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Asking Angels For Help Through Prayer

What happens if we ask for something and it doesn't happen right away? There is something known as "divine timing" and when we ask for something big it can take time to arrive. We must always consider whether what we are asking is a reasonable request. Are we asking for help to find or be led somewhere, or are we requesting our angels do all the work for us? A fine line sometimes. They can bring us opportunities but we have to earn the right to win those opportunities. They can locate our dream home, but have we already saved up enough for the deposit? There are limits on what angels can and cannot do. Remember, they are with us to guide and help us. It is always worth giving it a try for without a direct plea from us, they cannot accomplish as much on our behalf. If we never ask, they are not given the correct authority to act in our interests. We ultimately create our own life, and those who never ask for help from the universe unfortunately may struggle more than those who take the time to request angelic aid.

Does Prayer Work?

PrayerAnother way to ask for help is through prayer. Earnest prayer carries with it a divine vibration; our voice goes directly to the angels and higher. Prayer said earnestly with divine intent can bring all kinds of results. Of course, when conversing with Father God, we wish not to use ego but rather find that divine point within ourself and use it to request the highest of intervention. Prayer can be used in times of desperation, in times of illness whilst praying on behalf of another carries with it much power. Prayer has the power to heal, not just ourself but others. Prayer is a form of asking that is taken very seriously by the angelic realms. I do not use prayer to ask for things for myself, however I regularly use prayer to ask for a better world, the end of war and disease, or any problems of injustice in the world I add my voice to ask for things to improve.The motto for prayer is: 'God's will, not mine, be done'.

Asking our angels need not be this heavy however, it is entirely up to us. It is nice to know that in times of strife we can fall back on divine prayer and it is this power we draw our attention to.

Asking for Healing or Clearing

When ill, we can ask that we find the best possible practitioner for our illness. We can also ask the angels to help with our healing; they can indeed send us healing energy and often do anyway even when we don't realise it. Many times angels work on us when we are asleep to help our immune system or anything else that may be weakened. This strength of healing can increase if we ask for it at special times of need.

Our angels can also, importantly, help very much with mental or psychological healing as well - we just need to ask them. If we are looking for an answer to a problem we may talk to them and ask that an answer reveal itself. We will come across a book, tv show or person who can help point us in the right direction. There is no natural law against this as this is essentially what spirit guides do. You will find your favourite things that you like to ask them often. We can ask that they help bring clarity. If we sit to meditate we can ask that they remove our troubles from the day and cleanse our aura. In fact, we do not need to be meditating, we can ask for this anyway, at any time. They stand ready to assist.

One of my favourite requests is to ask for a Cord Cutting. We can request our angels to cut the etheric cords between us and others. Almost anything we can think of we can ask, even when we don't know if a thing exists, that is the point. When we need something, the angels can cause that thing to be created. Our angels are multidimensional, meaning they exist outside of time in higher dimensions to ours. When we work closely with angels, we can learn to think in a multidimensional way and understand how they can bring results to us almost instantly because they work 'outside' of our own time line. For a closer look at Prayer, keep reading here.

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