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Asking Angels For Help & Guidance

Blue AngelHow do we ask our angels for help regarding something specific? Firstly, hopefully you have tried to contact your angels as per the previous article and received a sign from them, something that only you can decipher and understand. If you have not, don't despair, you can keep asking for a sign or you can begin talking to and asking your angels even without having received a sign. They are always with you and hear everything you say to them, so don't be shy -- remember that they agreed to guide you in this life and that they love you unconditionally.

The reason why we can ask our angels for help is because they are given this role, they have this authority in their hands. Their role is to listen and notice what we need and to help bring things to us. Even when we do not consciously realise we have angels, they nevertheless fulfill this role. The only time they cannot grant help is when a request goes against our karmic lessons (karma is temporary as we work it off), or if our request goes against our life-plan we have agreed to before birthing on Earth. However, many, many things our angels can do for us. You might ask at this point why this isn't more widely known. It is simply because, prior to this time in history, many people had closed minds and either did not believe in spiritual guides, or were encouraged not to by the religions of the times. As we pass out of these dark ages, many more people will return to these spiritual ideas and knowings.

Where to Start - The Small Things

I'm not going to complicate this, it can be as simple as saying, "Please angels, I've lost my keys, can you lead me to them or help them turn up." When you effortlessly find them on the floor when you are vacuuming, and you had not planned to vacuum, you can then say "thank you so much angels". This is how it works: they guide us to do something or go somewhere to find the answer we seek. When parking, ask your angels to help you find a spot quickly, and you can avoid time wasted driving around in circles. Many times we do this unconsciously, sending out a plea for help to the universe. Our angels jump on this because it is permission for them to step into action on our behalf. It may sound so simple but if we did not do this, we might not find the keys for weeks, or we could end up parking a few blocks away and having to walk. These are simple matters with simple solutions, let's look deeper at how we can use our angels...
angel harp

Bigger Ways our Angels can Help

The obvious is asking them to bring to us our desires, ie that dream job, dream house we are saving for, car or holiday. Did you ever think of asking angels for this? Generally we don't but this can work, it can aid us to get where we want to go more quickly. Try it and see for yourself. This is completely open to experimentation, the trick is to ask and then let go of what you have asked for so it can arrive in whatever timing or whatever way or form your angels bring it to you. Always thank them when your wish arrives. It may arrive so simply that you can doubt angels did anything at all, but that is the point, angels make things happen naturally and effortlessly.

You can keep a diary of what you have asked for so you can track the results. Having a pretty notepad that is especially for this purpose can empower your intent. Writing down wishes and intents empower them. Later I will present an article about using affirmations to create a momentum of energy to go even further in your manifestations. A warning: Don't use this technique to ask for things you don't really want in your heart. Your angels do answer heart wishes but not trivial requests. You see, heart wishes come from your soul and trivial requests may come from ego, they know the difference.

The next article discusses how to Ask For Angelic Help Through Prayer.

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