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A Fairer Society – Mike Quinsey

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 23, 2018


For some time now much has been happening behind the scenes, and if anything has increased as the dark Ones are removed so as to ensure that the needed changes can go ahead without interference. Over a long period matters have been formed so that they could manipulate events and turn them to their advantage. Those days are almost over and they are no longer the power that they used to be.

In the meantime no opportunity has been overlooked in establishing a web of Light that will be fully activated at the appropriate time. More support for the Light workers has arrived and their influence will help speed up the changes.

You may have noticed that in general there is now a move away from the “blood and thunder” days, and at every level there is now a more peaceful approach to implementing the changes. It has been a major challenge to overcome the activities of those who desire to keep hold of the old ways, and do all they can to hold back progress.

However, they cannot stop it and it is ordained that the New Age will replace the old with that which is new, and will establish a system based on compassion and love. You will see a fairer society emerge, that is going to be led by those who have proven their allegiance to establishing the Light in all forms of governance.

The changes represent a major challenge, but those souls that are carrying mankind forward are strong willed and supported by legions of the Light. They cannot fail to achieve success and the result of their efforts will become known in due course. Changes are occurring all over the world and at first glance it may appear chaotic, but what you cannot see is the overall view and the necessity for what is happening.

Be assured that all is making good progress and before long you will be made more aware of what is taking place. The secrecy surrounding work such as that still going on in the Antartica will be unable to be maintained for much longer. It is part of your history and as such you should be entitled to know what is happening.

Once matters can be discussed more openly and you are allowed to know your true history, you will be prepared to meet your Galactic ancestors. The barrier that prevents such visits is lifting and it cannot be too much longer that you have to wait to meet them. They come with love and every intention to offer their support and help to speed up your progress towards Ascension.

You must realise by now that you have lived “sheltered lives” simply because the dark Ones have deliberately kept you without the truth of who you really are, but that is changing. You are entering a period when people are demanding to know the full truth and be allowed to progress instead of being held back.

Looking back there are many instances when you have been helped by the forces of Light, yet you have little if any knowledge of their intervention. As much as any others if not more, they have prevented actions that may have seriously delayed your progress. Such actions have been justified and allowed since you passed the marker, and now your protection is higher than ever.

In fact many other civilisations have offered their help in any way that is necessary to ensure you safely reach Ascension. Some of these highly evolved Beings have moved beyond the need for physical bodies as such, but can appear in a more etheric form if it is necessary. Such Beings are following an accepted spiritual practise, where those that have advanced will always help those souls below them.

Let it be known amongst your friends that it is now time for plain speaking, as the truth is slowly coming out as to your true history. It will show that you have progressed spiritually in spite of the fact that you have been sorely tested for a very long time. To not only have survived such testing, is a credit to your resolve to evolve regardless of what setbacks you have experienced.

You have all been well rewarded and many of you have gone ahead in leaps and bounds. You are the Wayshowers and to be commended for overcoming all obstacles in your path. By your success you have made it easier for others to follow.

You are the chosen ones who have not only experienced the end of the last age, but you are now progressing in the New Age that holds many pleasant surprises for you. Not every soul is ready to ascend but everyone will gain from having experienced the higher vibrations. It will help speed up your evolution and the experiences will have prepared you for better things.

Whatever your level of understanding, you will have progressed much quicker with the ever increasing vibrations. Even now you have had evidence of how quickly it is affecting the Human Race. As previously where ideas of going to war to settle differences were commonplace, there is now a new mood that sees the value of peaceful cooperation, and so it will continue. You really have moved on and the benefits of doing so will eventually result in world peace.

The Human Race has taken a great step forward and it will bring benefits that will help mankind move into a new era. It will be one where greed and corruption will be rooted out, and wealth spread more equally amongst everyone. The most needy will be identified and given help to overcome their circumstances that are often the result of wars. Those perpetrating such situations are usually in it only for profit, and have no allegiance to either side.

They will readily deal with both of them and history will reveal that wars have even been started for purely profit and no other reason, with no consideration where the loss of life is concerned. You have become wiser now and soon profiteering from anything associated with wars is no longer going to be possible. Defence is of course going to remain much longer because of the perceived threats from Extraterrestrials, where in reality none exist.

Regardless of earthly matters your immediate future is in the process of change, because those who can propel you into it are now more active than ever before, and you should go ahead in leaps and bounds. It is how the future looks and the timing is very much up to you, as you have to show that you are ready.

