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Prophetic Dreams: Get To Know Your Dream's Meaning

dreamingDo you ever have recurring dreams or dreams that act as a warning or particular meaning to you? I have found that when I take notice of my dreams, it is the recurring dreams that carry the most meaning. Certain dreams or dream symbols have become very meaningful for the messages they carry. I am not talking about the nightly dreaming or regular everyday dreams that go on constantly, but the dreams that catch our attention, happen often, or have a special feeling (good or bad) about them.

For each person, our recurring symbols can be quite different. Even when we dream the same dream symbol as others it can have a different meaning for us than it does for them. Dreams, we must remember, are not always literal and that is why we talk in terms of symbols. Taking an interest in a particular recurring dream can pay off when we are sure it is a message. Some common dream symbols include seeing money, gold or cash, and this is a good luck dream. Spider dreams can also mean money. Spiders are probably what I dream about the most, although they haven't yet translated into money so it may have another meaning for me that I haven't discovered yet.

Where Do The Messages Originate?

Messages in dreams can come from a higher part of ourself as a warning, or can come from our angels, for some these dreams come from loved ones or others who have passed over. Not all dreams have a message that we are meant to remember or decipher when we awaken. We usually know if a dream is a message by the feeling we have around it, or we may simply be unable to forget the dream. If we don't understand the message, an important dream will keep repeating until we do understand it, and this can be annoying. But such dreams are for our benefit, even if they are bad news or about something that we cannot hope to change or alter.

Prophetic Dreams

One dream that always seems to carry a true warning for me is dreaming about teeth. This dream is one of the worst dreams in terms of warning, and whenever I dream about a tooth falling out or a dead tooth, something bad happens almost immediately in my life. Once after such a dream, I received a letter warning me I had to leave the home I had lived in for ten years. Although the news was devastating at first, the forced move turned out to be brilliant as I finally moved far away as I had been wishing to do but didn't have the courage.

Sometimes I ask for another dream to clarify the first. We can always ask for a message to be given to us whilst we sleep. I recently had a dream that a bug was stuck in my tooth and then the tooth broke off. The next day I asked for clarification as to what the warning was for. Two nights later I had a vivid dream that my car was stolen. Upon talking to my angels, they told me that I needed to park my car in a different spot each day whilst I was doing some temporary work in the city. They told me not to park in the spot I was shown to park. The last time I dreamed vividly about a car problem, the next day I really did have a car problem (left the lights on) so I really do listen to car warnings that I dream.

Finding Dream Symbol Meanings

I believe we all have recurring dreams that can be relied upon to give us a heads up,though all of us have different symbols. When we feel there is a symbol that keeps popping up, doing some online searches can reveal what the dream symbol means and give us a better idea regarding a particular dream. We need to look at all the possible meanings and then intuitively divine which one is for us. Sometimes none of the traditional meanings fit what we believe the dream means. We must also look at our emotions that went along with the dream.

A common dream may be a confrontation with an animal or annoying insect. If the animal or insect doesn't bite us, for example, the dream is less serious. We may want to figure out who the animal represents - do we know them or is it a future encounter with a stranger? Do we escape the attack? Do we fight back or just let it go?

Years ago I used to have recurring dreams about large, ferocious cats like lions, and also about crocodiles. Those dream symbols have disappeared like the many people back then who were around in life. I came out of it unscathed and the many dreams I had of that nature were not about being harmed but merely represented enemies or other's who may have harbored bad intentions. The lions never scratched me nor the crocs eat me and I have moved on from that entire mess. Many dreams are simple indications of others who are around us and what their intentions may be.

Tsumani Dreams - A Worldwide Phenomenon

wavesA very common dream that people everywhere are presently having is of a massive wall of ocean water crashing on them; a tsunami dream. I have recently started getting these dreams also, and they stand out to me like no other dream I have had. I know there is a huge reason, yet it doesn't feel personal to me. In the dreams I am never afraid, and I am always above the giant wave, standing on a high cliff or a lighthouse where the wave just misses me. But it gets lots of others. The meaning of this dream is not certain, yet I can't help feeling the dream is a message of what is coming to our world, some measure of cleansing or great change or disaster even. So many people have tsunami dreams and some of us, myself included, have occasional earthquake dreams.

Many people who dream this do so weekly or several times a week. To dream of something so often can mean that the message is not getting through, hence the dream needs to repeat. I do have a feeling this dream is prophetic in nature, perhaps even literal to a great planetary event or series of events do to with water which could be from earthquakes, or even a damn busting. The best thing to do is focus on the message, what is the dream really saying? Then it will leave again. I dream these dreams maybe once a year and when I almost just forget the last one, it happens again.

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