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Are You Psychic Or Intuitive?

We are all psychic, even those of us who don't believe in anything that can't seen with our physical eyes. I come across a lot of people who ask this question, then talk about dreams they had that came true, or flashes of knowing that in the end were accurate. If you are one of these people who wonder if you are psychic, why not trust this as truth? Why not take that leap of faith that you are, indeed, psychic and that this is natural because we all have this.

Psychic Eyes

Some people are very gifted and this is often because they have used their abilities in past life-times and bring those abilities with them into the present. I believe it can be passed down in families through genetics. I even believe you can start from scratch and practice your way into very sensitive states. What we are really talking about when speaking of psychic abilities is the ability to sense and read energy correctly. And we do this all the time whether we know it or not.

10 Ways To Know You're Psychic

We have 10 ways of knowing if you're psychic. These are:

1. You have very strong intuition
2. You're naturally empathic and can sense others
3. Having conversations with spirits, angels or passed loved ones.
4. Flashes or visions that are clairvoyant
5. Knowing the future before it occurs
6. Experience telepathy between two close people
7. You experience dreams that come true
8. You can sense passed over loved ones around you
9. Sensing danger from out of the blue
10. World Predictions can come to you before they occur

To read a close up of each ten points, please go to 10 Signs You're Psychic.

A Secret to Psychic Abilities

Did you know that if you start to practice sensing energy, more energy is sent to you to read. If you have read my other articles on angels, then you will know that you have your own personal angels and spirit guides. When a psychic 'reads', they are reading the energy sent their way by their guides or someone else's guides; or indeed by a person who has passed over to the other side. Any genuine interest or attempt to read will result in more messages coming your way, more energy. The way to learn how to do this is to just start. Simply practice with people and tell them  what you sense, see or are shown about them or their future. The only way to know you are reading truly, is to read and hear what people say in response.

In the beginning, doing a reading may feel like you are just saying what pops into your mind. If you practice and learn to tell the difference, you will begin to hear your guides stronger and stronger. Once you become good at hearing them, you will begin to trust your guides more than you trust what a client says to you. Clients, especially when trying to keep something secret, will tell untruths. As a psychic, you always have to trust what the guides are saying, otherwise it becomes a useless exercise. People who consistently distort the truth are unable to remain clients because they are not being honest. This demonstrates how strongly your connection to your guides becomes, you learn to trust them implicitly. When you have a strong connection to your guides, no one can pull the wool over your eyes.


Another type of energy we can sense is the energy that comes from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is a bit like your Soul but it is between you and your Soul, a 'stepped down' version of soul. Your Higher Self watches over you and helps through communication with your mind. This communication comes to you as 'feelings' or 'knowings' that we call Intuition.

Again as with communication with your angels, the more you use your intuition and follow it, the louder it will speak to you. Sensitive people tend to hear their intuition more, if you like these people are more aware of energy, they sense energy deeply.Their intuition sounds like a loud bell. Any feeling that is sent to help them is obvious and therefore listened to more readily. You Higher Self is most helpful if you only knew. It tries to steer us onto the right path that will benefit us, whilst continually warning us of any wrong path or person that will prove detrimental. It is the little voice of warning that tells us to steer clear of someone. Or that feeling of excitement over something that bubbles overs, a clear sign to take the path of joy, to follow where that excitement leads. Even boredom is a clear sign from Higher Self that a certain path goes nowhere for us. Those of us who follow intuition have an easier time all round as our path is smoothed by Higher Self.


Where does channeling fit into all of this? Channelling is often an easy way to begin to hone your psychic skills. There are many books around that teach a person how to channel. If you are very keen, you can trance channel but I tend to think that it is a bit old fashioned. Who wants to be unconscious or semi-conscious when they channel? A better way is to do so consciously, and this is very close to the kind of connection you have when giving clairvoyant readings. If you can do one, then you can do the other.

Channeling involves hearing the 'words' of your guides, and either speaking them or writing them. This way you can ask your guides questions and then receive answers from their higher perspective. So much valuable information can be gleaned this way. This is how I began to first open the channel with my guides, and I have helped several others do this also when they were on the verge of opening the channel. Once you have the connection, you can hear your guides speaking to you at any time. You can literally carry out a telepathic conversation with them. With the words also comes their energy and their personality, though its up to them how strongly they impress you, as they have a vast energy and can make us feel small.

Channeling can be used to help yourself and your friends. I began doing readings by giving channelled readings - and as I did these, I began to receive images, information, feelings and all that clairvoyant stuff - but it began with the channel. So you can literally take channeling to any height you wish. As you read energy more, you get better and, more importantly, you learn to distinguish energy and read it as it comes to you. It is endless fun but also constructive. Good luck with your psychic development!

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