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Does Asking Angels Work?

Hi, a new article has been added in the Angel Section of the website (Does Asking Angels Work?) that basically discusses the most likely aid you can get from your angels, including the kinds of things you can ask them for so you can get an idea of how angels respond, including some examples from my experience with the angels and Archangels. You can read it here – enjoy!

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Raphael and Reading about Archangels

I wish to recommend buying and reading books about archangels, or even borrowing books and learning all about the angels and what they can do to help you. Sometimes you can ask your local library to buy a certain book so not only you can read it for free, but other visitors to the library can benefits from these books as well.

My website is quite new and I realise there is so much about how angels can help us that I just haven’t had time to write about yet. Perhaps I never will but luckily, many books are already written and perhaps you can find some second-hand books on eBay. I have purchased several second hand books lately to find them arrive in mint, brand new condition. As I read, I then feel inspired to share.

Right now I am reading about Archangel Raphael. For those who don’t know he is the healing angel you can call upon to help youself or others who are ill. I have tried this for myself and felt instant results, in fact I was inspired to try this last night when I was suffering from exhaustion and a high level of stress. I was using flower remedies and lavender essential oil, but due to the sheer level of the stress these remedies weren’t working like they usually would. So I called in Raphael to see what could be done. I asked him to surround me in his emerald healing light and remove the stress and worry from me. Instantly I felt a whole lot lighter and the stress seemed to disappear, I felt like laughing or giggling for no reason I could explain. Then I pretty quickly dropped off to sleep (finally).

Some people can find Archangel Raphael will fix a health issue permanently. For those more ingrained issues that are caused by deep lessons not yet faced, you might only get temporary relief however this too is useful. Imagine if you had an important meeting or event to attend and you were feeling extremely unwell on the day. Simply call in the archangel and request a healing. Thank him in your mind. The little miracles the angels can do to help us seem endless.

Archangel Raphael can also help us to follow our path or even find our path in life, but we must first ask. Remember we must call them in before they can act on our behalf for permission is needed. I am currently following a path of study, or at least trying to. I have found the course to be extremely expensive and rather than throwing in the towel, I am asking Raphael if some money can be found to help me finish the course. This way I can help others with the healing techniques I am learning, plus help myself to increase my income.

Just yesterday someone in a government department let me know that some small finances are available to me and are being approved. This has come after six months of being told I was not illegible to receive funding. There was a lady who was helping me previously who told me she had processed my request and that I was declined. Although at first this lady seemed very nice and friendly, I began to feel in my gut that something wasn’t right. I began to feel very strongly that she was working against me in ways that I couldn’t put my finger on. Whenever she did something to harm me, she always made the excuse that she was out that day sick, and someone else had done it. I began to ask the angels to fix this situation and I asked that her karma return to her.

Sure enough, after pretending to be sick on many occasions, one day she actually became very ill and was admitted to hospital to have major surgery. This lady is quite young, half my age, so this illness was unexpected. What was even more unexpected was what the new lady assigned to me found in the other person’s absence. She found that no funding had been asked for on my behalf! No details had even been entered into the computer. Yet I still have the emails stating she was doing all she could on my behalf. I was stunned, yet I had known that she was working against me. Despite her over the top friendliness, I had sensed disturbing energy from her against me.

Now it appears the funding shall go through as soon as next week and it has all been arranged. This is not stopping me from continuing to ask the angels to help me with future funding for the remainder of the course, and to help smooth the way. The more I learn about angels, the more I realise how they can help if we just ask. I put my faith in them and this allows little miracles to happen. So thank you again Archangel Raphael. Please let me find a way to finish this course and then be able to heal others. That is my prayer for today.

What would you like the angels to help you with?

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