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NESARA Payments Are Coming To All

What is NESARA you might ask? Nesara is as yet unacted law, however it was signed off by Clinton when he was President. It is soon to be announced and will be enacted the world over as a form of global Nesara – or GESARA. I’ve been working on an article about this for the website, which I hope to post when Nesara occurs. It can occur now that the Cabal are being taken down; the Cabal are the banking criminals and families who have been running the world’s central banking system, corporate governments and intelligence organisations for some years now. Russia and China and other nations have been forming a new international banking system called BRICS, and this is now ready to be implemented to replace the old, corrupt SWIFT system and replace the IMF, etc. This is all about to happen, and we can thank Russia for heading this up in the face of harsh economic warfare and threats of actual warfare against them. The criminal organisation ruling this world is now falling and most leaders the world over have been briefed about this and are siding with BRICS. I believe this is why Prince William was in China just recently for talks regarding BRICS and currency, and bringing the UK into line with the rest of the planet. We are close now.

The Nesara payments are going to come to each person on this planet, and it is a big payment that has been set up to free all of us from economic slavery. How many of you are slaves to debt, or slaves to taxation, or other artificial constructs that were set up to enslave? I have hinted about this on this site, that we are headed for a huge remake of this world, of how it is structured and how we live here. We are basically being set free of the bogus financial system that was put in place to control and keep us down. All manner of groups, like the Ascended Masters from above, and groups here on the ground, have worked tirelessly and through much danger to bring this all about. Just google BRICS or NESARA to see the truth of what is occurring.

How much will be the payments each of us receives? I have heard it is very high, high enough to perhaps purchase a nice house outright, or begin that business venture or dream. The monies, many trillions of illegally gotten dollars, have been seized from off the criminal Cabal mafia and is coming back to “we the people”, along with a whole new financial system that is designed to free us and KEEP US FREE. And that is just the start of the changes coming to this Earth realm. Ever wondered why life was so difficult and why none of it really made any sense anyway? That was a deliberate setup of the dark, and it is now changing! We have had direct intervention from above to bring this world back into the light – since to not intervene would have spelled the end of this planet very soon in our time. Don’t you just love the angels and masters?

As I said, I hope to write more articles about his soon with more details than are provided here.

Germany And France Exit Cabal & Join BRICS

Both Germany and France have exited the Cabal bankster system and are moving to Russia’s future system, and there are now over 200 nations that have signed up to BRICS to stop using US dollar for trade as it will become worthless. The US is the biggest victim of the Cabal, and frequently US forces are sent to destroy all countries who exit the Cabal system. Why do you think they hate Russia so much. Germany and France had to recently side with Russia though – what choice do they have? That was why Paris, France was attacked recently (for refusing to put sanctions on Russia), and why the French President said on national TV that the terrorists are not Muslim. Nearly all the world realises now the truth and the lie, that conveniently hides the fact that the Cabal is now falling.

Here is part of an article taken from here. I agree with everything being said.

New BRICS Gold Currency To Be Backed By Germany

The BRICS nations are going to make a gold and silver-backed currency. And Germany is going to back it. With all this enormous demand for a BRICS gold central bank, it is largely going to be handled through Shanghai and maybe Dubai. The BRICS are also going to bring about a gold-trade note that is going to serve as a Letter of Credit for commerce between two nations.

We have lots of different avenues for gold demand coming down the pike. What we don’t have is supply!

I think the US and London are drained, that their power is gone and they are not going to be major players in the next chapter. If they’re LUCKY, the two nations can avoid the “third world”. I think the Swiss central bank action opened the “gates of hell” for Europe, the US dollar and for gold, in a positive way.

This is game over when Germany announces they are going to work closely with the BRICS nations and
Russia and have  a new gold currency.
It will be GAME OVER.

UkraineThe Russian and the Chinese wanted to stop use of the Treasury bonds in their banking systems. The crime for Russia is not only did they boot out the Rothschild bankers, they wanted to stop US dollar trade settlement. So they got the same treatment that Iran and Irag got-war.

The US thought they could cut off the marriage of the Eurasian trade zone of Europe and Russia. They thought they could cut off the gas supply of Russia and Europe and Germany. This is game over when Germany announces they are going to work closely with the BRICS nations and Russia and have a new gold currency. It will be GAME OVER.

It’s a disaster in Ukraine. They can longer control their currency, which is about to collapse.


