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‘The Crystal Children’ by Doreen Virtue

I purchased this book because I am crystal and I wanted to learn more about the crystals and who better to learn this from than Doreen Virtue, right? This is the first book of hers I’ve read that has left me feeling quite disappointed by the content. Perhaps it is because I am a crystal so I already know the information about crystals, but on second thought it is more than this. I have worked with children on and off as a nanny for over two decades and have encountered crystal children exactly as Doreen has described them. Yes they are slow to learn to speak and parents are panicking when at age two many are still not talking. Yes they also have courage and play and climb on things a lot. But I have to point out with my experience with all types of children, many play and climb on things with great courage who are not crystal, (in fact play grounds are built for playing and climbing for all children) and I find it hard to see why that is ‘special’ and deserves a whole section in the book.

The reason why I am unhappy with this mini-booklet is Doreen’s attitude towards these children, many of whom have grown up since the time her booklet was published and would now be adults. As far as I’m concerned, we are all God’s children and are all equal; these are not pretty words but fact, we are all equal and we all have skills and talents.

Doreen waxes lyrical throughout the entire booklet about how advanced and special these children are but only has a mere handful of examples. Most of her examples left me feeling underwhelmed. Like the example of a child who cares about others at a funeral and goes around comforting others. Again, many children can be said to do similar things who aren’t crystal. There was no example she gave that spoke to me of incredible, advanced beings coming to save the world. There was a whole section of the booklet dedicated to the fact that people would come up to the prams of these children to look at them. I must be missing something because people are drawn to prams, strollers, and babies no matter what child is contained within. Yet Doreen uses this fact to further her argument of the incredible specialness and magnetism of the children. In fact, by the end of the booklet, I was thoroughly alienated by this idea of a certain type of ‘special, advanced’ race of children saving the world.

I remember when Doreen first started talking about the Indigo Children all those years ago and like many others, I waited with baited breath for the Indigos to save the world, and I waited for decades but so far I haven’t seen it. The more I read Doreen’s books, the more I become acquainted with her techniques of making vast, sweeping predictions that excite her readers, yet with all of her incredible predictions from years ago they have all fizzled out. It is just like every other prediction made in the 90’s about worlds ending, saviours appearing, none of which ever happened. This book is becoming an older book these days, in spiritual terms, and the predictions haven’t happened. As a crystal myself, if anything I have the opposite desire when it comes to saving the world. I am detached from the world and take an attitude of a visitor simply watching and learning – I have no desire to save anything and I strongly feel it is humanities collective responsibility to fix things, as their own spiritual lesson. If a small group of so called ‘advanced’ people saved everyone else, what would be the point of that spiritually?

Mostly Doreen talks about 3-6 year old children in her book, those that are protected and have never had to stand on their own two feet in the world. With this age group she can safely make any claims she likes because they are just babes. Who is to disagree – they have unlimited potential at that age, like the rest of us. By 10 years old you can begin to see where this all falls down as the children assimilate into Earth culture and become like everyone else. Well not completely but, speaking as a crystal, it is easy to talk wise words about God at age 5 and be impressive, but try doing that at age 25 at the workplace and see how many people care. The crystals will learn to do what all the rest of us do and shut up to get along…otherwise the alternative is to be ostracised, because Earth is yet harsh and you will lose friends if you are remarkably different to the norm, sad fact but true.

As I read Doreen’s books about the children, I begin to realise she expects new generations to suddenly, overnight as it were, fix all problems and I wonder if anyone out there believes this anymore. Throughout history, the world evolves slowly but it evolves according to it’s own timing. To put it all on one or two ‘special’ generations I believe is incorrect and seems time has proven this. She has been proven wrong before, as in her book on Fairies she claims she has met her twin flame and their destiny is to be together until death. They would never be apart (blah blah love story equaling Titanic). This was a lovely story and sold a lot of books, but time of course proved her wrong when he divorced her. I do not understand why psychics make these predictions in print as they rarely stand the test of time and the cumulative effect of incorrect predictions results in a loss of interest in new information that is being published.

