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5 Ways To Meet Your Future Self

Your Future Self is a real version of You, yourself, that exists in the future, either in the afterlife or usually far into the future, say thousands of years if you like. It is a part of your spirit that contains all of your future experiences, and meeting this future self is not at all extraordinary. They are often a form of spirit guide that is around you right now helping to guide you in your current life. Whether you talk to them or not, they are probably quite aware of you and what you're doing.

Future Self

You see, humans are in fact inter-dimensional beings. We have parts of ourself in not just this eartly dimension but all over the galaxy and its various dimensions. Earth is one of the lowest dimensions that is subject to space and time, but most other dimensions or mansions are time free - you don't need time in higher dimensions. However, as energy slows down in this earthly dimension, time needs to be created so we can make sense of everything - and with time comes space.

Imagine being in a higher place where we can go and look into other dimensions to view what they are like. Perhaps we look through a window or portal to see the world and tune into the exact time and place of our choosing. You see, we want to look at ourself and at what we learned when we were on earth. We can look back in time or forward in time, or indeed choose any time we like. This is our future self - us, from a future time. We have grown and evolved and now we can send back some of our knowledge to help our former self.

5 Ways To Meet Yourself

You are curious and you've decided you would like to meet yourself, from the future. So how do you go about this? Since its impossible for another to do this for us, we may have to brush up on some psychic skills or get out the old meditation mat. Perhaps you just want to feel them, or acknowledge their presense in some way. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship, you just never know.

1. Try Talking To Your Future Self

This first step is really to touch base with our future self to see if they exist and are real. You're not expecting your future self to materialise in front of you or anything, but you suspect they are near and may be listening to you. You don't even need to trance out. Just sit down and start talking. You can even write in a diary. You can tell them that you trust them and ask them to guide your life. If you're lucky, they may even talk back to you, it really depends on if they think you're ready to handle it. But this is a great first step. Watch and see how you are guided and what might come next.

2. Write It Down And See If They Talk Back

This is like beginners channeling 101. If you're going to have a conversation with your future self, why not ask them to talk back. Start by writing an introduction to them which can be as long or as short as you like. Then ask them to respond to you and get your pen ready. This is actually an exercise in clairaudience, one of the clair-powers that most of us have. Perhaps you have never tried to use it before. Simply see if you can hear any response and write it down. It may feel similar to imagination so you may doubt if this voice is them. Write it down anyway. When you read it back in a few days, you may be shocked to discover you have channeled something else.

3. Meditate To Get A Message

If channeling isn't your thing, then try to quiet the mind and see what you can sense from your future self. This self is happy to communicate with you in any way. Sit quietly somewhere where you won't get disturbed and turn off your phone. Focus on your breath as you relax each part of your body. Bring down a white light of protection around you and when ready, ask your future self to introduce themself. You might like to ask them for a sign (signs can take a few days to manifest) or ask them to do something specific. I would keep it very simple. Listen to see if you can hear words, or perhaps receive impressions from your future self like colours, shapes, clairvoyant visions, feelings within or even tingling feelings in your body. They can do all kinds of things to get your attention.

4. Ask Your Future Self Questions

If you have had success in meeting your future self, you may want to give them some more complex questions that they can help you with. Choose your most comfortable means for communicating with them. The more you try to connect, the stronger this connection will be.

Don't be surprised if your future self feels a bit angelic or even vast. They may even seem detached if they are talking to you from a higher dimension. Once we leave earth, we tend to gain a massive perspective and everything changes. We no longer have money or jobs. We don't have to deal with traffic or paying bills. So expect some changes. You can almost ask them any question about others, yourself, or any issue you have, but they may not give away all of your future. They tend to give amazing yet simple advice. Do not judge but simply go with it. They may help you out of many problems.

5. Meeting Yourself In Your Dreams

If you have difficulty receiving impressions from your future self, you may want to take a break and try talking to them again soon. Meanwhile you can ask for them to come to you in a dream. This could be the icebreaker you need in order to feel they are real and able to communicate. Once you see yourself standing there harmless in your dream, you may feel more open to this process, especially if they can welcome you or make you feel you belong.

Others' Future Selves

Once you're a bit more psychic or clairaudient, you can learn to talk to the future selves of others. All it takes is practice to learn these skills. I do this quite often and learn so many interesting things. I get a much stronger feeling of what it is like on the other side.

My next article is about my own experiences in dealing with the future selves of lovers. In 'alternate' lifetimes I experienced versions where I was married to some of them and, through long conversations, I've learned many things. Many told me they had no idea I was so psychic, for example, and they said they wished I had told them whilst they were on earth. I hear so many comments and we chat and give each other feedback. The next article is about one particular experience with one such lover. Please click here to read.

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