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Intuition and Food

Do you have a strong intuition when it comes to food? There is so much harmful food in our supermarkets, I almost despair sometimes when shopping. I make sure I read all ingredient labels, as well as the percentage labels to check salt, fat and sugar levels. If I have time I try to look at which country the ingredients have come from since some countries have a lot of heavy metal toxicity (China) and other areas have huge levels of high radiation (California and west coast of US). I wouldn’t eat any food coming out of Japan/Fukushima, that is for sure.

Recently I bought a bunch of frozen muscles and each time I ate them, I experienced limb numbness about 2 hours later…I am convinced it is the mercury. Having suffered mercury poisoning before, yes I know the symptoms. Needless to say, I am happy to throw the rest of the muscles straight into the bin. My intuition has told me all my life to avoid seafood at all costs because of the mercury, and I have listened to it. I guess sometimes I slip up and something on sale ends up in the shopping basket then on my plate.

Then there is the almond problem. Although in Australia it isn’t mandatory to pasteurise almonds as it is in America, it is suddenly quite hard to find raw almonds. I am giving them up. I keep trying different brands only to taste the most awful nuts I’ve ever had. They are all steamed and labelled “natural” instead of raw. How has this happened? I do believe that almonds prevent cancer when raw, and when cooked they can cause it. A conspiracy perhaps? There are agendas to remove ALL raw foods, since to do so would bring in massive profits for the illness industry. Raw foods are actually what keep humans alive, without which we would perish quickly. The almonds are a test case, to test people’s reactions and of course no one cares; people will put any garbage in their mouths it would seem. It’s not secret, but media will never announce it. I wonder what raw food is next on the agenda to be pasteurised by the powers that be, New World Order.

But that is it for me and almonds…after being a favourite food for years, I have to switch back to raw nuts since my intuition will not let me eat the fake “natural” aka steamed almonds any more. My intuition is saying I am really harming myself. I did spy some raw walnuts but didn’t notice other nuts labelled raw.

By the way, in the US all almonds labelled raw are actually pasteurised by law, unless purchased from a nut farm, so the labels are lying! This is why we need intuition when it comes to food. If a little voice is telling you to not eat something, don’t. Throw it in the bin. Grab an apple instead, apples are full of boron and are really good for bones.

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Almonds with added toxins

Ever since I started to develop alarming physical symptoms a few months ago, I’ve been googling like mad putting everything I eat into the search engine and this has opened my eyes to how many dangerous toxins are in our everyday foods, and can explain why we are getting so sick and obese, directly from eating dangerous ingredients. I haven’t been blogging about many of these but tonight I came across a reference that “raw” almonds in the US are being pasteurized by law, some of them with high temperatures that destroy all of the goodness (the healthy oils and enzymes) and someĀ  of them with actual chemicals used in fuel. The chemical they areĀ  spraying on almonds is called Propylene Oxide and you can click on the link to see that it causes cancer in rats.

Needless to say I eat a lot of raw almonds and I rely on them to obtain healthy oils. I took a look at the pack and the brand I have been eating are imported from the US. Is it any wonder I seem to keep developing illnesses. Even though almonds are being heat treated or treated chemically, they are labeled as “raw” almonds and no mention is legally required on packaging to warn us what we are really consuming. This is quite horrifying. Of course, now it is time to try to find a source of legitimate raw almonds, and I’ve read that those imported from Italy are not pasteurized. I’ve started a habit of taking a spoon full of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in the morning and night, for healthy oils and more than ever I’ve determined to avoid vegetable oils and trans fats. It’s butter all the way for me (I’ve always eaten butter anyway). I might even have to give up chocolate, which contains soy lecithin, and other foods to boot. The good news however is I can eat salt again since the doctor was incorrect on the heart issue and my heart is normal and healthy.

I will update this post if I find out more related info about almonds and where to source truly raw almonds without the chemical sprays added to them. According to the Australian Almond website, they are moving towards pasteurizing almonds here to, so Australian grown raw almonds could be cooked or steamed. Perhaps we will soon also use propylene oxide or other sprays.

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