Lavanila Products Review: Synthetic Fragrance Oils

I would not normally write a review on this blog about a perfume and similar products, but I am just so incensed regarding the Lavanila brand, who – I must say – have a massive following of consumers who believe all the products are 100% natural. This is patently untrue. The perfume product I purchased came from an online store claiming it to be 100% natural and organic. But it isn’t.

On the Lavanila website on their own ingredients page (Ingredients – Lavanila) under the tab of Botanical Fragrance Blend, you discover that a list of products contain Nature Identical Oils. For those who don’t know what these oils are, nature identical oils are synthetic, man-made oils made in a laboratory, not coming from an actual plant. I researched further to discover that these kinds of oils can be petro-chemical based.

Lavanila has done no wrong. They make the claim of 100% Healthy; they never make any untrue claims about their botanical fragrance blend being 100% Natural. Somehow everyone has made the wrong assumption that all their products are natural. After researching product reviews, some customers have admitted to getting headaches after using the perfumes, like myself. Many people suspect there are chemicals in some of the products. So yes, Lavanila themselves admit to having man-made fragrance oils in some products such as the perfume and deodorant.

I unfortunately ordered my perfume before I had visited their website. I trusted a stockist that said the perfumes were all natural. I read the ingredients, but the nature identical oils were not listed on the ingredient list of the Nourished Life store – because they are hidden in the fine print under the vague term ‘botanical fragrance blend’.

What I received in the mail is a cheap smelling, chemical smelling potion that does not resemble anything pleasant as far as my nose can tell. I don’t feel it even smells like natural vanilla at all. The scent is so overpowering, it lasted on the skin for 12 hours (it disappeared at some point whilst I was sleeping). It even lasted after I showered before bed and tried to scrub it off, with little success.

I find it odd that Lavanila makes a big fuss on their website about their products containing no synthetic dyes. You will notice they are silent however about synthetic oils – yes, those are in some of the products.

As a review, and some may find it harsh, I give their pure vanilla and their vanilla grapefruit perfumes 0 stars.

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