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Protection For Empaths

Here are some amazing ways to protect yourself as an empath. Non-empaths often send negative energy in our direction, but there are ways to move on from this or block it out completely. To see if you are an empath, please read Empath Signs. Firstly, what about placing a protective shield around ourself before leaving the house each morning.


Protective Shield

This will only take a few seconds once you get used to doing this. We can use our intent to put a shield around us.

You might want to begin by sitting and meditating, or sitting comfortably and closing your eyes so as to be able to concentrate.

Next, bring the image of White Light into your body - your entire body, from your fingertips down to your toes. See it all around and through you, then imagine you are safe and protected. Breath this in for a few moments (or as long as you like). You will feel deeply relaxed and safe.

Now, start to see a shield around your entire body. Some people see it close to their body while others may imagine it further out. It doesn't really matter where it is because this shield is going to protect you from other people's energy where you don't want it. Imagine it as a shield that lets in the good stuff but not the bad. Its permeable.

You might start to imagine rainbow colours around you (and take note of anything nice around you) but just enjoy the safe feeling. You can feel the shield getting stronger so why not let it grow? Once it is strong enough you will feel this, so let it go at this point. You are done.

Slowly come out of this meditation and stamp your feet on the ground to help ground you. You only need to do this once a day in the morning to be safe. It should take about half to one minute once you have practiced.

8 Crystals And Stones

Another amazing way to stop those energies reaching you is to carry or wear certain crystals that will block or transmute those energies. Lets run through a few of the best stones for protection:

Amethyst: This stone is wonderful when it comes to clearing your energy and is readily available in jewellery, or simply as a loose stone that can be carried in a purse or bag. It can stop a psychic attack, and remove stored energy that is no longer needed.

Amber: This is a favourite of mine. When feeling depressed use amber to clear and protect yourself. It will stop the absorption of negative energy from others and add cheer to your day.

Fire Agate: Wonderful for removing fear, with a strong shield of protection.

Hematite is amazing for busting through negative energy and transmuting it. Also a very grounding stone.

Labradorite can help when it comes to spirit possession and can also halt energy vampirism.

Obsidian: A very strong protection stone that can help against not just psychic energy but also emotional or physical attack. Can also be used to help heal shock or trauma from a person. A good stone to use against negative entities also.

Quartz is excellent for protection, especially smoky quartz which can be carried and works against energies that would get someone down.

Black Tourmaline: Very good stone for deflecting energy back to the sender. Wards off vibrations also from electrical equipment.

By using or carrying any of these crystals, you can keep your own energy clear of stuff from others that is deliberately or accidently sent your way. When using an energy shield, this should keep you quite clear and able to get on with your day without being brought down by others.

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