So outwardly you will see little evidence yet of these changes, although all is in a constant state of change and fluctuates according to the level that you can lift it up to. You have more influence where the future is concerned than you imagine, but it is very promising because many more of you have awakened to the Light and helping to lift up the vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Transformation: The LightWorkers’ Decision

This is an old channeling, I really wish I had read this one sooner.

Source: http://www.circleoflight.net/index.php/messages/oldies-but-goodies/227-transformation-the-lightworkers-decision-8-7-01

Every being of light in all the heavens, every being of Love in all the worlds, every wash of starlight that is embodied, every planet pregnant with life — all are holding their breath. Holding their breath as I call you to step forth out of your reality completely and to trust that the New World will be there to place your foot upon. As I breathe in My In-breath, as I feel you as the greatest Love stirring within, I too am pregnant with anticipation! In all of the worlds, all of the expanding universe, all of the trillions of beings spreading their wings of truth, there is none like you.

Now the time comes for the greatest leap of faith, faith that says that what is in your heart is the real truth, while all the structure by which you have lived your lives is an illusion. You understand this certainly, but do you understand it enough to bet your life upon it? Do you understand it enough to step forth and trust that My Love will be there? And are you ready to do this in ways both great and small, without any comparison between the world you are leaving and the world on which you arrive?

Are you willing to give up your “human home”– the ideas you have had about what it means to be a human being? Can you start with a clean slate upon which I write the truth of your life and you then live it, moment by moment, step by step, vision by vision, dream by dream?

Dear ones, there are three very important things that have happened that have already changed your world forever. You need to deeply understand these things as you take My hand and step away from the ledge of the known world. As you step into the knowledge of your place in My heart and the truth of the “World to Come,” Love is “switched on” so you become a functioning cell in My heart, the heart of God, awakening.

First, in 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence of energies, a decision was made by you in the temple of your hearts. Until that moment, there was to be a splitting of the path. Those who could make the choice for Love were to move ever higher into the light to bring forth the manifestation of humanity’s evolution. The others who did not say “yes,” were going to gently “drop-down” into a slower evolution, there to continue to evolve living with those of like vibration.

At that time I felt a tugging on My heart, dear ones — a longing for those who were to be left behind. I felt keenly the emptiness within as I acknowledged that some cells of My heart would be missing, so to speak, still cloaked in illusion and darkness. You must understand that you do live within Me, that you truly are living cells that are within My heart.

As this intense longing deepened, it became almost agonizing. And yes, I can feel agony and often have at the loss of communion with My own heart and being that the illusion has caused. When I looked within, I discovered something truly amazing! The longing that I was feeling was you, My LightWorkers, longing for your brothers and sisters! You did not want to leave them behind! You were My heart speaking to Me!

When I understood this, oh My beautiful children, I fell in Love with you all over again! I understood My own heart in new ways. I knew for the first time that you truly were showing Myself to Me! You were truly opening into Love in manifestation. I knew then, that all I had dreamed of for you, would be true! You would be co-creators gently loving into being new life — both within you and around you! I knew that your homecoming was going to be more than all I had dreamed! I knew that in spite of the depth of illusion you fell into, you were going to emerge as something more beautiful than either of us had ever dreamed!

So there at that moment, that juncture when so much was held in the balance, you decided together, in unison, in your hearts, on the deepest spiritual plane that you can access that you would offer yourselves, your service and your light so that nobody would be left behind! This was the moment of My greatest joy, for you are the wild card within Me. You are the part of Me that is unknown. You surprised Me in wondrous and wonderful ways.

At that moment all Beings of Light who assist you, concurred. It was, and is possible for the children of God, using both your Love and your will, to lift up and clean up everything in the world, so that nothing is left behind. In order to do this, each of you agreed that you would personally transform the darkness, limitation and illusion for those who were not able or ready to do so. You will gladly, you told Me, offer your Love and your service for the upliftment of the whole world, of humanity and the planet into the light.

Now we are here. We are on the very real cusp of the very real awakening. LightWorkers are remembering by the thousands daily that there are real and exciting changes. But many of you are not yet remembering your agreement of service to the transformation.

The second thing that is happening, now that the changes are fully underway, is that many beings of light are finding themselves in unexpected situations of varying degrees of intensity — difficult things for which there are no clear explanations. Beings of obvious light and very great Love are finding themselves dealing with physical illnesses that even threatened to take them off the planet. Other beings are finding themselves in a crunch financially though they know that I will always provide. The list goes on and on.

Many explanations are offered. These situations create fear and discomfort in those not challenged (if such a person as this, who lives purely, can be stricken could happen to me?). The ego rushes in and finds an excellent crack in the vibrations of Love, and judgment occurs. People are regularly told that they have done something to bring this, or that they have not done their spiritual work. And, if all else fails they are told that there must be some old subconscious pattern at work!

