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Twin Flame Energy Exchange

Whilst we are whole beings having a human experience, our twins form a part of us in that they're our mirror with equal energy to us. This forms a very special energy exchange when we meet them; one much different from the usual exchanges of energy. The potential is for our twin energies to merge together on all levels to form an even greater energy and for twins to evolve more quickly.

Twin Flames

This energy exchange can happen more easily once twins have harmonised or gotten past issues with ego and personality clashes. There's an amazing potential to reach a sacred union with our twins (or even with others who are similar to our twins) but we must overcome any issues we come against with the mirroring effect of our twin - or they with us! I can remember my twin giving me funny looks on occasion, or exchanging glances with others, which told me he clearly hadn't cleared himself yet, and seemed to have many clearing issues left to go. Once your twin can love themself wholeheartedly, they are probably ready to face you head on without running for the hills.

Twins Who Are With Us Inter-Dimensionally

Many of us may have our twin flame around us in a higher dimension, like an angel, for not all twins are incarnated with us at this time. When this is the case, you can still learn to talk to and work with this aspect of yourself. They are the other half of you, so they are with you to help you grow. Even if you know your twin, a higher part of them is around on the other side - they are not strangers!

You can talk to your twin and know they are always listening. In fact, they want to have a relationship with us even from this higher dimension. We're encouraged to talk to them and grow closer. If you know your twin in this life you may feel discouraged to do this, but know that you always can at any time.

Energy Exchange

I'm one of those people who believe in calm energy exchanges and spending peaceful and meaningful times with others. Younger flames may in fact experience a lot of extreme highs and lows which is not the ideal. We see this in karmic relationships where you have known them before and left unbalanced karma behind, issues that need to be resolved. Sometimes we have these kinds of relationships with our twins because we don't know any better. These relationships can be rocky, unbalanced with both making demands but not listening to each other.

You might feel you've failed in your relationship with your twin because you just can't get it right together. Maybe they aren't ready for you, if you are the more spiritual one, so maybe it wasn't supposed to work out. This can be a soul set-up for a future time of meeting in this life or the next. The next time you meet it may be much calmer and more meaningful.

There is an energy exchange with our twins that can be quite blissful, even when you aren't together. Perhaps when you are together you spend the time in ego games, fighting, disagreements or even ignoring each other. It is when you are apart that you feel the love clearest - when you can feel the energy transferring between you because it gives you constant tingles or jolts. You may even feel like you are swooning or fainting; it can almost be too intense.

You can love them with your whole heart when away from them, but in real life the mirroring effect comes into play, destroying the peace between you. It is not until both of you have cleared away all issues of acceptance of self that you can truly come together. It's not good if one of you is blaming the other for who they are, not realising they are looking at a mirror (at who they are). Once they can love themself as you love yourself, you can actually start to build something real with your twin, but not before then.


Inter-dimensional Help

Only a small portion of your twin's energy is incarnated, and this goes for everyone. So on the other side, you could imagine that you are already in a wonderful relationship with your twin. They can help us from the sidelines as we keep searching for love or for a partner. If you are together in this life then congratulations, for this is usually not the point of meeting them. Most of us do move on again and keep searching for a partner. It is not for us to hold onto them (although we usually do desperately) but to gradually learn that we can live without them.

When we look for a relationship, we actually keep searching for someone with similar qualities to our twins. We search for a similar closeness, and our inter-dimensional twins help us with this search and helps to hook us up when the time is right. This seems like a strange idea that our twin is almost pimping us out, but of course it isn't like that at all. They hope for us to be able to achieve a sacred union with another - the closest kind of relationship or partnership there is.

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