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Mercury Lurks Behind It

There is such a link between mercury and candida that when anyone has candida overgrowth or systemic candida, you can be assured they have somehow acquired a goodly dose of mercury poisoning over their life. Mercury poisoning can come from many sources, mainly mercury amalgam fillings, vaccinations and prescription drugs that contain mercury, and contaminated seafood. I have seen many references to the fact that candida plays a somewhat complex role because it actually seems to be protecting the body from the worse threat of stored mercury. The fungus lives and grows wherever mercury is found and grows on or around it, covering it and protecting the body. Although candida will slowly lead to death, it seems to be the lesser evil than mercury, which can kill a human quite quickly.

I have now begun to understand the amazing thing that happened to me that proves the above link between candida and how it protects us from mercury.

Without knowing I had systemic candida, I began taking garlic supplements twice a day for several months. At first, the results were nothing less than spectacular as my energy levels increased to levels I had not felt for 15 years; these then turned out to be temporary as I was forced off the garlic. Although I was feeling on top of the world and so happy, I was suddenly struck down with MS type symptoms and developed numbness in the left side of my body. I just knew it was connected to the garlic in some way and my research for answers began. What I now know is that the numbness is mercury poisoning, and I had obviously began killing off the candida so strongly with the anti-fungal garlic that it was no longer protecting my body from the horrendous effects of stored mercury. To cut a long story short, I prayed to my angels to show me a cure, and not long after it came to me out of the blue to google iodine. I believe that one google search changed my life as I knew immediately as I researched iodine that I had found something very important.

I started taking iodine and my numbness went away, although it still ‘attacks’ me on and off each day for about a minute here and there, unlike before when it would last from one hour to an entire day of numbness. Yet I didn’t completely understand why it was working. Fast forward to now and I have learned I have systemic candida, and my tongue has since turned white, and also I have mercury poisoning. Would you believe that humble, inexpensive old iodine both kills candida and removes mercury from the body, plus all kinds of other heavy metals. This is why I believe that when it comes to eliminating candida from the body, you must also detox or chelate mercury right out of your system in tandem, or do it first. I would not advise going ahead and killing off the candida without first chelating the mercury or like me you could get quite ill as the candida stops surrounding the mercury and protecting the body. When taking iodine in any of its forms, always supplement with selenium. I can’t stress how important this is for protecting your thyroid, and also because the selenium does much of the actual chelating; without it you could just be stirring up a lot of toxins and heavy metals without removing them from your body.

I am now going to provide a link for the iodine protocol. And here is a bunch of other links:) This is the basic protocol although I do not use the Lugols, I am still using something much weaker with a plan to build up to higher levels if necessary. I believe a good iodine to take is Nascent, since Atomidine contains chlorine, but many people swear by Lugols iodine solution and that is the most popular. The protocol really must be followed by taking a range of supportive co-supplements as you build up your iodine levels. Do this with your doctor. I have visited my doctor and told him what I wanted to do and he was fine with all my supplements except for borax, which is strange considering how good the stuff is and has given me no side effects at all.

I really hope this blog helps other people who are suffering from chronic fatigue or MS, or indeed a range of other illnesses, all of which can be treated with iodine. You can also read my other health blogs as I have other related information in those. My advise is go slow, stop for a few days if you get too many detox symptoms, and ask your doctor if this is right for you. Your doctor may want you to do an iodine test first and I am going to arrange one for myself before I start to take higher doses to make sure I really am as iodine deficient as the skin patch test indicates. I am just loving the fact that I am currently chelating the mercury/cadmium/other metals out of my body with such an inexpensive, easy product. What is going to be more hard going is having my amalgam fillings replaced. The only way to truly eliminate candida is to remove the mercury along side it.

NB: It’s best not to drink a lot of alcohol while supplementing with iodine.

The Fungi Connection & Iodine

This has been a very interesting few months as I have made leaps and bounds in terms of learning about health. I have realised that getting multiple sclerosis (MS) was the missing link in my health picture that has allowed me to work out exactly what has been going on in my body for quite a number of years. I have had chronic fatigue (CFS) for 15 years and I now realise the same issue is behind the MS, so in many ways it is all tied together. Since this isn’t a health blog (you may be mistaken at this point thinking it was), I will endeavour to keep this short.

I have recently learned that I have something all too common called systemic candida overgrowth. Candida is something that naturally occurs in our gut but can begin to grow out of control under certain situations, for example after taking antibiotics and then failing to replenish the “good” bacteria in the gut. Also a deficiency in iodine can result in the body’s immune system failing to control an outbreak of candida, in which case the candida moves out of the gut and into the blood stream whereby it becomes anaerobic (does not need oxygen).

It was no surprise to discover that I have most of the symptoms of candida overgrowth, including CFS and MS which are both symptoms. I also have sweet cravings,brain fog/brain atrophy, itchy ears, low body temperature, and a gut that makes me look pregnant despite the fact I am really skinny. I am a textbook example of someone with systemic candida meaning it has spread throughout the body and taken over, with my immune system unable to eradicate it like it should because I am iodine deficient. Note too that iodine sufficiency increases body temperature to normal whereby candida cannot survive in the blood or tissues. Iodine also is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial and simply kills candida when it comes across it outside of the gut. Hence it is proven that I have quite the iodine deficiency, which was also proven by the fact my skin absorbs the orange tincture of iodine within 8-12 hours after painting on the skin. Doctors are now using iodine on cancer patients, especially breast cancer which is said to be yet another sign of iodine deficiency. Iodine is stored in the breast second most after the thyroid. You guessed it, I have also survived breast cancer, so all of my illnesses have turned out to be classic iodine issues (not enough our food due to poor and over farmed soil).