Dear ones, it is very important that you hear Me and this message of transformation. We are now at the critical time. One foot is on the shore of the New World and the other foot is on the shore of the old. Only the commitment of the LightWorkers, of the pure and loving of heart, to use their lives, their bodies, hearts and will in service of humanity’s transformation will create the bridge that will bring everyone through. To bring everyone was your promise to me! To bring everyone! Oh dear ones, this promise is how I know you My children. All I am and more. This promise is how I know that Love will continue to show a new and more beautiful face, and that My heart will be a reflector of the purer light into the most glorious expression of our co-creation.

You must come to understand this process of transformation and this agreement! It has now become critical! If you do not, it could destroy the unity necessary to make the rise in consciousness and heart that will bring you back to the One. If you do not understand, then it will seem like chaos. It will seem that the laws of Love do not work! For it will seem that the path of Love works for one person, opening them easily to obvious blessings and higher good and does not work for another for they are still suffering.

But the suffering is not their own, I tell you, My beloveds. With the release from Time (and what you call Karma), with the extraordinary elevation in the light taking place, and with all the Beings of Light gathering here with you, any LightWorker choosing Love would be effortlessly rising, and everything of any negativity falling away. If that is not happening, then I guarantee you that one is taking on the work of transformation, for the rest of humanity. This must be understood. It must be honored. It must be supported and assisted!

I ask this of all of you. In big ways or small, it is this tremendous service of doing more than your share that will bring all My children home to Me now. And yes, ultimately all would return, but it is this extra effort that reveals your truth, your depth of Love and caring. Ultimately that will be reflected back to you in millions of ways. This too, is a law of the universe as you know.

So in this world of illusion it will be more important than ever to look very carefully at the truth of what is happening. Every situation must be read with the heart. Those who are living transformers will be obvious the moment you understand the fact of this most glorious offering. Now, let Me remind you that this agreement that all humanity would make it Home in this evolution was a concord of all of you who have light enough to understand. If you are reading this, this means you. So I must ask you to turn right now to Me and to ask Me to show your path of service to this transformation. You will be amazed. You’ll find things making sense that just did not make sense to you. You’ll understand the “piece,” as you say, about giving that is the most powerful way to your own awakening. Of course, the Love that you give holds the most powerful blessing for you of all the energy you’ll receive.

Dear ones, I will guide you. Here is the third and most important thing. This fact of the Lightworkers offering of transformation will save the Earth and allow Her to rise into Her own process of ascension. All of you know this is Her “initiation” also, yet you have not known how to assist Her. As I have told you, energy must be dealt with. The “trash” must be cleaned up! This process of transformation when combined with your conscious intent is the most powerful energy available in this universe.

Now this seems like a big thing for Me to say, until you remember who I am and thus who you are, co-creators who are the cells of My very heart. So all beings of light everywhere are on call to your intent! I want you to absorb this. Knowing this you must now take in the fact that nothing that is happening here is personal. If you are a being of light, conscious of Me and dedicated to Love, the forces and powers that are working in your life are universal — dramatic rivers of light, shifts in awareness, beings of such magnitude that you cannot yet comprehend.

So you must not “put your head in the sand”! You must not believe that this is only about you, your growth, your awakening, your ascension. FOR THAT VISION IS FAR TOO SMALL FOR YOU! If you subscribe to such a vision, you may keep your life progressing on a steady path upward but you would be missing out on the most amazing, dramatic and beautiful Creation story ever lived: your Creation story! It is the story where you, My children, activate your will, light up the cells in My heart with such power and grace that you rectify a whole evolution by redeeming what had been forced into separation and illusion — by the power of your choice, your Love and your will.

Dear ones, you have often heard that for this time the coming of Christ will be within you. This process of taking on transformation for the world is exactly how you will do this! Christ on the cross did exactly the same thing. He saw that humanity had fallen prey to the illusion and He transformed it by living that darkness while in the body.

It is imperative that this information be distributed and understood. If it is not, you will lose LightWorkers needlessly! If you do not know what is happening as you take on the part of the transformation you have agreed to, as you run it through your body without the understanding and the intent of the transformative light, it can be too much for the physical vehicle. The process in itself can often produce a pathway to the person”s living “bardo,” a special dispensation given to you exactly for these times. It is a reward for the great service you are doing — the opportunity to go through the death experience while still on earth. It is a very great honor and evolutionary boost that I have given you, poured out upon you in My joy and gratitude for your decision to bring all of My children home.

