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Mars False Flag To Usher In Great Lie

It is no secret to the internet community that NASA was going to make an announcement to prepare the masses for the Great Lie that is to come soon. Basically, it is widely known that in order for the cabal to create an emergency in order to usher in their One World Government, they must first set the stage so such a lie could be believable. The Great Lie is expected to be some kind of fake alien invasion that would be used to pretend that humanity would need to go to war against the galactics. Although galactics are very friendly, it would be put forth that they wish to enslave us. This is the Great Lie. The truth is that the cabal that runs the Earth presently wishes to institute a one world government ruled over by THEM, so that they would be the slave masters, not the aliens.

They are setting the stage for an announcement that aliens exist and have been watching our world for centuries. Yes, they do exist and they do watch over us with love. They will not ever invade, yet it will be faked in perhaps a false event bigger even than the 9/11 False Flag event put together by them, all staged and shown on television like a bad movie to convince us of this lie. So far all their manufactured emergencies (like Ebola for example) have failed, as have their efforts to start WW3. So they are rolling out the widely known plan of fake alien invasion. Just so readers know and don’t get sucked in when the shocking disclosure events are “revealed”. They may even pretend to GO to Mars (coincidentally like the move The Martian), where we find some fake underground Mars base. This is boring, but it is on the cards and who knows, mankind is so unaware of the cabal that this plan may just fool many. Even the pope has been discussing the existence of aliens! The stage is well and truly being set for something. It is also well known in internet communities that NASA is controlled by the cabal, so we can’t believe a word they say.