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Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Having a higher vibrational energy basically makes us feel good! The higher it goes, the more life we can live whilst here. We all want the best for ourselves and those we love.

A higher vibration is the best way we can raise above the ordinary world.  A higher vibration keeps our thoughts of the highest kind and our emotions buzzing with happiness. It allows us to manifest what we want when we want it. It also helps us tune into our angel friends or do any psychic work. So where do we start? There are quite a few ways to raise ourself and they are all easy.

raise your vibration

Techniques To Raise Your Vibration

1. Move Your Body

One of my favorites to release endorphines into the body is to actually exercise. I know a lot of people dislike exercise but even a fast walk on a sunny day is most enjoyable and you will feel good for the rest of the day. This is how we get oxygen into our bodies and cells, get our heart rate up, as well as sweat out and detox a lot of gunk. You can exercise indoors or go outside into the beautiful, fresh air. A fast run, swim or bicycle will do wonders for you.

2. Eat Raw And Good Food

Yes, I'm talking about fruit and vegetables here, don't miss out on these. Make it your practice to put a few different fruits into your basket each week, as well as some vegetables. Experiment on how to prepare them and use them to dress up meals. Do you cook for other people? Then even more reason to get everyone eating fresh produce of some kind. Its so simple.

3. Meditate

Meditation can be wonderful for raising your vibration or relaxing yourself after a hard day. Have you been busy talking to people all day and you feel frazzled? Then meditation is essential even just for 15 minutes which is long enough to get you feeling truly great. There are many healing meditationsto chose from using visualisations, or just generally sit with your eyes closed if you really wanted to, focused on the breath. Feel the stress drift away and enjoy time with yourself.

4. Nature Walks

Nature walks near where you live are a wonderful way to wind down, think and be alone if needed, or take a friend if you please. Either way, you get to breath in the air and focus on the green of nature. Hug a tree if it takes your fancy. Or go and walk along the beach and enjoy the sound of the surf - very invigorating and relaxing. Wherever it is you get to walk, take some time to stop, sit and enjoy the beautiful spot you have chosen.

5. Water, Water, Water

Our bodies love water, there is no denying this fact. Simple, pure water. Try to cut down on coffee or tea during the day and have a water instead. It might seem weird at first but you will adjust to it and begin to enjoy it. 1-2 cups of coffee or tea a day are nice but keep your water intake up so that your body can use it to release all toxins from your body. It doesn't have to be eight glasses, just a few will help.

6. Turn Technology Off

Some people have their television going all day and never seem to take a break from it. Or maybe their computer is on or they keep glancing into their phone. Perhaps there is a love of social media or chatting to friends. Try taking a day without doing any of this. Why not sit out in the yard or read a book? You could flick through a magazine or why not just think? Sometimes we fear silent times because all we have is our own mind. Don't fear your thoughts or the silence. Give that technology a little break.

7. Keep Your Heart Open

Its easy in this modern world to shut our heart and just not think of others, but actually this action is quite bad spiritually speaking. We may not be aware of our heart or how its functioning and this is the problem, for our heart is one of our major centers. It is ticking away in our chest forgotten for the most part, and it shouldn't be. Its possible to have a more open heart than what we have now - possible for all of us. All we need do is focus upon it and give it some thought. Do we dismiss people easily, ignore them or brush them off? Do our loved ones get our full attention? Begin to practice being mindful of others and this will pick up your spirits and raise your vibration very quickly. Kindness is free.

8. Read A Spiritual Book

A bit of light reading? This is just as it says, read a spiritual book. Any kind of good book is wonderful to get you thinking, so get quiet and immerse yourself.

9. Take Time Out For YOU

Do a favourite activity on a day when you have time. Do you like knitting, fishing or cooking a feast? I'm not talking about watching telly here. Do an actual activity you haven't done for ages, one that is yours alone that you may think is too lavish or spoiled. Just do it and have no regrets.

10. De-clutter Your Space

You may not realise it but a cluttered space can actually get you down. Are you too busy to tidy up or put things in their place? You might have mess everywhere in your home, whole rooms of it, or maybe just one or two rooms. Take your time to get rid of a lot of stuff and tidy everything in your home. Go through each room systematically and don't stop doing it until the room is nice, ordered and clean. Wow, what a difference this makes!

11. Take A Bath Soak

Perhaps the easiest of all is to just take a long soak in the bath, tuning out the world for half an hour. Always good in the evening before a nice meditation. Use epsom bath salts, light a candle or play soft music like a mediation cd. You will feel brand new once you emerge. Do this every week and make it your YOU time. You deserve it don't you, so go for it!

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