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Spiritual Energies & Chronic Fatigue

Are Spiritual energies making you sick or exhausted, always waking up with a headache for no reason? There is a real phenomenon that's occurring to many of us in accordance with something Higher. The energies and frequencies that are raising us up, ascending us and creating a better world are actually making some of us feel positively unwell.

These energies are coming to the planet from the great central sun of this galaxy, being stepped down many times so we can handle them. They pore through the stargate that is our sun and then enter the earth through us and our bodies in order to anchor properly on this world. These can overwhelm our bodies for short periods, making us feel unwell or extremely tired.

In addition, and this is where the real problems start, many spiritual people volunteered on a higher level for something called "transmuting" to take place. Transmuting involves cleaning up the old energy on earth and changing this into higher energy frequencies. This activity normally takes place whilst we sleep but may also occur whilst awake. We are not consciously aware of it, nor of the work we do whilst the body rests. We only become aware of it when we wake to exhaustion, feeling like we haven't rested at all.

We may not be aware that we have asked to participate in this activity, even though it makes us feel distinctly unwell. Usually its part of the Spiritual Contract we have signed in Spirit. When we are stuck with transmuting energies into a higher form, there's usually nothing we can do to get out of it.

What Is This Illness?

The symptoms may vary from person to person but they can be similar, if not the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This is an illness involving constant fatigue, which doctors have trouble diagnosing because they can find nothing wrong in their patient. No matter how ill you are feeling, your blood test shows nothing that can explain your exhaustion. But are you imagining it?

The answer obviously is a big No, but others may accuse you of a vivid or morbid imagination. No matter what you do, for example change your diet, exercising or any other positive changes, this condition refuses to budge one iota. It is a pretty constant and unchanging condition. So what are the symptoms of transmuting illness?

7 Symptoms Of 'Transmuting' Sickness

Not everyone who is exhausted or suffers from Chronic Fatigue is a 'transmuter'. This list could describe many conditions so please see your doctor if you have any the following symptoms.

1. Exhaustion like you have never felt before. You will feel fatigued, especially upon first awakening. Expect to feel worse in the mornings then slowly recuperate as the day goes on. Nights are usually the best time energy wise since you have slowly recuperated as the day has gone on. Once you go back to sleep it all seems to start up again the next day with another lousy morning.

2. Headaches come with the territory. These headaches can be quite bad depending on how much work you are doing during sleep. You can get migraine-like headaches that you wake up with, or that appear gradually during the day. These are not usually short headaches and can be quite splitting and last a whole week, often increasing and decreasing in intensity but never leaving.

3. Sensitivity to Light. Unfortunately, like a migraine, you are going to shut all of the blinds, sit on the couch and wait for it to pass, which may leave you waiting all day. Light is painful to your eyes as a consequence of headache and loud noises may also bother you somewhat.

4. All Over Illness. You can also feel quite ill, which is hard to describe. It is like an all over sickness rather than just located in the head. You won't feel like participating in any activity other than sitting quietly or perhaps working on the computer. You can feel bad that your life is just wasting away as you sit feeling exhausted, and you feel powerless around this. It takes a whilst to adjust when you can't work but doctors can't find the issue. There is no medication to take for this.

5. Your Sleep Is Broken Often. When you're going through intense transmuting, your sleep is probably all over the place. In fact, often the less you sleep the better, for then you are doing less transmuting.

When you tend to sleep for eight hours or so, your headaches seem much worse. However, lying awake all night is not fun either, neither is the pattern of waking up 3-4 times a night and not being able to fall asleep again. This changes as you begin to get a little better. You may also feel unrefreshed after sleep, like your energy hasn't been topped up at all. This happens in the most severe of cases and you will feel like you truly have CFS.

6. Aches and Painseverywhere. Not everyone experiences this stage. Some pains in your joints and muscles may come from your guides doing spiritual work or adjustments to your body. However, as increased frequencies are running through you (I've awoken sometimes to feel intense energy all over my body) you are bound to have changes, aches or strange pains. Please persevere.

7. Loss Of Memory And Concentration. This is not fun because your mind may become more foggy than usual or you forget little details. Perhaps you had an exceptionally sharp mind before the exhaustion began but now its not so easy. Much fogginess does disappear over time as you begin to recover somewhat but this can take time. Write down the important stuff so you don't forget appointments, etc.

If these kinds of symptoms are occurring to you often, like daily, year after year, and your doctor can find nothing physically wrong with you, you could be a Transmuter who's working for the earth to raise up its vibrations. Do you love the earth or have a spiritual bent? Are you trying to better others and wish for a more positive future? Only you can know for sure what is happening to you. My experience says in the worse cases the symptoms last for 4-8 years, after which you may only feel 50% fatigued as time goes on. If you are more lucky, you may only suffer with it for a year until it all clears up again.

Note: I am not a medical professional and this article is meant as a guide only. Always consult the proper doctor if you ever have any health issues.

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