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Is The 4th Blood Moon Supermoon An Omen?

In many cultures around the world, a full lunar eclipse is considered to be a harbinger of bad events. In the new age movement, the full lunar eclipse is also considered a direct message or warning from God. Does God speak to us through omens? In ancient times this was one of the only ways that God could communicate. Revelation mentions this specific blood moon of 28th Sept, in the end times, which is where we are now. We are being given this, the worst of omens, right now as a clear warning. Look at the news and look at our world. Look at all the bombing of Syria and all the war in the Middle East, which is causing millions to flee to other countries. Our leaders are completely insane – please see this. None of the refugee crisis is new, it is just that the media has chosen to focus on refugees and pretend that it is this “new” thing – they have been fleeing on mass for years. The media is focusing on the bad and will continue to do this from now on so they can push the One World Government as a solution to rule over all of us.

I can’t help feeling upset at times with God because the earth is going to ruin. If nothing else, we have poisoned this planet beyond our ability to repair with toxins but more importantly with radiation. We are told that we must go through the horrible times due to our collective KARMA. Whilst I may wish and pray for God to fix this entire mess, I fear it ain’t going to happen. The blood moon is God’s way of saying Hold On, it begins now. Human chastisement is about to intensify in a way that may make us very uncomfortable. We made our bed, now we must sleep in it. Apparently before our shiny new Golden Age can begin (and it will), we must suffer through these “end times” in order to work off the bad karma that most nations have accrued. Unfortunately the US, the UK and even Australia have racked up terrible karma by participating in illegal wars. All of those refugees are a direct result of bombing Syria for example. WE have created the problem…even Australia wants to start flying in Syria and dropping bombs. The world has gone mad, it has gone completely bonkers….but do most people even notice or care?

No one really knows exactly the events this blood moon is signaling. The man-made earthquakes have been occurring for years (look at Japan), now America is being currently attacked with earthquakes in order to break her dams and flood the place. Yes, modern weapons cause earthquakes. Modern weapons control weather and cause hurricanes. Tonight’s blood moon is the biggest harbinger of all (its in Revelation). Expect continued omissions and lies from the media. Expect the NASA Mars announcement to be a False Flag – a lie. Keep praying and know that if it isn’t your karma, you may be spared the worst of what is coming. God will continue to allow our chastisement to occur until mankind becomes humble again. We must stop worshiping money, stop immoral ways and this is no joke. We think being immoral is normal and so it is okay. We can’t even see how far we have fallen anymore. I suppose it is God’s job to make us see it. There have been other Chastisements take place in history, only we can determine how intense it needs be before we heed the message. Listen to your heart and be safe.

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Bad Karma For Australia

The Australian government has been paying off people smugglers with tens of thousands of dollars to turn their boats around. This is illegal and evil. The Australian government refuses to deny the claims. In the past, this would be enough to force a change of government, the scandal would be MASSIVE and spoken about for months endlessly. But in today’s evil evil world, a few days have passed and no one cares anymore. It’s forgotten. Forget the fact that refugees have a legal right, a human right, to leave danger and seek a safe haven. But the government may be paying to send them back to their death, and does anyone even care?

The awful awful truth is that Australian people don’t care. By ignoring evil, we allow it, we consent to it. The cowardly silence of the people, who continue to natter on morning tv about doing housework (oh who should do it, the men or the women?)! Absolutely fascinating the issues we care about so passionately, who does the housework – are you kidding? Let’s ignore anything that matters at all to people of the world. Australians are making their karmic bed and karma will come home to roost soon.

Traditionally Australia has had really good karma and people genuinely cared, about the planet and about others. As a result of good karma, we have low unemployment, wonderful and affordable health care, a strong economy etc, the lucky country. We were barely affected by the huge economic downturn of 2008, it was like a miracle I thought. How do you think we managed to stay so lucky when the rest of the world is in strife, utter strife with high unemployment, low wages, terrible pollution and now radiation, especially in the US/Japan but spreading. How have we been so lucky? It was our good karma protecting us. But now we sanction a government who pays people smugglers and then will not answer questions about it. The government is accountable to us, they are the servants of the people, but the people now turn a TOTAL blind eye to this evil. I am gobsmacked, and I am sure that it is complete…the evil of this world, it has spread to every corner and the great Chastisement is almost here. When it occurs, later this year as predicted by the global elite mafia, Australians cannot complain about their woes this time, we can’t escape it this time. Mark my words because I know it is coming and I know it will come here, to Australian shores for once in our lives. We hold the hands of evil government and let them do what they like, not even discussing it, let alone getting rid of the elected evil.

I have a good psychic sense of karma, and I know this much – as a population we just crossed a very dangerous line as we agreed on mass to ignore evil and thereby consent to it. We have some bad bad karma to work through as a nation to get us back on track. What we sow is what we shall reap.

I am sickened by our lack of caring about any issue that affects this world or others in the world. Being asleep is no excuse for allowing evil. Being asleep is no excuse. We need to Wake up before we are forced to wake up by events so tragic we will not know what hit us. The deeper asleep we stubbornly are, the worse events will be in order to wake us up. I swear, we will probably start getting the same radiation polluting our land as in America…it just has to start coming south somewhat instead of east…

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Warnings of Chastisement and Karma

I have just added a new article to the website called Warnings of Chastisement and Karma, so please click on the link to read. This article is unusual for me because I talk a bit about Bible scripture and predictions that we are seeing beginning to occur in our modern times.

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