Speaking as a crystal, I think Doreen would be surprised by our attitudes towards humanity. As crystals we love nature, animals and the Earth and I certainly look upon humanity almost as a plague at times hell bent on destroying nature and Earth. I am entirely unconvinced that humans are friends of nature on the whole, instead preferring shallow pursuits, or anything that exults their own ego (above God even); humans on the whole spend little time caring about Earth. So if they are the enemies of Earth and nature, imagine how crystals feel about this. I am interested in spreading spiritual knowledge, and happy to do so for free on my website, but no crystal person is going to do the human’s job for them; we see them as lazy and wait for their lesson to bite them so they learn. Crystals have an uncanny sense of karma and rightousness – I think Doreen left that out of her booklet. She may have made the mistake of trying to compliment us too highly because (like Indigos) we see through compliments and do not regard ourselves as above any other of God’s creatures, even the humans who are the caretakers of this Earth. We know we share equal specialness and Doreen’s constant words about how special we are above others made me feel quite sick. The booklet is okay as far as it goes if you want to read a lot of hype and crazy predictions; I do not think any crystal will be too happy overall with this booklet.

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Healing with the Fairies

For my first proper post in my new blog, I want to write about a book I just completed called Healing With the Fairies by Doreen Virtue. Apparently she has written over 50 books about Angles and angel related topics (many of these books are the small booklets that come with her Oracle Cards). I have recently been purchasing new tarot and oracle card decks and have written a few reviews on my site about the various decks. I also have a few new decks on the way in the mail, as I am using cards more lately when I do readings for people.

The reason why I purchased Doreen’s fairy book was a general interest in nature spirits and basically wanting to know her ‘take’ on fairies. There isn’t a lot around on fairies so this is a confusing subject, and nature spirits themselves don’t interact much with humans – and who can blame them. Doreen, being clairvoyant, is able to communicate with these nature spirits and through her book is able to pass on the messages from the fairy realms.

Before reading the book, I wasn’t 100% sure I believed in fairies specifically, having never seen one myself. I have come across people who tell stories of seeing fairies but you never know whether to believe them or if they are just pulling your leg. But I do believe in Doreen as I know for a fact she works with the Angels and the Ascended Masters, and I also work with the angels. So this was a very interesting read and I am very glad I was guided to this book and actually feet very glad that Doreen wrote it. I don’t think I would go out on a limb and write a book about fairies, that is the kind of person Doreen is, bless her.

This topic is not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand that. For those who love nature, are sensitive to nature, will love reading about the nature realms – that include fairies, sprites and mermaids (water elementals), gnomes, leprechauns etc. I can’t think of them all right now but they are basically spirits who share the earth with us humans, plants and animals, and they look after nature and animals. Fairies are like the guardian angels of flowers and plants, just as we humans also have guardian angels. What a wonderful book to read to learn all kinds of interesting things about these unseen realms, which exist in a slightly higher vibration to our human world and can only really be seen clairvoyantly.

A large part of Doreen’s book is also about her divorce to one man and her journey to find a Soul Mate, which she does. This is a very romantic story and the end of the book finishes on a high when she finds true love. However, me being the pragmatist that I am, I did google Doreen to see if she was still with this love of her life, as the book was published some 10 years ago….and well (spoilers coming), what I discovered is that, although she had stated in the book that she had found the last partner she would ever need find, the marriage in fact did not last and they, too, are now divorced. You can clearly see the mistake she made in assuming her relationship would last for life and confidently stating this at the end of her book, as it makes for a nice ending. Life is never that perfect or simple, and she should know by now that true soul mates often don’t last long as they come together to teach each other. The best soul mate is someone who is not part of your soul, as was not the case with her twin flame.

I am currently reading her book on Archangel Michael which, whilst enjoyable, doesn’t have a lot in it that I haven’t read before elsewhere. I’m a big fan of Michael. So do pick up a Doreen book if you are guided to. They are short books that do not go into great depth but which always seem to cover the topics very nicely and simply. I think she is an enjoyable author to read.

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