Okay, so the media is keeping silent and so is the government whilst everyone is being cooked in radiation, especially in Baltimore on the 14th June. You should be told so that you have the choice to evacuate. It is time to wake up I think. For too long, people have trusted a government that is actually a Corporation in disguise. Do people think that the government loves you? Does it want to protect or save you? I have no idea why people think that, because it is a bloody pain in the arse to evacuate everyone and cause a fuss and answer pesky questions and lose their jobs over the catastrophe. So they just shut the heck up.

I do believe people have been brainwashed by tv “programming” and by movies that depict a fantasy, hero government that always steps in and saves everyone. The “magic” government of caring individuals and heros who go out of their way to save the day. Do people think movies are showing reality? If they cared, wouldn’t they tell you what the heck is going on? Men, women, children, animals and nature are frying in deadly radiation, like someone left the x-ray machine on all day so that constant x-rays are in people’s homes, and deadly gamma rays pass right through walls, flesh, blood and bone. It is a slow death taking several years, once those rays flash through your bones, stopping blood production from working properly.

Well here is a video for today…By the way, Radcon 5 is the highest level of radiation warning, not some little Radcon 3 here.


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