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Self Love - Love You

Do you remember a time when you really, truly loved yourself and nothing anyone else said mattered? You made the rules, you did what you wanted, and you were loving life. Did it matter what you looked like? Did you feel that others were judging you? No, you did as you pleased and nothing slowed you down.

We all have times like this in life, usually when we are younger (say a kid) or significantly older (like over 50). So why is it that during the middle of our lives we tend to worry, diet, listen to others, compare our life to others, dress 'correctly', do the right thing, and almost never, ever listen to ourself? Aren't we the most important source of knowing what WE want and need? It seems crazy when it is explained like this, for some reason, we seem to let everyone outside of us run our life, and that includes the telly.

self love healing

We can turn off the outside sources that confuse us and affect our self-esteem. Simply don't watch the shows that make you feel bad; don't read the magazine that makes you feel less than or ugly. No - you absolutely aren't. We really don't need much at all in life to be happy, and maybe this is our lesson. We are constantly told that we must have money to life and survive, but the more we want, the more we need, and we become more and more unhappy just worrying it will all disappear again. Why? It is just the current human condition.

I think personally that Jesus had it right, and Buddha. Why are all the enlightened ones so poor? Because they knew that money isn't happiness. Stop trying to 'fit in' to life and appear rich or important. Why not just have fun, like a teen or old person who no longer cares. That's where the self love is.

Okay, with all that being said, what are the exercises that can help you to free up your energy and find zest in life? They are as follows:

Self Love Healing Exercises

1. Think Of All Your Wonderful Qualities. Think of all the things you like about yourself. You have them although you may have forgotten them. There are qualities about you and only you have, so remember that. You are unique and special. Remind yourself and carry that with you through the day. Who else could do all the things you do the way you do them?

2. Do Not Be Tempted To Compare. Keeping in mind how unique you are, why in the world would you want to be like anyone else. Is their car more shiny, or they have a bigger pay check? Well so what. Don't even worry if they have less lines or more friends. What you have is exactly perfect for you. Do your own thing and go your own way and don't look at what others have.

3. Be True To What You Feel. Your feelings are wonderful monitors of what your Higher Self is telling you, so don't ignore them ever. This is how we get so lost in life, by listening to others and not ourself. Only WE know what is best for us, and we need to learn to trust it. Do what you think is best for you, and it will be.

4. Turn Off The Mental Criticisms. We all have them and our mind does throw strange thoughts to us sometimes. Maybe our weakness is our appearance, or its our career or finances. Whatever it is, don't let that relentless voice keep telling us we aren't good enough. Of course we are! We are perfect and wonderful. The voice doing all of this is us, we control it. So stop listening to the rubbish it comes up with and turn it to more positive thoughts.

5. Think Of What You Have Done. There is no point thinking about what you haven't or can't do, so focus on what you have actually achieved, because it is more than you know. Why not make a list of your accomplishments, including all the times you helped friends, animals, and the environment. Have you put stuff online that has entertained others, or helped an old person at a supermarket. Don't be modest, you've done a lot, so make these things important.

6. Do What Makes You Happy. Do things that you really love each week. Doing them alone or with others, it doesn't really matter. Make an effort to have fun. You don't always need to do every chore, so break loose and try this once a week.

7. Do New Things And Grow. By the way, don't just sit in a comfort zone all the time. Sometimes it is nice to do this but, every now and then, do something completely different. Do you want to try skydiving but are too afraid? Run a marathon or join a dating site, whatever this new experience is, even if it 'fails' so called, you will be glad you tried and will have a funny story. Life is meant to be lived so break out every now and then and go crazy, you will feel better.

8. Exercise Increases Self Love. There has to be some form of exercise that you actually like. Don't do the boring ones that don't stimulate you. Find a way to do the exact right exercise for you and get your blood pumping. It is an amazing feeling when we move our bodies and the endorphins make the whole rest of the day much nicer. You'll feel great.

9. Get Rid Of Negative People. Other negative types can bring us down and make it harder for us to fly. Even spending an hour with one of these can make us feel flat and unhappy. They can drain our energy by being negative, like a psychic vampire, until we just want to go home and lay down. If someone else is like this, just don't visit or talk to them and life will be so much nicer. You are allowed to stand up for yourself.

10. Spend Time Alone And Pamper You. If you are someone who never has a moment to themselves, this activity can feel totally blissful. Take an hour in the bath, go for a long walk, or do something just for you like a movie or sitting on the beach alone. We all need some alone time to catch our breath and think. Try not to be so busy or always around others and you will appreciate it.

I hope some or all of these tips can help you to feel more love for yourself. Just remember, there is only one you and we all tend to put ourselves down at times. Make a habit of being nice, kind and thoughtful to yourself and you will surely appreciate it!

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