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The Celestial Project - Clearing Worldwide Karma

The Celestial Project is a project whereby we can join with the angels and starbeings to help clear the earth of stored and negative karmic energy, much of which is ancient and ancestral in nature. The project has been ongoing for a few years but can be joined at any time. My favourite part of this project is the personal help that is given to our own energy systems, chakras and personal karmic clearing. Many special dispensations are given during the meditations.

We act as representatives of humanity during this project and follow the directions given during the meditations. I personally feel very high and loving energy during each transmission. They can be listened to and participated in live, via a linkup, or my favourite is via the audio of the transmission which you can download usually two days after the event. This way I find I can listen in my own time and participate fully without interruption. The more I do these meditations, the better I get at them. And you can participate even if you are months behind, it doesn't really matter.

The Celestial Project is part of the Divine University in Queensland, but has it's own website at:

To go straight to the page where you can see the current transmissions (Stage 5 - Asia), here is the link.

Please link to this page or share this with any others who would be interested in receiving karmic dispensations from the angels. The more karma that is lifted, the less world karma there is. My deepest thanks go to Qala and the team at the Celestial Project.

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