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Indigo Children & Adults

Indigo Children are Star children who were sent to help break down structures on this planet that desperately needed change. Strictly speaking, these children are not upgrades to the humanity living on this world. They are very distinct souls who volunteered to be here at this time in larger numbers so as to execute change. The humans on this world are NOT going to turn into Indigos at some point but rather will evolve into their own distinct culture and star race that is all their own and unique to this universe.

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Who Are Indigo People?

The colour Indigo represents their Aura colour as the predominant vibration they are eminating, which is a beautiful, deep inky blue and violet colour. Many Indigos born usually in the 1970-90's are now adults. Some were born a little earlier and came in as scouts but usually now we find them grown up and well established in their goals.

Traits of the Idigos were perfect for that time and for challenging all Earth practises that were not working (and that was most of them) including education. There is still much on this world that needs to change, such as politics - and this change is quite close now. In many other areas our world has come a long way in terms of natural therapies, alternative medicine and the like now being accepted and a norm. This is certainly not only because of Indigos but they have helped.

Words to describe an Indigo are: stubborn, rebellious, psychic, special, confident, sensitive, independant, willpower, tenacious and integrity. They do not normally give up their goals and don't care what others think or say. They simply know that they are right and they are fighters. One of their spiritual gifts is knowing when others are lying to them. They can sometimes feel alone or misunderstood because they're so different from others, and this can cause them to be loners or anti-social. Let's have a look at some of their main traits:

Characteristics Of An Indigo

1. Strong Willed & Tenacious. These guys do not back down at all, ever. They just know that they are right. Whatever the cause is that they choose, they will back it until it changes, full stop. They bring change.

2. Indepentant & Confident. They know who they are and are usually happy to be here. They might not know they are indigo sometimes but they do know that they are special. They feel like they came here for a reason and deserve to be here.

3. Being An Old Soul. They are very old souls carrying a lot of wisdom. Old souls can be loners so this is often the case, preferring perhaps only one good friend. They are deep and loyal.

4. Psychic / Intuitive. Very open and psychic, able to tell if anyone is lying. This comes naturally as a gift for they know what you are thinking. This is another reason why they keep to themselves; its very hard to find good friends when you can hear people's thoughts. As children they come in with many past life memories but this may shut down due to parents who don't believe what they are saying.

5. A Loner.  They do prefer to keep to their own company. When around others they can feel forced to act out strongly, making them seem anti-social, or they could be more shy and quiet. They are confident but can swing to and fro between being quiet then confident again.

6. Very Creative. Indigos are known to be very creative and adventurous. They are also good with technology since they use both sides of their brains equally.

7. ADD And ADHD. They can be misdiagnosed with this condition but are only being who they are. Because they are non-conformist, they will constantly stir the pot and this is seen as disruptive. Medicating with pills will slow them down or stop them temporarily and should be avoided.

8. Shuns Authority. They have their own particular way of doing things and will not compromise, so it is us who have to accomodate them. Remember, they KNOW they are right and have no doubt; its an inner thing. So they will fight until things change to a better form; this is why they are here.

9. Depression & Anger. This can be a real problem for Indigos. They generally feel misunderstood and can tend to be unbalanced emotionally. They can be self-centered and demanding when they don't feel accepted, although this isn't who they really are.

10. Food Sensitivity and Allergies. They have a more finely tuned system and can suffer from these issues.

11. Additions. They can develop all kinds of addictions as they go through stages of depression and can be prone to suicide if things get too tough. Their path is not easy and they are the brave ones.

Indigo Adults

Most of the Indigo Children and now adults and a lot of them have turned Crystal. Some may have turned Rainbow. Crystal and Rainbow are the two other groups of people who have come here in to help. Coming in waves, the crystals are already here and the Rainbow children are arriving now, being born to Crystal parents.

It is possible to transform to the next higher group and many have done this. I was a Violet child and I transformed into a Crystal many years ago when I was 30, and I have known Indigos who have done this also. I measure highly in the Indigo range but am Violet/Crystal. Our next article is going to deal with Crystal people and their traits so please watch for that.

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