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Praying With Angels For Love,

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Sending out an angel request to the universe can be quite a powerful thing, considering that a written request is almost as powerful as a spoken one. When we write our prayers and requests down (or speak them out loud), we are focusing our intentions. They can turn from being unfocused, watery, unsure and undefined to becoming extremely sharp, focused, on track, clear and like a laser beam. Look at diffused light that is soft and then compare it to the power of a focused laser beam that can cut through solid matter So are our requests and prayers. Bring them out into the light, write them down and refine them, even if on a scrap of paper - it doesn't matter to the universe.

Our Power Of Manifestation

Angel Prays This idea of 'asking' is the concept behind making a Vision Board. That involves taking a blank board or large card and writing down what you wish to manifest, adding pictures and drawings of what you want whether they are large or small goals in life. I have a vision book where I can write down prayers, affirmations and wishes that I want to have manifest.

We should follow our feelings, as sometimes merely by writing our wishes and prayers in a diary can help to define them and also create the energy to help them manifest. We do not need to push ourselves to do this if we are not ready, instead taking time to think about what we really want in life. We can make a short list in order to figure out our priorities. Doing this is an energy exercise and we are investing our energy to make our intentions clear. Our angels do hear and act upon requests sent out. It doesn't hurt to ask, and asking is free! What do we have to lose?

Sometimes adding some kind of ritual can help us to energise and put our intent out there. Lighting a candle, meditation, or even cleaning out our house to help clear our personal energy can all help. I have often noticed how building energy around a desired manifestation can feel like the concept of 'magic' or a spell. As we become good at building magnetism, it can start to feel like magic. It is working with energy to manifest using the Law of Attraction. We are creating an energy around ourself that will attract the 'like' energy back to us, provided it is in our karma to receive such in this lifetime. Using prayer, spoken affirmations, and energy building I have found there is no limit to what we can ask for and achieve, as long as it is for the highest good for all involved. In other words, if we magnetise the energy properly, it will work for us.

Helpful Articles

Below are some helpful articles written especially on the subject of how to approach angels regarding money, love and protection. The angels can certainly help us and all we need do is ask!
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