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Breaking A Curse or Hex

I live by the motto of "never angering a witch or psychic". Why, you might ask? Simply because those of us who use energy in our work, such as psychics, become aware of ways to manipulate energy for certain purposes. It follows that if you use energy frequently until it becomes second nature, you begin to discover ways you may be able to use it negatively. Of course not all psychics or witches would dip into the dark side of their natures, probably most would not. However, as someone who has had many psychic and clairvoyant friends, I have seen those who stoop to using dark energy and intent, and some of them will even brag about it.

Are Curses And Spells Real?

witchThe good news is that most dark "workings" do not operate very well despite the intent sent out by individuals. Many spells that are cast can, and do, simply return to the caster if they are not careful - so the ill will they hope to project onto others simply happens to them. For example, they wish for someone to lose their job and concentrate on visualising that each day, only to find three weeks later that the person actually got a promotion, then a week later the spell caster loses their job. It is rather poetic, don't you think? Ill intentions have a way of bouncing back to the sender especially if they are consciously created and sent to someone else. The angels are always watching, and undesirable karma can be created this way if a person isn't careful.

Is A True Curse Powerful?

Probably not. I say this because my angels tell me that the universe truly does not work this way; they say that most harm comes from people who take revenge the usual earthly ways. Other people can cause havoc, that is true, but a so called "curse" can only really affect us if we give power to the fear that it can. You literally have to be in fear of a curse for it to work, and even then you are attracting bad luck through the belief in it and through the Law of Attraction.

Those who are capable of creating and sending a powerful curse upon someone else are rare, and place themselves in danger by doing so. Yes, it does happen, and that is why I discuss ways to break the curse, once you become aware that it is there (see below). Those who cast these curses are always openly witches (or witch doctors), psychics, or even healers. The "common" person rarely gets into black magic because they are unaware of its existence. The lesson is to actually keep away from these kinds of people, especially when traveling through strange countries that celebrate magic of any kind.

I once met with a psychic for a reading during which she expressed some envy that my future was the future she wanted to have happen to her. That afternoon after I left, she sent me a bunch of bad energy that, perhaps due to my heightened senses, was very obvious to me. However, though unpleasant for an entire afternoon, it did no damage to me and she was unable to continually keep up sending the energy. On another occasion, I sat in on a development class only to be taught by a psychic how to project bad energy to someone else - actually, that was my first introduction to the fact that not all psychics are kindly. Often, when a group of psychics gossip about another psychic acquaintance, they only go so far and then cease gossiping in case said psychic is picking up on the energy. If you are sensitive to energy, you can read any strange energies sent your way and usually know from where they come, so keeping it a secret isn't always easy anyway.

Removing A Curse, Spell, Jinx Or Hex

My angels say that humans are naturally protected from black magic. I feel there is a law, maybe some kind of cosmic edict, and this is why the dark forces do not generally curse humans. One tactic that is cosmically allowed (due to free will) is trickery - and this is why dark forces, and even dark governments, utilise lies, tricks and manipulation rather than black magic. If someone can convince others of lies and do so using trickery, this is fair game in this universe. This is the usual tactic and you can see the lies in our world everywhere. So it is not so much black magic to beware, but everyday cons by individuals, companies or even governments that pose the biggest risk.

If you are still concerned that you might in some way be cursed, or someone has told you they cursed you, please speak to your angels and ask for it to be removed. I would say something like this to your angels or to God if you prefer:

"Dear Angels, please cover me in your divine protection always
and cleanse away any curse that has been sent my way from
 any time, place or dimension. Where appropriate, return the
energy to the sender to be dealt with or dispel the energy
back to Creator to be transmuted. Please seal me in your loving
protection. Thank you angels/God."

Open to Dark Intent

Only one who sends out a great deal of black intent is likely to be open to receiving it back. Think about it, if we were unprotected by angels, then curses would be very obvious in our lives and we could know already what was going on. If spells and curses worked, then many if not all people would be involved with such things when angry at someone else. Yet we aren't because generally we understand we can achieve more success pursuing other forms of revenge.

If you are worried that someone has cursed you, simply remember that if your own spiritual energy is a high energy, then the lower energy cannot penetrate you. If you do not have a high spiritual energy, meaning you live in opposition to God/Good or you deliberately harm or lie to others, then you may be open to some dark energy getting in, but only as it pertains to your karma. In other words, if someone slings a lot of mud your way and your karma with that person allows it, some of that mud might stick. The answer then is to keep your karma good by doing good, by trying to help others always instead of dong harm, and keeping your energy clean so to speak. That way no one can hook into your energy.

Note: If you are someone who does wrong to others, you can eventually make enough people angry with you that you have many others sending you angry thoughts each day. Anger can cause harm when directed at another, so why live in a way that attracts it?

Can You Hex an Organisation?

I suppose this is possible in cases where an organisation has ripped you off and then ignored your complaints. There are all manner of unkind deeds done by organisations in this world that the little person, you or I, have no power to change. I would be quite careful if I was to hex an organisation. You could more directly approach the angels and say to them that you desire the angels to take the matter further on your behalf and on behalf of all people over the history of the organisation who have been wronged or ripped off. You see, you can take these matters up with the angels and they take your requests very seriously. Usually the angels cannot intervene unless we ask them directly. In cases like this, the angels can more quickly return bad karma back to an organisation that will help others or make things more fair in the future.

I am always surprised by the results when I talk to my angels. Recently I found a need to seek angelic help over a significant rights violation against me. Not long after, my angels explained to me the particular karma in store for the offending organisation. Just knowing that a type of justice would happen made me feel better and I was able to let go of some of the anger from being illegally mistreated due to watering down of laws that take away people's rights. It goes to show, taking the higher road of working with the angels is so much better than any low road. It may sound too simple to be true, but try it next time you are mistreated or had your rights stomped on or ignored. It is worth seeking angelic intervention with bad government policies, by imploring the angels on behalf of very person affected, that they take it to the highest angelic authority NOW to seek intervention; such intervention can come in the form of dishonest or bad law makers losing their jobs sooner than they ordinarily would. In truth, angelic intervention can come in any number of ways but it is usually ingenious and unexpected.

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