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Okay, so the media is keeping silent and so is the government whilst everyone is being cooked in radiation, especially in Baltimore on the 14th June. You should be told so that you have the choice to evacuate. It is time to wake up I think. For too long, people have trusted a government that is actually a Corporation in disguise. Do people think that the government loves you? Does it want to protect or save you? I have no idea why people think that, because it is a bloody pain in the arse to evacuate everyone and cause a fuss and answer pesky questions and lose their jobs over the catastrophe. So they just shut the heck up.

I do believe people have been brainwashed by tv “programming” and by movies that depict a fantasy, hero government that always steps in and saves everyone. The “magic” government of caring individuals and heros who go out of their way to save the day. Do people think movies are showing reality? If they cared, wouldn’t they tell you what the heck is going on? Men, women, children, animals and nature are frying in deadly radiation, like someone left the x-ray machine on all day so that constant x-rays are in people’s homes, and deadly gamma rays pass right through walls, flesh, blood and bone. It is a slow death taking several years, once those rays flash through your bones, stopping blood production from working properly.

Well here is a video for today…By the way, Radcon 5 is the highest level of radiation warning, not some little Radcon 3 here.


I’ve Been Reminded of The Dangers of WiFi

I recently got very carried away by my purchase of a brand new computer since I have never had a nicer, or more powerful machine. With this grand new touchscreen desktop came the need for a new printer. I looked around researching online and chose the printer I wanted which was an Epson xp410 with Wifi Direct; this is a new type of Wifi that does not require a wireless router but instead connects a Wifi computer directly with the printer with no cords. I was so excited at the thought of finally being up to date technologically and having the very latest, cutting edge home office equipment. I was also excited that I wouldn’t need a cord connecting my computer to my printer. My  printer research done, off I went to the store to take advantage of the end of year sales with 30% off.

Soon, the fault in my plan became apparent when the xp410 could only be purchased online (hint: this is JB Hifi only, turns out you can find the 410 in other stores). Now because I wanted to have my new printer immediately for my birthday, rather than wait a week for delivery, I took a look at the xp400. The 400 is exactly the same as the 410 and they had one left in stock. I spoke to the salesman and he assured me they must be almost exactly alike, he had no idea what the difference was. I certainly made sure it was wireless, then paid for it and took it home. That was when I discovered that although it was Wifi, it wasn’t Wifi Direct, they are two different things and I would need a cable to connect this one to my computer. I was so annoyed, truly annoyed and it took me a few hours to settle down again, planning to return it to the store unopened.

Then something spoke to me softly that ‘doesn’t everything happen for a reason’…and I paused and thought. That was when it struck me that I was missing something so completely obvious it’s embarrassing. From years ago I’ve always been completely against all things wireless (which means Wifi) due to the harmful radiation. I have a mobile phone (a cell) but I barely use it and prefer instead to use my landline phone. The mobile is very handy especially when it comes to texting, so I couldn’t live without it but I keep it mostly for texting reasons.

How could I have forgotten how harmful wireless technology is? I have not thought about it for so long and it seems and through using of my mobile, I kind of forgot or got lulled into a false sense of security regarding harmful radiation. We can’t see radiation or feel it, but we are bathed in the stuff when we use certain wireless technologies. I can’t believe I was that close to setting up a Wifi connection on the computer I spend hours on daily, sitting in all that extra radiation. There is a reason I still use dialup (yes even on my new Windows 8 computer), the reason is so I am connected through cables and cords, not through large doses of radiation constantly flying through my environment, hour after hour.

It never ceases to amaze me how the universe works to stop us making mistakes. At first I thought ‘what a coincidence I accidentally purchased the printer that will use a cord’. However I had such an intuitive feeling as well, I felt I was being reminded by my guides to be careful. Now I am quite glad for the mixup.

I plan to write an article on the Dangers of Wifi Connectivity for my website and this has gone on my long list of article ideas waiting to manifest when I get time. I am just so relieved that I found my head again and remembered the dangers, one danger of radiation which is memory loss! My mind is befuddled and it isn’t surprising with all the cell towers and radiation zipping through the air constantly, for even when we sleep we are immersed in this radiation. Agh! When will we have enough of it?