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Divine Sacred Union

The Sacred Union is the most loving bond with another that we can experience whilst on the earth plane. It is that kind of love that is beyond the 3rd dimension, an unconditional love that lasts no matter what the other person does. The bond exists on all levels from spiritual to mental, emotional and physical.

What makes this strong bond so special is that often it is with our twin flame - our other half who was created when we were, out of the same material we were made from. This union is very possible but often we are not supposed to live out our days with our twin flame, although often our flame is present in the etheric form, like an angel or guide, so they are available and assessable at all times.

Sacred Union

Twin Flame Reunion

When I think about a twin flame union I often think about Mark L Prophet and his twin flame Elizabeth Clare Prophet as an example. They were both channels who worked extensively with the Ascended Masters back in the 1960's - 80's. It is not often that we find a true sacred union, a full commitment to another that is very close, closer than just marriage. The couple are always working together with the same goal and purpose, they work in perfect unison and set an example to the rest of us. This is a large part of what sacred union is.

We talk often about Twin Flame reunion but for most of us, this process is flawed simply because we are not ready to be with our twin, our mirror in all things. Our personalities and egos tend to be too disruptive for the process of reunion to actually work out (and I know that mine didn't). Also, twins can be at different stages of development. One can be polar opposite to the other in terms development, or very underdeveloped. So whilst we may meet our twin, most often we do not stay with them in the long term. And even twin flame meetings are said to still be rare, though increasing, despite what we may often read.

Closer With No Other

Since it is not easy to join with our twin flame, we can otherwise meet many wonderful partners who have it all, such as amazing looks, beautiful personality, success, and be shining, upstanding people - yet most people hold that something back. Have you ever met someone who was offering it all, and I mean their very soul on all levels? In close, intimate love relationships that are successful, we still may never experience the Sacred Union because both partners have to actually want it. What is more terrifying than that? Even if we could give 99% of yourself, it is necessary to give 100% - this is the level of commitment and trust required to create the energies needed to reach the most sacred of unions. Zero is ever held back because the trust is absolute.

Whilst I seek closeness myself, each other partner I consider is different. Some people yearn to be so, so close sexually, but that is all. Others want to join their life to you and be in unison mentally, and socially. But where are they emotionally? People chose in which ways they want to be close. How often do you meet that person who wants it all? It's extremely rare. Others just settle for someone with whom it seems to work okay and they are set for life. Where is that ultimate partner, that sacred union that takes you to divinity?

Sacred Union With God/Goddess

You can create a sacred union with Mother/Father God and do this alone without a partner, although this is a different kind of union - think of Buddha. It is kind of what we are talking about in terms of Ascension and the process the planet is currently going though. This union is a spiritual experience where you are exalted by God, joining God as closely as is possible for you and experiencing Oneness. But another way to do it is, you guessed it, through the sex act with another human (same sex couples can do this).

There are all sorts of mysterious connotations to this term Sacred Union, and for 99.99% of us we can guess at the real truth. We can imagine it is less about sex and rubbing bodies together and more about total love and bliss of another who is so utterly close to you. Perhaps not so much a sexual orgasm as we would normally know it but a merging with God/Goddess, an utterly, enlightened moment of Oneness and divinity.

Our society spends so much time focussed on the body of a woman or man, and this path leads us nowhere but to a shallow ecstasy, a physical pleasure that is gone in just a moment. But the sacred union is deep, soulful and ecstatic. You know yourself as God for a time, blending together in magical balance of female/male. We were created to feel this, it is our reason for living on this earth in the physical dimension, and yet, we are ignorant of any of this magic. We are uneducated, we no longer read the old texts, we no longer think about the wonderful possibilities and are too busy to care.

Kiss 2

Historical Accounts

In my experience, most men only yearn for a quick romp in the sack lasting a few minutes that may at worst be mechanical, but at best is going through the motions. All they want is a quick orgasm. They don't actually know any better. If they love you they may spend more time, but its not like sex is a big deal anymore. We're all more focussed on paying off the mortgage or raising kids. No one has time and no one seems to care. Many couples aren't really that intimately close anyway. We look at love like the novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, and even though that story is intimate, its not a high vibrational love we see. Sacred Union won't be had when the woman is simply pleasing the man in overtly masochistic ways. That is not balanced and lacks depth. It lacks God.

We are all looking for "something" however, and this might be found in historical stories or the legends of famous lovers of old who really knew how to do it. I'm not sure Romeo or Juliet were enjoying Sacred Union, being but teenagers, but what of Isis and Osiris? What about Jesus and Mary Magdelene, who were both high initiates and twin flames. Some couples on earth have been achieving the closest union, but the rest of us have not been learning the lesson. We chase after the wrong treasures, worshiping gold instead of wisdom and bliss. What we want is in reach and is free. It never costs anything to blend our male/female energies in a way that creates a way out, a way up and out, and into freedom. A small glimpse of God changes us forever.

In Conclusion

It seems we have forgotten the old truths and we need an example of real twin flame lovers to show us the way. Would we care about buying cars or holidays if we were reunited with our sacred partners and able to reach sacred union? I doubt it. We live in the dirt and what we search for is unholy. The world has forgotten God and Goddess and all divine things. People are proud to not believe in God/Goddess and their magic.

Until we begin to become wise and spiritual again, living with love of the earth and each other, it is rare indeed for a couple to come together in such as way as to reach Sacred Union or have their general relationship be so close as to be a constant sacred union. I live in hope that one day, I too can experience this divine Sacred Union.

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