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Immigration Crisis Is A Distraction

The outright evil tactics of the mainstream media right now have me shocked at the manipulation and the fact that people are falling for it. We know we are near the end because mainstream is pulling out the immigration crisis and placing it front and center, something that is usually forbidden for the media to do. Every war that America begins results in incredible movements of immigrants, usually to Europe but also to anywhere they can get to. This is nothing new. It is pretty much kept AWAY from public scrutiny AT ALL TIMES. So why is this now front and center for your public viewing, this same old immigrant crisis that occurs every day year after year. You are being made aware of it because the cabal are pulling the pin and it is about to go BAM. This is mind control plain and simple, and by putting up the most disturbing “images” they can find, they are preparing the populace for the terror – their terror – to come. They need everyone to believe the world is ending, so they can swoop in during this month of September after the markets have imploded, to declare the One World Government.

While everyone keeps looking at the immigration crisis as though it was this new thing and not normal (which it is completely normal since when is there ever peace in the Middle East?) the media is hiding the true depth of the economic crisis. Do not be fooled because when the media want you to panic over the economy, they will tell everyone exactly when to panic, it is planned out, but they haven’t quite finished stealing everything yet, so they are saying nothing is wrong. Hell, I saw a mind control agent on tv today saying that the recession in Australia is a great thing. It’s another recession we need to have. He says the economic model is working splendidly and we are supposed to have this recession. Well yes, I am sure this economic model is working just fine to make the rich richer. Very soon, and I believe the date may be Sept 13, the whole thing is going down, the banks will fail and everyone’s account money will be stolen to “bail out the banks”…another term for the banks planning this theft for years and executing the theft and pretending it is just “one of those normal economic things”.

The problem is that people are more than content to be mind controlled. People will not wake up. This is why this debacle is allowed to happen, even though it is an act against us, it is allowed to go ahead in the hope that people will actually wake from their slumber. Humanity has to actually understand the depth of the danger they are in before they can ask for it to change. The immigration crisis is a direct result of wars fought by the cabal against nations that have shut the cabal out. So the cabal destroys the nation and then takes over to run it, whilst stealing that nation’s natural resources and taxing each citizen. Those taxes go directly into the cabals’ pockets. This is the very last struggle before they take everything.

Why do people let themselves be mind controlled? Don’t you think it is odd that we are being told that the financial collapse is normal and don’t even worry about it? No one actually realised how dumbed-down humans are but I could never have imagined that a total world take over could go down and no one would notice. The dumbness is incredible at this point. You do know that your leaders are utterly evil don’t you? You do know they won’t stop until Martial Law is declared and all elections are cancelled due to the fake false flag terrorist agenda? Democracy will be removed in the name of security, all money will be gone as everyone’s wealth is transferred to the khazarian mafia, and we will be chipped like animals so we can be tracked. And then the One World Religion will roll out and we will be forced to worship THEM because they are planning to set themselves up as our Gods – no kidding. People already worship the rich, they worship the royals…they will fall for and worship the cabal who will be rich and royal.

Next up – your bank account will disappear during September, probably around 13th with an almighty crash. With a lot more scheduled for this month, the month that changes everything. Don’t panic yet, the TV will “tell” you when they want you to panic, but not before the money is gone when it is time to start to get hungry. You need to stay calm until the final theft by the banks is over, so it is nice and easy for them, like stealing candy from a baby. We are the dumbed-down babies and we aren’t even whimpering as the evil khazarian mafia come take our candy. Oh well. Humans never woke up and will never scream but will believe via their mind programming it all was supposed to happen that way.

This Long Journey – What To Believe

The internet right now is at fever pitch and there are issues we just can’t ignore. The economy is right now crashing (it may well need to crash so the new financial system can roll out). China had their second worst day ever recorded and billions of dollars are being wiped off, and Europe is in an absolutely terrible state with 14 countries basically unable to repay their debts. This is all true and factual. The pollution and radiation on this Earth has all but killed it (and maybe there will be a way out of this when super advanced technology is given to us to remove all toxic gunk).

Yet we are told by the Ascended Masters to ignore all of this because it is all going to right itself in September this year, because of gamma rays and the photon belt, which we were originally told would happen in 1996 which I remember well because I didn’t believe it then and it didn’t happen as foretold. I have heard all of this before, in the 90’s, when we were told of mass landings of those who were going to save the planet. I knew that wouldn’t happen and it didn’t happen, and many were disappointed because they believed. I have been waiting for Ascension for 22 years (some people have been waiting much longer). Now the Ascended Masters and God tells us that it will occur this September.

I wonder what are we supposed to believe? Does disbelieving this “Heaven is about to arrive” scenario mean a failure of some kind? How do we know when to have good common sense, and when to have faith? I have always had good common sense and not believed the stories of the mass landings and the instant ascensions, and always been proven right in the past because none of it happened. Then I have to wonder, is it a test? Or will it happen but only to those who believe?

They tell us that to believe in a crashing economy is wrong and negative, but it is actually crashing right now. Perhaps we supposed to pretend that it isn’t. I have never seen so much good news being reported by the angels whilst simultaneously so much horror is occurring to the planet. I know for sure that something is going to happen in September; no matter who you are online, everyone is saying September and I can feel something coming. Martial Law? I kind of doubt it. Asteroids?…again I don’t think so. A new economy…sure, since it is already set up ready to go. Mass arrests of the Cabal?… count on it. UFO Landings or mass Ascension….meh, it would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

It is all very interesting but I have a feeling that reading all of this same stuff over and over for the last two decades, first in magazines and then the internet arrived, has exhausted me. Some people are just waking up, a term used for people whose eyes are opening to what this reality called Earth is really about – they are excited. I would like to see the predictions actually happen, but I will not hold by breath for a mass Ascension into the 5th dimension this September. My good common sense simply balks at that one, but wouldn’t it be nice? I could be wrong because humanity’s ascension has to occur at some point. If you think of it as existing in a 3D body with a 5D mind, it is more believable to contemplate.

Ominous Signs For September 2015

It’s time to talk about September 2015. There is enough evidence in my opinion that many things are planned for this month, including economic collapse. There has been plenty of predictive programming in movies showing certain dates like 23rd Sept. If you are aware, there was plenty of predictive programming in movies flashing up the numbers 911 years before it occurred. How nice that we are warned!

I’m going to share an article that isn’t hysterical, since most of these types of articles are about endless doom and gloom. Through the Law of Attraction we can actually create the doom if we believe it enough. However, it is important to be warned. Please note: some of these events can and probably will be stopped. Just like the Ebola plan was stopped short in its tracks, because it did not come from God. Remember always, evil is losing. Yes, it is, so try not to worry too much. Only those plans allowed by God in order to work off the last of our karma and complete chastisement, will occur. I have faith in God.

7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September