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USA Now Submits To China Financial Rule

This is big news of course, because China is now the Number One Superpower on this planet, replacing the USA which has defaulted on their debt payments big time. Because the US dollar has lost over 97% of its true value over the last 100 years, and is currently being propped up by a corrupt Wall Street, China has taken over the control of world finance in that their new bank, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has now taken over the power of the western World Bank and is running things. How did this occur you might ask? It occurred over the last few years as just about every nation decided of their own accord to abandon the US system of banking and abandon SWIFT, which is utterly corrupt, and join a new system that contains no corruption. Imagine that, we are so used to corruption, yet it is true. Literally, the entire planet has turned their backs on America and simply ignored them. The bully no longer has the power, so we do have a smart planet after all, especially when it was a matter of survival to leave the old system. Of course, America has been totally infiltrated over the last century or longer by a massive crime syndicate called the Khazarian Mafia, or just the Cabal (they are the banksters, the corporate masters and the fascist government officials). This is now currently being cleaned up.

As I said a few months ago, China already owned most of America’s big banks, and corporations masquerading as government agencies. China has owned the Fed Reserve and IMF etc etc for a little while now and are trying to clean up the mess and handle the astronomical debt. Very luck for America that China is cleaning up the crime in this country, with the help of the FBI.

According to Benjamin Fulford, Australia has also joined the AIIB, and of course it was on the news about the UK joining as well. They had to, or they would be too isolated to be able to trade with the rest of the planet. Our planet is a democracy after all, fancy that. I think this must spell the death of the evil TPP, which was about to place corporations ABOVE all governments. We came very close to corporations running this entire planet, but thanks to Russia and China, that has ended.

The BIS, the World Bank and the IMF have all undergone a fundamental change of management.

“If I had to choose only two words that unite China and the world at this moment, it would be ‘structural reforms,’” was how IMF head Christine Lagarde described the situation. Speaking in Beijing on March 22nd Lagarde said the IMF and China would work together to promote “good governance…anti-corruption” and “preserving the environment.”

Source: http://hipknowsys.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/benjamin-fulford-march-23-2015.html

Lol, of course they make it sound like it was their idea, but they were forced into joining Asia or being left out of world trade. Ah karma, it returns every time. NESARA is close to being enacted people, and that means freedom and more money coming for all of us, and a total debt forgiveness for all of us as well.

NESARA Payments Are Coming To All

What is NESARA you might ask? Nesara is as yet unacted law, however it was signed off by Clinton when he was President. It is soon to be announced and will be enacted the world over as a form of global Nesara – or GESARA. I’ve been working on an article about this for the website, which I hope to post when Nesara occurs. It can occur now that the Cabal are being taken down; the Cabal are the banking criminals and families who have been running the world’s central banking system, corporate governments and intelligence organisations for some years now. Russia and China and other nations have been forming a new international banking system called BRICS, and this is now ready to be implemented to replace the old, corrupt SWIFT system and replace the IMF, etc. This is all about to happen, and we can thank Russia for heading this up in the face of harsh economic warfare and threats of actual warfare against them. The criminal organisation ruling this world is now falling and most leaders the world over have been briefed about this and are siding with BRICS. I believe this is why Prince William was in China just recently for talks regarding BRICS and currency, and bringing the UK into line with the rest of the planet. We are close now.

The Nesara payments are going to come to each person on this planet, and it is a big payment that has been set up to free all of us from economic slavery. How many of you are slaves to debt, or slaves to taxation, or other artificial constructs that were set up to enslave? I have hinted about this on this site, that we are headed for a huge remake of this world, of how it is structured and how we live here. We are basically being set free of the bogus financial system that was put in place to control and keep us down. All manner of groups, like the Ascended Masters from above, and groups here on the ground, have worked tirelessly and through much danger to bring this all about. Just google BRICS or NESARA to see the truth of what is occurring.

How much will be the payments each of us receives? I have heard it is very high, high enough to perhaps purchase a nice house outright, or begin that business venture or dream. The monies, many trillions of illegally gotten dollars, have been seized from off the criminal Cabal mafia and is coming back to “we the people”, along with a whole new financial system that is designed to free us and KEEP US FREE. And that is just the start of the changes coming to this Earth realm. Ever wondered why life was so difficult and why none of it really made any sense anyway? That was a deliberate setup of the dark, and it is now changing! We have had direct intervention from above to bring this world back into the light – since to not intervene would have spelled the end of this planet very soon in our time. Don’t you just love the angels and masters?

As I said, I hope to write more articles about his soon with more details than are provided here.