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10 Signs You're Psychic

Do you have psychic abilities you're not aware of? Psychic skills often increase with age as we awaken to our potential. Sometimes we are very psychic when young but shut it down until we are ready to develop it. As you begin to become more interested in psychic phenomenon, you can start to notice all kinds of occurrences that simply have to be psychic, for no other reason fits. The following list will test how psychic you are and which of the abilities you are naturally strongest with.

Psychic Eye

10 Signs & Symptoms That You're Psychic

1. Very Strong Intuition

Do you take your intuition for granted as though everyone enjoys this ability? Enhanced intuition is an important sign that you have other abilities and a clear sign that you are psychic. The word intuition covers many things and is a general term, however you will know if you are by sensing and reading the general energy around you. It basically describes getting feelings of right or wrong around situations, which are received when your mind is clear. The feeling is said to come from your Higher Self.

Do you strongly sense the energy when you step into a house? Can you know what someone's intention is, or feel their thoughts? You may not have developed your intuition to its fullest but you are already using it and are psychic.

2. Sensing Moods Of Others, Empathic

Usually Empaths already know they are psychic, but sometimes if they are young, they may be unaware. In this case, you can feel the moods of people very strongly, and an intellectual Empath can feel what they are thinking. You may get energy off animals or plants, and highly empathic people get energy off the grid of the planet. Those who are empathic need to learn how to protect themself from negative energies. You are very psychic.

3. Do You Speak With Non-Physical Entities?

When younger, I used to speak with entities but never realised I was psychic. If you ever have a weird conversation in your mind with something not physical, then you are Clairaudient. Such conversations can be short or sometimes quite long. People with schizophrenia can often hear those entities who wish to harm them by telling them to do harmful actions. They are very open and unprotected. To get rid of such negative energies you usually just need to tell them to buzz off. When you are unfriendly to negative entities or laugh at them, they have no power and move away. Some people may talk to their angels who answer them. You are naturally psychic.

4. Visions That Are Clairvoyant

Some people receive information clairvoyantly in picture form right out of the blue. It may be a whole vision playing like a movie or simply a quick picture or flash that comes into your mind. This is usually the most famous ability of all the psychic abilities. Usually, the psychic will see it with the inner eyes, but some who are very powerful see it in front of them playing out.

Sometimes a vision will be unwelcome, or you find out some information you did not want to know. This is not an ability the psychic can usually control or make happen - it comes as it likes and then you must deal with what you have seen.

5. Knowing The Future Before It Happens

Being aware of events before they happen, if not seeing them clairvoyantly, is often a form of Claircognizence - which means you just know that you know. You may not have heard of this ability but it's the power to know things without seeing or hearing them - you simply know with absolute certainty.

The future you know could be anything at all, like the birth or death of someone, a natural disaster, or even something so small like you think someone will visit and an hour later they show up. You will be aware of the information just entering your mind easily in one information packet. Sometimes you will not even feel it come to you, and you will suddenly just know. Without knowing how, you feel confident you are right and later what you thought would happen simply does.

6. Telepathy Between Two Close People

The closer you are in your relationships to people the more likely it is that you can sometimes read each others mind. We tend to sync minds with others and this can allow mind to mind communication. This feels quite natural and you may do it all the time when together and not notice. If you pick up thoughts when not with them, this will be more obvious. You are using your telepathic powers and it shows you are psychic.

7. Dreams That Come True

If you have ever tried writing down your dreams each night after waking, you may notice that many of them are Precognitive, or they come true. We often dream of what is to come. The more you write your dreams down, the more detail you will begin to remember. Even though you are asleep when this occurs, it still demonstrates that you have psychic abilities.

8. You Sense Passed Loved Ones

Someone close to you has passed onto the other side of the veil, but you can still feel them around you, sometimes very strongly. Sometimes you may taste or smell something to do with that person and you know they are with you or visiting you. This is a clear sign of Clairsentience (clear sensing), Clairgustance (clear tasting) and Clairalience (clear smelling). You know they are watching over you and appreciate their visits. Smelling or tasting psychically often happens around loved ones who are gone, as they like to show us signs that they are still with us.

9. Sensing Danger Out Of The Blue

Sensing possible danger from out of the blue is your intuition (your Higher Self) warning you through your feelings. You sense and become aware that something is dangerous when you have no other way of knowing. a thrill of alarm or strong warning tells you to avoid walking down that dark road, or avoid dating that dark stranger. You should always follow intuition and, by the way, this is a clear psychic ability.

10. Making World Predictions

Do you ever get a sense of something before it happens and then turn on the news and there it is? For some reason some of us can do this every now or then, and it shows that we are tuned in psychically to the world through usually our Claircognizance. It is a strange feeling to suddenly state "Its flooding," and then turn on the news to see there is a flood close by occurring.

The world of psychic abilities is an interesting one. It is possible to increase psychic powers which is very helpful when dealing with your own future or that of others. One easy way to become more psychic is to listen to intuition in order to make it stronger, and also do psychic reading for people. Like a  little used muscle, your abilities can start to grow stronger the more you use them. Good luck!

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