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Visits From The Future Self Of Lovers

A future self is a version of yourself that exists in the future. What happens to you after you die and move on - where do you go? You could talk to this self if you cared to, and this is discussed in detail in my article about Future Selves.

So far I have never been adventurous enough to try this - talking to myself from the future - however, lately I have been talking to the future self of others, even others I have never met (yet!) in real life. I've had some interesting experiences with "significant" people who featured in some version of my life, either in this life or an alternate other life. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is playing with this. As psychics we can talk to spirits, so why not talk to those spirits of people who are still living? I discovered this is very possible and also easy.

Future Lover

Your Future Lover Is Around You

I began communicating with spirits about a year ago, and although I'm not normally a medium, I've been through some pretty interesting experiences. Some has been wonderful but other experiences have been less fun. I've found spirits who were trying to fix mistakes they made during life, who were very apologetic and sorry for how they treated me. Much of the stuff they talked about hasn't actually happened yet but they have the ability to come in early to warn me. I've had spirits actually interact with each other on the other side, and I've actually learned a lot more about the other side and how this dimension works. There are strict rules usually around respecting others that must be followed.

I have another advantage because my angels like to show me things from my own future. Occasionally I have my own clairvoyant flashes and I see an event first hand from the future. But this is rare and usually I see everything second hand from my angels who like to keep me informed. Perhaps it is because I listen to them so carefully, but they have given me lots of information regarding the future. I've had many different paths and many bad mistakes already happened on those alternate paths - romantically I'm talking about several divorces, children and things of this nature. Yet in this life, I am still single and still weighing up my options.

One Story Of Love & Hate From A Future Lover

There is so much to say, its hard to know even where to start, or which story to tell. Perhaps the most dramatic is the story of a man who treated me badly in life, made up with me again, but in the afterlife has made this mistake twice - that is, he's gone back to hating me for a second time. The role of my angels in this is to talk me out of being with him at all. Even though he will love me greatly, and more deeply perhaps any man, he's very swayed by his friends. He's in fact an incarnated elemental, so his soul isn't human. He was poisoned against me by friends who wanted to see me gone, and after I left the short marriage, he wanted me back again. He hurt me in order to make his lifelong friends happy, but straight after I left, he knew he was wrong.

He spent many, many years waiting to get me back and I was beyond broken hearted. This is what my angels came to tell me so I could avoid this situation completely and find a different man.

In the afterlife, this man became completely outraged at me and took up with his old friends. More than ever (in the afterlife) they convinced him he was right to leave me all along! So he made the same mistake twice. He did not embrace the light but is living in a "holding place" where people go who don't behave. My angels call it "down there". He is perfectly safe but is too disruptive and hateful to go into the light where others go. He hangs out with his friends in this place listening to their version of lies and then he speaks with me on earth and calls me names. He hangs around me at night for example and often I can hear phrases or words of love. His energy is quite wild and untamed like his elemental soul. He is a suspicious soul.

Love Apple

What Did I Learn?

I learned a lot of interesting information whilst all the love drama was going on. I learned that on the other side, people can still be fooled in all kinds of ways. Even though this man's guides are trying to tell him the truth, he is convinced that everyone is lying, even the angels. I learned that there was a "down there" where people were sent who refused to behave in a way that honored others. There they have to stay until they are ready to go into the light.

I learned that people on higher levels can hang around unseen to those on the lower levels (earth is the lowest "physical" level excepting some very lower astral levels). I learned that people in horrible pain can really lie to themselves and others and keep that lie going after death, until they are ready to forgive themselves. And best of all, I learned that I can talk to people who are still alive to get information from the future version of them.

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