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Soul Fragment Retrieval

When soul fragments are created through trauma, we can lose track of them and need to go through the process of returning them. The process of retrieval is not so complicated and is required to become a whole soul again. We all have some trauma from early in life or past lifetimes but most soul fragments are easy to collect. Some stay close to us and others may sometimes travel further away. Let's ask the question: How do we get soul fragments to return and what are they?


Why Soul Fragments?

Soul fragments are a small part of our soul that splits away from us in order to help move an experience further away when the experience is quite troubling or traumatic. Often as a baby or child, events occur that can leave the baby's psyche devastated, yet often as we grow those memories are missing. We tend to push the memories far away so we don't have to deal with them, and in effect this creates a small soul fragment that hangs onto the memory. Each trauma may have a small piece of soul used to exclude it from our mind.

It's better they're not remembered as it helps us to live a more trouble free life. Very traumatic memories often require years of counseling to overcome traumatic memories so the process of soul fragmentation itself saves us a lot of time. We can always deal with those memories after we leave this life, perhaps in the afterlife.

Part of our psyche forms a sub-personality when we go through something that disturbs us intensely. To maintain the sub-personality, a part of our soul is required, called a soul fragment. While we may be unaware of these sub-personalities in normal consciousness, our soul keeps track of all the fragments we're unaware of. Sub-personalities can be incorporated back into the soul at some point, or remain separate and continue on until such a lifetime as you decide to request them all back.

Why Would You Want Soul Fragments Returned?

When we have a part of our soul that has gone off in order to protect us, we generally feel less like ourself. We may suffer from any number of maladies such as:
  • depression,
  • apathy,
  • no drive, no energy,
  • something is wrong, missing or dead inside us,
  • a lack of life and joy, or
  • simply nothing ever seems to move forward for us.
We may feel like we are waiting for something to happen before our life can start again. When enough time has passed, we can start to look into the issue and ask for missing pieces to be returned.

You will want to ask for soul fragments to be returned in the right timing; do not try to force this process. Naturally they can then start to return to you and re-incorporate back into the rest of our soul. Usually there isn't much discomfort but sometimes their return can spark fresh memories in a process that may last a few weeks. It is nothing to be too concerned about.

If you are reading this article, you may have need of some fragments to return, in which case your angels can lovingly guide you to go through this. If you like you can see a professional who can guide you through a meditation, or even a shaman who can travel out on your behalf to retrieve the fragments for you. Or you can try a simple meditation that will guide these fragments back to you from the privacy of your own home. I have found success with this latter method. You can then repeat this at home over and over if you like until you feel you have all of your fragments. This may take time and you should rest between calling back fragments, but you will slowly feel them returning.

Below is a quick meditation that can be done to get you started on this process.


Meditation For Soul Fragment Retrieval

  • First sit in a meditation pose or recline back comfortably in a chair in a quiet and peaceful place. Close your eyes and breath deeply a few times.
  • Imagine you are surrounded in beautiful white light and sit for a moment in this light. You may want to bring in a soft pink light of nurturing to bathe yourself in. Feel the love around you as you sit feeling nurtured.
  • Now bring in the angels and God to your ceremony. You can think of any angel you like, or specifically Mother Father God. Request that they attend to help you with your soul fragment retrieval.
  • Call in your own Higher Self or God Self who will help you to integrate any fragments that begin to come back to you. Call in any others who you wish to be there.
  • Now request that you receive soul fragments that have gone out from you, asking that they are sought out and returned back to where they came from. Then let them return in their own timing. You will want to sit quietly in meditation watching for any sensations or feelings, always staying relaxed and feeling safe. You may get any number of feelings at this point including relief or a feeling that this is right.
  • Your soul fragments begin to return with your angels or Higher Self guiding them, and they merge back into your soul. Sometimes it takes longer to find them so know they will return a little later to find safe haven in you.
  • When you have finished your meditation, thank Mother Father God and your angels for their help. Slowly come out of the meditation to return to normal again.

After Your Meditation

You may slowly begin to feel different after this ceremony. Things could begin to change within you as you take in more and more lost pieces of you. This is normal and there are usually some small signs or feelings that something new is happening.

For example, when I was young I was very social and loved the company of friends. I went through a large trauma in my early twenties when both family and friends lost interest in me. My family told me to go away, and never showed any interest in keeping in touch, and many friendships broke off due to people moving far away, or due to mischief from others who drove a wedge for whatever reason between us. At the same time I met my twin flame who then rejected me, leaving me depressed. I no longer wanted to be around people; I always only wanted to be alone. I sought out the company of angels instead as they never hurt me. All other friends I ever made always ended the friendship after 6-12 months and some were abusive and not worth it.

After doing some soul fragment retrieval, I started to feel more like having company for the first time. I started to look around for a pet to begin with. My angels tell me there are people coming into my life, which is something they haven't told me before. Although it took many years to begin to get back up, I feel more like living again. Everyone's experience is different. Don't expect immediate changes but you can begin to notice differences in yourself, then in your life.

This will be more obvious if you have suffered from lost soul fragments and suffer from any of the symptoms such as a loss of self, loss of enjoyment of life or feeling something was always missing. You will feel that more of you is returning, and your feelings towards life can slowly begin to change within a few months of doing the soul retrieval.

After this kind of success, why not try the meditation again to see if more pieces are ready to return to your soul. Hopefully the process is very healing and can be ongoing until all pieces that are able can return. Slowly life can begin to make more sense again as we get more life into ourself, and are now able to begin on new adventures. Good luck to all of you!

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