This is one of those rare occasions indeed that I have figured out the cause of my health problems. I can now directly treat the cause and then return to good health. Researching the treatments for candida overgrowth has been extremely easy and, coincidentally (I don’t believe in coincidence), I had already purchased all of the treatments I need, having been guided in the last few months by my angels. They tell me that the iodine is doing me the world of good. Apparently up to 95% of us are iodine deficient. The Japanese, who eat a diet full of iodine and selenium, have far fewer incidences of breast cancer and MS.

I want to mention also that a few months ago I started taking garlic on advice from my angels, and I had thought I was treating my chronic headaches by thinning the blood with garlic. It now turns out that garlic is strongly antibacterial/antifungal and kills candida, so no wonder it turned out to be a miracle treatment. Not only did the garlic cure all of my headaches, it also stopped the chronic fatigue and for the first time in 15 years I had this amazing energy and did not know why. I realise in retrospect that it killed off large amounts of candida, but not all. Garlic isn’t enough to alone cure this problem, although it is excellent for candida overgrowth in the gut alone. I stopped taking the garlic when I discovered that the capsules contained soy oil which is toxic to humans. I am still considering adding garlic back to my treatment, perhaps even eating raw garlic for a few weeks to destroy the candida in the gut.

I have read that 70% of us have some candida overgrowth. Here is an excellent checklist of symptoms. It progresses in five stages that you can read about here, bringing with it worse and worse symptoms until it causes death; this takes a long time and starts out with very mild symptoms for a long time. I can’t believe I had no inkling I had a fungal overgrowth all through my body until I was struck down with the MS. I visit a lot of doctors and I see them often; they however never do any tests (and never have) and seem to think chronic fatigue and general illness is all in my head.

For a few months I have been taking low doses of iodine in the form of Atomidine. This has been amazing because the iodine seems to have taken care of the MS. I am MS free since taking the iodine and the relief it gave me from the first drop I took was tremendous! Currently I am only taking one drop a day in water as I am concentrating on killing off the candida first before increasing iodine and becoming iodine sufficient (which can take a long time even on high doses). Next time I purchase iodine, I will probably instead try the Nascent iodine as I have read this is a better form to take. Doctors can test to find out if a person is iodine deficient and this is important to do before supplementing with iodine.

For larger doses, the Lugols is apparently best, I have not tried it – but Lugols must be taken with all the co-supplements as it is a high dose iodine. The reason being that we are all so toxic and dosing with iodine releases all of those stored toxins back into the blood, in effect making us sick until the toxins can be flushed out through the liver and kidneys. This is where sea salt comes into the picture, as this provides the flushing effect to quickly remove toxins, namely bromine, and thus alleviating the unpleasant symptoms of bromism. Doing the occasional salt load followed by a glass of clean water actually does work wonders, clearing up the brain fog that bromine causes. Iodine also mobilizes mercury stored in the tissues, and taking selenium is essential to help chelate the mercury, otherwise it could just stay in the blood until it finds new tissue to be stored in. Eating 1-2 brazil nuts a day is enough to get daily selenium requirements, or taking supplements.

I am still taking the colloidal silver and working up into higher doses, this is to directly kill the candida and any other parasite that exists systemically throughout the body. At first I had the typical reactions to the colloidal silver and this is due to the candida die off that initially occurs. It is a heavy detox process at first so a large die off is not recommended as this can be quite toxic to the body and causes temporary illness, so doses of colloidal silver have to be modest and work up to larger doses. Since yesterday I have added boron/borax to the mix which is very alkaline and I’ve experienced no adverse reactions to this. I believe candida overgrowth can be killed off completely following this approach and then a number of possibilities can be taken to maintain it. I am hoping to rid myself of CFS for good. Once I have achieved iodine sufficiency then I see no way I can suffer from any candida issues or indeed MS. I will keep this blog updated as to any progress.

There is a mercury connection to all of this, not surprisingly. Having six mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth since childhood, that is nearly 40 years, I had often read about mercury poisoning and wondered if I should have the fillings replaced. The symptoms of MS and mercury poisoning are exactly identical. Mercury sits stored in the tissues attracting candida to it, I think it is the positive charge, and mercury provides the ideal environment for candida to thrive. Mercury often goes into the brain and around nerve tissue, where candida overgrowth finds its way. Since starting the abovementioned candida treatments, I no longer get numbness even under a very hot shower. The warm showers would drive it mad (heat kills it) and I would get a numb leg and numb underarm in every shower. Not so for weeks since taking the colloidal silver; this is very good news and I am hopeful all of my research is paying off.

I did want to write some articles about this for the website, but have decided to keep the site predominately about angels. That being said, I may write a few articles about broader subjects like MSG (I am still shocked at discovering that most packaged food contains MSG labeled as “natural flavour” since it is so toxic to ingest). I have learned a great deal about health over the last few months of reading, and I would be unaware of all of it if I had never gotten the MS. I also believe the candida migrated to my nervous system in direct response to the large die off in my gut and the success I had with the garlic. This stuff is intelligent and runs when it is threatened and hides in new areas of the body, this is why it is typically so hard to get a handle of. Just remember if you suffer from any of this, iodine deficiency is said by some to be the key reason for candida overgrowth to flourish and getting iodine into the system is the most important way to treat this condition in the long run if you are iodine deficient.

Always talk to a doctor first before supplementing with iodine. This blog is in no way meant as medical advice as I am not a doctor.

Update: Here is a great article about garlic, which points out its antibacterial qualities and that whilst it kills off the bad guys, it doesn’t harm the good bacteria like antibiotics do! Incidentally garlic is high in iodine. I’m going to try eating raw garlic by adding thin slices sprinkled on some meals. It can be crushed and added to toast and butter.

Update 2: If anyone is still under the impression that soy is a health food and is safe to ingest, please read this.