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11 Signs You Are Clairvoyant

Have you ever wondered how Clairvoyant you are compared to others? If so then this is the article for you. A Clairvoyant is a person who uses "clear sight" or sees images with their psychic or Third Eye. You may get a little flash of image sometimes, involving usually yourself, or you may experience an entire "movie" type experience like watching it on the big screen. Let's carefully take a look to determine what kind of clairvoyant you are by these signs.

Psychic Eye

11 Signs You Are Clairvoyant

1. Strong Basic Intuition

Anyone who is clairvoyant will also possess very strong intuition as this is a basic requirement for anyone who is psychic. Intuition is simply your voice (usually from you Higher Self) that speaks to you or warns you about outcomes. If you are familiar with intuition then you are aware already about knowing or sensing the future. It usually arrives as a voice that helps you to "feel" very strongly either good or bad.

We can use intuition to give us a sense as to what direction to take. The more you listen then the more clearly or strongly you will hear it. If you have good intuition, you will know the outcome of decisions usually right off for it removes the guess work or 'unknown factor'. You can look at, for example, a possible job and spend a night deciding if it feels good or bad. Once you have this basic skill, you are on the way to discovering your other skills, like clairvoyance.

2. You Give Very Accurate Advice

Often when we give advice to friends or family, we can channel our 'angels' or other loved ones who have passed over. If we have a very clear mind, especially if we empty our mind first, we can bring in very clear advice to others. The clairvoyance is when we SEE an outcome, so when we start out channeling well for others we are very close to using our clairvoyance. You may wish to practice this by closing your eyes when you help others and try to be open to seeing a flash of image or an internal picture in the mind.

3. You Speak With Non-Physical Entities

On earth, we are surrounded by other entities who exist in the astral or non-physical realms around us. We are also surrounded by those in higher realms like spirit, such as our angels or passed loved ones. Have you ever found yourself talking to someone who was not in the room with you? Have you ever been questioned by others, or aware of someone trying to talk to or get you to do something? This is all non-physical and is usually astral in nature, or from a lower source. Most sane people will ignore these messages, yet, they are a sign that you are open psychically. You are clairaudient if you can listen to others in this way.

4. Seeing Colours, Numbers Or Symbols In Your Mind

The universe often talks to us in symbols, which can mean colours or numbers as well. Some clairvoyants can see these flash through their minds as very handy hints coming from their angel teams. If you ever notice weird symbols that you may or may not know the meaning of, then you are very visual and also clairvoyant. Clairvoyance includes any image that may come to you. It is now your choice, should you chose, to learn how to decipher the symbols that you're receiving. It means you may have a spirit guide who communicates in this fashion. Numbers and symbols all have their own meanings; to see what numbers mean you may like to read What Do Angel Numbers Mean.

5. Discerning Auras Around People Or Objects

Seeing colours or lights around people or sometimes plants, animals or objects is a form of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance includes seeing with the minds eye but also seeing things outside of you, i.e. not using the minds eye. If you are looking at people and seeing the colours around them then you have an advantage because you are seeing non-physical light that many people can't see. It can also indicate a stronger form of clairvoyance may be possible with some training.

Some people say that seeing orbs may be a sign of clairvoyance, yet this isn't correct for orbs can be seen by all people, unlike say spirits. I have seen orbs before and whilst they are rare, you can see them with ordinary vision.

6. Knowing The Future Before It Happens

It is possible to sense the future before it happens and this is a sign that you are probably clairvoyant. Often, called Claircognizence, you may simply KNOW without knowing how. It comes to you instantly. Many psychics experience this from time to time, usually around bigger events like World Events that affect many people.

7. Dreams That Come True

If you have ever tried writing down your dreams each night after waking, you may notice that many of them are Precognitive, or they come true. We often dream of what is to come. The more you write your dreams down, the more detail you will begin to remember. Even though you are asleep when this occurs, it still demonstrates that you have psychic abilities.

8. Seeing Ghosts or Spirits In Your Surrounds

You are quite clairvoyant at this point and your Third Eye is already open if you can see ghosts and spirits around you. At this point, you are already well on the way to being a powerful clairvoyant. Perhaps it is something out of the corner of your eye that you notice a lot, or it could be some kind of apparition you often see floating through your home. Some people even see weird creatures in their room that aren't too friendly, which are more likely to be spirits. Any entity that tries to talk to you is a spirit. Any entity that ignores you is more likely to be a ghost. Seeing a passed loved one is probably a sign that you are a medium and are very clairvoyant.

9. Experiencing Visions Internally

If visions or waking dreams are part of your clairvoyant ability, you're already very clairvoyant. You may get a flutter of a picture, or you may get a small movie that plays in your head that you know is the future. This is one way that psychics can see the future. I see clairvoyant images or sometimes a small movie. Clairvoyance is also something that psychics use when doing readings. We will receive information visually by seeing images in our minds of a person, a place or something else relevant. We can get psychic information from other sources like clairaudience and clairsentience, but many psychics also SEE clairvoyantly. Almost always ,it is a mix of these psychic talents so that one hears, sees and senses all at the same time to produce for you an accurate reading of the future. We also channel angels or passed loved ones to complete a reading.

10. External Visions Mean You're Very Clairvoyant

If you are extremely clairvoyant, you will see visions that are outside of you. These are not visions that play in your minds eye, but visions that appear to your physical eyes just as you would look at physical objects. People who see these visions are some of the best Clairvoyants we have, possessing a very open Third Eye. No doubt you may be able to train to try to get to this level yet some people are born with this ability already. It may be like being inside of a movie, or like watching things happen around you that you know happened a long time ago, or are yet soon to happen. Most of us are a little afraid of powerful clairvoyance like this but others become used to it as time goes on. They may become very proficient at helping police to solve crimes or helping people to solve some kind of mystery, or catching a criminal.

11. Making World Predictions

Not all Clairvoyants are able to make world predictions on a constant basis but if you are strongly clairvoyant, you will probably do this on occasion just as a matter of course. If they are not worldwide predictions, they will surely be local, for example like local flooding or earthquakes. No one really knows why we do this. I believe we may be sensing the activity of the earth, the energies or other factors beneath our conscious awareness. Whatever the reasons, many clairvoyants do pick up on larger or smaller catastrophes every now and then before they actually happen.

These are the major 10 Signs of Clairvoyance. You may learn to practice this ability so that it is improved over time and more useful to you, or you may even one day become a psychic clairvoyant. There are many clairvoyants with many amazing abilities, and not all that could be mentioned here.

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