You do not want the experience of your piece of the transformation to be harmful in any way. But it can be because the energies are shifting, uplifting so rapidly that you must understand transformation. You must understand it because you have agreed to do it. On some level, in some way, your piece will come to you. The worst thing that could happen is for you or others around you to place negativity upon the experience by seeing it as something wrong with you, your clarity, your clearing, your resolution of issues, your growth in Me. Every one of those thoughts creates a negative situation where there never was one. In other words although something negative is seeming to occur, in truth it is very positive, for your intention and the intention behind the whole situation is of the most profound good! Yet one judgment from yourself or others and the purity of the offering of this service is tainted, because you are co-creators and that thought creates a very real detrimental energy.

So please, dear ones, be so very careful. Be vigilant against judgment and negative interpretation! Be especially vigilant against the assumptions and easy answers that allow you to feel better than or separate from anyone. Those are the signs that the greatest offering of humanity thus far, the assurance of their divinity by this gift reflecting My fullness in each of you, has been commandeered by the ego or the intent of separation.

When you put your foot down on the shore of the New World what you’ll find instantly is a world totally in communion and communication, first through the Internet and then through the inner knowing. You will find a world with a unity of purpose fully engaged in the process of transformation for all — not for the individual. This, dear ones, is the difference between the old and New World.

Norway Shuts Down To Take Back Freedom

Everyone is watching what Norway is currently doing, and I believe this could be a new template for the entire planet to follow to find freedom and create the New Earth. They could be a test nation to see how this process goes. This is exciting.



Northern Lands – February 25, 2015 – From Beginningless Time

Sovereign Crown Denderah
February 25, 2015 From Beginningless Time


Evacuation Notice For All Norwegian Citizens, Nationals (Naturalized), Immigrants, Nonimmigrants, Aliens, Non-Aliens, Schengen EU/EEA Visa Persons, Embassies and Consulate Staff, Church Bishops/Priest/ Ministers, and ALL Other Foreign Dignitaries.

ALL Norwegians Citizens MUST Leave The Northern Lands.*

[*NOTE 1: Northern Lands are ALL LANDS (inner, outer and under) previously thought to belong to Norway (Norway’s mainland latitude and longitude is listed as 62° 00′ N and 10° 00′ E however this maybe incorrect).  Other lands include (but are not limited to) Svalbard, Jan Mayan, the Arctic and Antarctic Regions.
NOTE 2: ALL Agreements, ALL Licenses and ALL Property issued by the Norwegian Government (or other Office) to conduct business within the forementioned regions are ALL Terminated (i.e. Drilling, Exploration, Research).]

►Those who would like to be considered one of the free people of Sovereign Crown Denderah Must Renounce ALL Citizenship (statehood, nationhood),  and ALL Nation affiliation in the following manner.

[Note: All property has been claimed by Sovereign Crown Denderah. There is no rent, mortgage, or property tax to be paid. You cannot be evicted.]

(Express it and know in your heart that your life has value; and you worship no one but the God within you.)

Written Renunciation of Nation-State Citizenship (ex. I renounce my nation-state affiliation and I am no longer a citizen of Norway.)
Soul-bearing or uncertain of Soul (ex. I am a Soul-bearing being. Or,  I do not know if I am a Soul-bearing being.)
-One of The Free People (ex. I wish to be one of the free people of Sovereign Crown Denderah Indigenous Land Owner and Live (Be) Free.

Send renunciation to Free Peoples Committee at each mediation center (formerly district court house) and Post it with picture on Craigslist  (Northern Lands, formerly Oslo) under General, Community. The post will be visible for 45 days.  
► All Other Norwegians (and Nationals) who do not formalize a request as noted above, MUST  EVACUATE by March 07, 2015.

All Churches Must Close By March 07, 2015. All Bishops, Priest, Clergy and all others associated with the church must leave the Northern Lands (All Regions) by March 07, 2015.

► ALL Embassies, ALL Consultants Must Close By March 07, 2015.  All Embassies and Consultants Must pay for citizens transportation that cannot afford it, and Must arrange travel departure by March 07, 2015. All Staff and Foreign Dignitaries Must Leave The Northern Lands By March 07, 2015.

► Schengen EU/EEA Visa Persons, Immigrants, Nonimmigrants, Aliens, Non-Aliens Must Leave the Northern Lands by March 07 , 2015.


(NOTE: Because of the historical implications there is considerable media-blackout, and cyber attacks.]

source: https://domoregooddeeds.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/press-release/