animals are telepathic so it isn't difficult to communicate with them or send them messages. It is unusual however if an animal talks back, or telepathically initiates a message. They may do so if asked, but usually will not unless there is a pressing need. Those who can hear these messages may find they are being asked that something change in the animals life. I have been surprised in the past by animal messages from pets that did not belong to me. If their owners are not empaths, the animal will explain a situation to me instead, which is sad that they have to resort to this. It can seem very unreal when this happens.

6. Medium Empath

A medium empath is a medium who feels the emotions of spirits who have crossed over. This empath feels it deeply and is affected by such emotions. An ordinary medium can communicate and sometimes see spirits; the medium empath however has a very strong sense of the emotions and is drawn in by them.

7. Geomantic Empath

This is an interesting one because those with this ability are tuning into the earth in such a way that they can sense and be alerted to a pending natural disaster like an earthquake, perhaps subconsciously reading the energy signals and changes coming from the earth. Some people simply know when disasters are happening, like floods not far away. They may in fact be channeling or sensing in ways other than empathy, so it is not only certain empaths who can be alerted to disasters as they happen or even before hand.

Summing Up

There is a lot said about different types of empaths, and often a blurring of the line between different psychic abilities and empathy. For example, are you telepathic, or a telepathic empath? This is almost like splitting hairs. Just remember that empathy is mostly about emotion, whether feeling deeply for plants, animals, humans or picking up energies from the earth because we are empathic towards it.

When we care about something, we are able to read that thing deeply because we resonate, out of love, in empathy with it. Empathy needs to be somewhat controlled though so that it doesn't take over our very existence. Many empaths are unconsciously so, but this can also be altered.

For more on empaths, see 10 Signs Of Being An Empath.
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