They are doing very much the opposite of what we are being told. The big lie is that they are selling their gold reserves in order to alleviate their economic problems . No, they are converting all their energy dollars and are buying gold. The press is lying through their teeth to us.”


Interviewer: Where should he be in 2 years from now? Where do you find safety in this world? Which banks do you keep your money that you trust?

Willie: “The country first. Believe it or not, I get this question twice a week. I say that my favorite 2 countries I have………Read the rest of the story at GramsGold.com

Bank Run: Countries Repatriating Gold

The whole world knows what is happening, except for those who listen to the news, which at this point is all propaganda used to distract people from what is actually happening. In case you have missed it, America is already at war with Russia (meaning so is Canada, UK and Australia by default). China has stepped in to support Russia and why not, China is now the no.1 superpower on the planet and taking many of USA assets since they defaulted.

The war has been going for awhile, mostly economic so far but then so are all wars. Even the bombing in Syria is arguably all about economic issues at heart. (If they sold the war to the public saying it was about money, it would not be supported, so they have to find an ‘enemy’ each time and then sell it to us so we are more than happy to see cities razed to the ground and women and children murdered.) Even the threats to North Korea are for reasons other than you are told.

This war is not working. Sure the Russian Ruble crashed, but Russia is doing just fine and surviving. When the US dollar crashes, the same can’t be said. All of the wars are ways to prop up the US dollar, which is clearly dead in the water since countries are not trading with it anymore. America hates Russia because they are now trading oil directly for gold. Russia is launching the new SWIFT payment system to replace the corrupt global banking system. The 188 or so BRICS countries are ignoring America and moving towards new systems that completely ignore the old powers that be, because they are corrupt.

So what does this have to do with the bank run? Well everyone knows what is occurring, war is already started, economic collapse is very, very close now. They may also know that all of their gold is about to be stolen, just simply taken or withheld, so before it all collapses they are repatriating their gold back to their own countries, hence a big ol’ bank run. It might be wise to follow their example. Here is a good article below from here.

Has a massive bank run already started?

We’re in the middle of a really big bank run. No, really. This is massive. And it is a bad sign for what’s coming at some point in the near future.

What kind of bank run is this? It is completely different from the runs that the U.S. saw during 1929, at the beginning of the Great Depression. Those were periods of panic where individuals pulled their money out of their local banks.

This is, as one zerohedge.com commenter aptly put it, “the quietest bank run in history.”

The run we’re in now is one in which countries are pulling their gold out of international vaults and bringing it home again.

They won’t be burying it in their backyard, though, because the amount of gold they’re pulling is staggering.

Which countries have seen recent movements repatriate their gold? Here are some of the most notable ones — France, Holland, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Poland, Azerbaijan, Iran, Libya, Ecuador, Mexico, and Venezuela.

And we’re not talking about bringing home chump change. We’re talking about huge ‘withdrawals’ of gold. For instance, Holland brought home 122.5 metric tons of gold that was held in the Fed. That is 20% of its total gold, and 10% of its total foreign reserves. And France’s presidential front-runner is calling for “all” French-owned gold to be “urgently” returned to France. (Forbes) We’ll see if they can pull that off before it’s all gone.

And the numbers are also impressive for other countries wanting to bring home their gold.

What does this show?

It shows a lack of faith in the financial system. Why do people pull their money from the bank during a bank run? they’re afraid they’ll lose their money, and they would rather protect it themselves.

For the same reason, countries around the world are losing faith in those holding their gold. They’d rather protect it themselves.

But why do they want to protect it themselves?

There are a variety of possible explanations, but a few stand out to me.

We’re in a period of war. Both economic and traditional warfare has begun, with most of it still remaining economic. During a period of war, there is less certainty than usual. And where there’s a lack of certainty, there’s a desire to hold your own gold.

Second, we’re on the verge of an economic collapse. This is obvious. Sure, the dollar is supposedly ‘strong’ right now, but that is due to currency manipulation. (You really ought to take some time to understand how currency manipulation works — it is important.) At some point, it’ll collapse. Would you trust the Fed with your gold when that happens?

Third, gold is far more valuable than it is priced right now. And the more valuable it becomes, the less appealing it is to leave it in someone else’s care.

So countries are bringing home their gold, and they’re not taking their time.

So, in a sense, we really are in a bank run. And it is probably only a matter of time before a run comes to your bank, too.

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