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Tsunami Dream I Had

I tend to occasionally dream about tsunamis, sometimes they happen afterwards but not always. I had a vivid dream last night which was of the biggest tsunami I have yet to dream of. I was in the top room of a very high lighthouse, and I saw a blue/green wall of water that was as tall as the lighthouse. It struck us and filled the room with water but we were okay. Then immediately after a second wall of water descended on us, which was actually larger and higher than the first. After that passed, we realised we were trapped in the lighthouse and checked out our food situation, seeing we had enough to last as a few days, although it was all junk food. I had no idea where in the world this lighthouse was supposed to be, but I think it might be time to pray and ask the angels that any future tsunamis (which are often man-made) be minimized and reduced.

Also interesting was a comment I read by SaLuSa today:

There is much resentment amongst your leaders over the positive changes ready to go forward, their once high spirits descend. Your world is receptive for change, they know they have lost and are attempting to ruin your happiness in spite.

This is interesting because I have also felt this change. Usually the dark is rather unruffled but there is a new intensity to them. I was also attacked last night after helping ground a Portal Pillar of Peace through my home last night. As predicted, I was attacked viciously in my sleep, the usual thing they do when they are very angry at me. What I sensed was the deepest of animosity – yes, they are usually incredibly malevolent, but this was stepped up quite a few levels, their hatred seemed completely out of control. Interesting times and it makes one wonder why are they still fighting God? Who can prevail against God when He directly intervenes in a planetary destiny?

Some really bad things are planned, and rumours of a coup in Russia that I tend to think are quite possible now that the real Putin is out of the picture and a fake one is being showcased by the media. Factions did away with both leaders, the President and the opposition, and now those newly in power in Russia are all for starting WW3, some say it has already started between US and Russia in the Finland region and around the Norway region.

Intuition and Food

Do you have a strong intuition when it comes to food? There is so much harmful food in our supermarkets, I almost despair sometimes when shopping. I make sure I read all ingredient labels, as well as the percentage labels to check salt, fat and sugar levels. If I have time I try to look at which country the ingredients have come from since some countries have a lot of heavy metal toxicity (China) and other areas have huge levels of high radiation (California and west coast of US). I wouldn’t eat any food coming out of Japan/Fukushima, that is for sure.

Recently I bought a bunch of frozen muscles and each time I ate them, I experienced limb numbness about 2 hours later…I am convinced it is the mercury. Having suffered mercury poisoning before, yes I know the symptoms. Needless to say, I am happy to throw the rest of the muscles straight into the bin. My intuition has told me all my life to avoid seafood at all costs because of the mercury, and I have listened to it. I guess sometimes I slip up and something on sale ends up in the shopping basket then on my plate.

Then there is the almond problem. Although in Australia it isn’t mandatory to pasteurise almonds as it is in America, it is suddenly quite hard to find raw almonds. I am giving them up. I keep trying different brands only to taste the most awful nuts I’ve ever had. They are all steamed and labelled “natural” instead of raw. How has this happened? I do believe that almonds prevent cancer when raw, and when cooked they can cause it. A conspiracy perhaps? There are agendas to remove ALL raw foods, since to do so would bring in massive profits for the illness industry. Raw foods are actually what keep humans alive, without which we would perish quickly. The almonds are a test case, to test people’s reactions and of course no one cares; people will put any garbage in their mouths it would seem. It’s not secret, but media will never announce it. I wonder what raw food is next on the agenda to be pasteurised by the powers that be, New World Order.

But that is it for me and almonds…after being a favourite food for years, I have to switch back to raw nuts since my intuition will not let me eat the fake “natural” aka steamed almonds any more. My intuition is saying I am really harming myself. I did spy some raw walnuts but didn’t notice other nuts labelled raw.

By the way, in the US all almonds labelled raw are actually pasteurised by law, unless purchased from a nut farm, so the labels are lying! This is why we need intuition when it comes to food. If a little voice is telling you to not eat something, don’t. Throw it in the bin. Grab an apple instead, apples are full of boron and are really good for bones.

A Lightness of Energy (Photon Belt)

Normally I am not the kind of psychic who is sensitive to world energies, but even I can’t miss this one. I have been sensing a huge lightness or lifting away of negative energy over the last few months, and I have noticed this affecting not only me but most people’s behaviour, lightening the mood and banishing darkness.

We are actually going to undergo a significant photon energy event on the 22nd Sept, so I believe we have been within the edges of this for some time. This photon belt should continue to transmute darker, heavier energies within us and the earth. Could this be why, even with all the negative news stories that are supposed to create fear and terror, I just can’t stop giggling. I currently have an injury, a very strained abdominal muscle that makes it painful to lie down, drive, and move in most ways. But I can’t stop the laughter and my angels keep setting me off, ah the pain. Well since usually an injury has a reason, perhaps I am supposed to be resting right now, which I am – resting and studying this huge textbook I have been given. I am curious about what this photon energy event is going to bring to the world. There is such a sense of celebration in the angelic realms, perhaps that is what is contagious!