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Is There A More Spiritual Diet?

The question of 'Diet' is an important one for us spiritually-minded people, not just for ourselves but our families as well. Do we need to be vegetarian, vegan, eat only holistic foods, or gluten free? No doubt your diet is probably always changing and evolving, and there is an absolute wealth of information online about 'spiritual' food and drinks that supposedly raise you up spiritually - so let's answer this question once and for all to end all doubts about it.


Does Food Affect  Us Spirituality?

This is an absolutely fabulous question and you will hear different opinions on this depending on who you listen to or what you read. In affect, there can be many answers and many different lifestyles to choose from. I have tried many diets myself from vegetarian (10 years) to vegan (4 years) to eating meat but no dairy, avoiding alcohol, eating gluten free and probably some others I've forgotten about. Is there ONE absolute way, or are we all looking for the best individual diet that suits us?

I can honestly say that I've never noticed a diet affect myself in a spiritual manner (and I channel, do clairvoyant readings and spiritual writing) - yet, I do believe that a very bad diet can slow us down physically - as does smoking cigarettes, drinking to excess and lack of exercise. All of these most definitely affect our general energy levels in a big physical ways. But you can most certainly smoke, drink and not exercise and still be a spiritual person. How can this be?

For starters, much that is written about spiritual food is in fact in reference to its physical affects upon us, but food does not affect how spiritual we behave. And there are many convincing myths out there, for example, that eating meat makes us more aggressive or even more angry. This is a frightful myth, based on us consuming the negative vibrations that are stored in meat. Although meat may have stored, negative vibrations I have never personally felt more angry or aggressive after eating it.

The years that I was vegetarian were in fact my most angry years, which is perhaps a coincidence, but I went through some major anger issues in my twenties whilst I was vegetarian. When I began to eat meat again, I was no longer angry in my life. This may vary for others but it was my experience that avoiding meat did not make me calmer. By being a vegetarian, I learned to see through the many myths written about it. Due to low iron levels, I now eat 'some' animals again and I find it suits me okay. But, we are individuals and are all different. Men may find it easier to be vegetarians than women since they don't menstruate and lose iron each month.

Another myth is that living on vegetables and nuts affects us in terms of our spiritual advancement. There is no doubt that it affects us physically, but does it make any difference to our spiritual life or beliefs? I see statements like, "Eating eggs is a desecration of the divine feminine." Where did this come from? Did God say this or has someone simply supposed it seems poetic and must be true? I think it's fine if one believes this, however my own angels do not personally care if I eat eggs or not (yes, I asked the angels about my diet). My angels are much more concerned over whether I am loving to other living creatures than the food I consume. I love consuming free range eggs and I know that God still loves me. I progress at the same speed along His path.

Individual Diets & Plans

I cannot live without vegetables and fruits, for they give me energy and help with digestion. Any meal I consume that contains no fresh or green foods is difficult to digest. I feel like when I consume rubbish, I literally feel sick. I like to snack on fruit and eat plenty of fresh salad and vegetables. Whilst I am spiritually minded, I find my beliefs do not change if I eat badly. So I would have to say that no, food has never affected me spiritually, despite the realms of information that suggest that it does. However, careless eating can lower not just health of the physical body, but health of the etheric body (the physical double) that we rely on.

I personally stick to a gluten free diet because wheat became a big problem for me. I suffered digestion issues and massive bloating, which ended when I gave up wheat. I can eat minuscule amounts but find the flavor disagreeable. Has my spirituality changed through this diet? I have to say no not at all. But it helped me kick the sugar habit that I'd had all my life. Eating wheat increases appetite and without it, I stopped feeling hungry all the time. Kicking a long standing habit like sugar makes me feel amazing as now I am able to eat very well a lot more of the time.

Should a person cut out carbohydrates? I feel this will not make anyone more spiritual. Another option is to cut out dairy. Sure you can do this but it doesn't mean you are closer to God. I truly believe the best way is to experiment and see which diet is personally beneficial to you. I recently added diary, especially cheese, back into my diet after two decades of avoiding it. I'm surprised to see I'm having no difficulties. As long as I stick to my current diet, I seem to be doing well.

In some countries and cultures, as well as financially speaking, we are impacted by different limits on what's available or what's affordable to consume. As I see it, we are ALL spiritual beings no matter what, even those who hang out at MacDonalds each day. My conclusion has to be that our diets do change as the years go by, but as long as we believe in whatever we do making us kind and loving, this can never alter with diet. Any article or book that lists certain foods that are the best to consume for spirituality probably can't make this claim as it can't be proven anyway. It may be very good advice to us in a physical sense, but food in and of itself will never make us more God fearing - that comes from our heart and our Soul.

My suggestion is to let's all try to be healthy and enjoy a spiritual lifestyle with as many fresh foods as we can, as nature intended. Don't worry too much about articles that say you need to eat more of this or that to be spiritual! No - just look to God for that to occur and reach out to Him. It is true that food contains energy and we want to put the best energy into our bodies. But if you can't afford to eat healthy all the time, do not worry about your spiritual side. Trust me, a kind person who eats meat three times a day will do better than a salad muncher who is mean and back-stabs others. At least this is what I think, others of course are free to disagree.

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