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Clearing the Etheric Body - Chakra Health

The Etheric Body is an important part of our health because blockages of energy in this body affect it's counterpart - the physical body - and can cause ill health. We know that all parts of us form a cohesive whole so that any problem in our energy body, our chakras and meridians, bleeds through into the physical. We also have a strong mind/body link, each affects the other. This means that the state of our etheric body (our less-dense energy body) and the state of health of our chakras, is important.

Luckily there are many ways to clear out or cleanse our energy and chakras, and this article is an overview of some of these ways.


How Does Our Etheric Body Become Blocked?

Through living the course of our lives, i.e. through our everyday activities and thoughts, does our etheric body lose health and vitality. By this I mean that our energy, which comes to us through our environment, what we breathe, what we eat, and from our divine source above - this energy can be of a higher or lower vibration.

Our energy and vibration can therefore slow down and become sluggish from consuming a poor diet. As living beings we need to consume living food, i.e. fresh fruit and vegetables, since we consume the living energy within these foods to revitalise our own energy body. Packaged foods and highly processed foods do not contain much vital energy force at all.

Our energy body can be ill affected from lack of exercise as well since exercise is very energetically cleansing. Ever felt that fresh, healthy, alive feeling after a big workout? You have just taken in large amounts of oxygen and with it, energy from the environment or -  living force - and this has added to your own energy body.

This vital force is known by many names such as Prana, Chi, Qi, etc. It is all around us abundantly in the universe and also living within our bodies, for the etheric body is essentially made out of the stuff. It is healthy to keep it circulating, fresh and replenished. It may help to think of prana as water, which we also need in abundance for health. We need fresh water often, and we would not want to drink from a stagnant pool of murky water. So to with Chi, we would not want to live solely on processed foods that contain stagnant, murky Chi or precious little at all.

What We Think Affects Energy

One of the main things that can block our flow of prana and block up our etheric body is 'thought'. This is because thoughts are composed of energy. They exist as a vibration, as energy, either high and healthy for higher, positive thoughts, or low and less healthy for lower, negative thoughts.

The thoughts that have the lowest vibrations are anxious thoughts and especially fearful thoughts. When we continuously have these, they affect the health of our chakras, our etheric body and lastly even our physical body if the thoughts are maintained for long enough.

You may question at this point how you can possibly change or control your thoughts. This is advisable through a type of yoga of the mind, or for these modern times we use affirmations. Please read my articles on Affirmations for more information or the affirmation section of this site.

Ways to Clear the Etheric Body

There are many techniques that clear the etheric body to bring it back to better health. As we briefly touched upon, there is the intake of proper foods and beverages, plus exercise.

This is important but sometimes this is not even enough, especially if you already have years of blocked energies within your etheric body/chakra system. This next article will discuss a whole list of things you can do now to help fix your chakras and vibrate at a higher level of health.
See Ways to Clear the Etheric Body and Chakra System

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