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Rescue Remedy Really Works

I love Rescue Remedy because it really does work, whether you need to reduce stress, calm down or even stop your worry and fall asleep. It comes in a small bottle and all you need to do is put one drop of the stuff under your tongue. Why does it work so well? Probably because it is a flower remedy, a Bach Flower Remedy to be exact, and is therefore a vibrational medicine.

Rescue Remedy

Vibrational medicines are all natural and work due to the energy they carry. They do not react to the body and then heal in a chemical manner like drugs do. Instead they carry the exact energy that your body recognises and, depending on which remedy you are using, treats that exact symptom, i.e. stress, reducing it and making you feel a whole lot better quickly. It is a little bit like homeopathy which is also a vibrational medicine. You only need the tiniest drop for it to work. Rescue remedy is so successful now that you can find it in the pharmacy, usually next to other homeopathic remedies.

Review Of Rescue Remedy

Now that I monitor my blood pressure at home with my own trusty monitor, I can give a good review on this product. You do not need a BP monitor however as you can take it any time you feel stressed.

I personally find the most stressful times occur when I'm feeling angry with someone I've crossed paths with. Normally, my blood pressure is about 135/88, which is a little high but then again that's why I'm on medication. During weeks of high stress, I find my medication fails to work and suddenly I'm getting readings of 155/100. Yikes! I also feel stressed and may have the beginnings of a slight headache. Also, I'm probably obsessing about a conversation or an incidence that left me feeling mad, so I know at this point that things are not normal and I am more than stressed - I am hypertensive.

Luckily I have my Rescue Remedy on hand in the fridge. I put a drop under my tongue and after half an hour to one hour, my blood pressure has returned back to my normal number in the 130's.

What is worrying for me is that when I'm out of balance or very worried and angry, the high numbers can stick around for a week and make me even more tense. As you age, there is nothing worse than high BP because you know that it's indicating a stoke if left untreated. Yet clearly there are days or weeks when the doctor's treatment doesn't work so well. When you are stressed enough, your body pushes your blood pressure so high no matter which drug you're on. Drugs can only work so well and sometimes fail. It's a scary and somewhat helpless feeling.

Recently, I rediscovered Rescue Remedy. I was in the pharmacy looking for a natural stress treatment and I saw the bright yellow bottle. "My God," I thought, "I already have this at home and it works." Another Bach Flower Remedy that has worked for me several times is called Sweet Chestnut and I can vouch personally for its effectiveness. Sweet Chestnut is for depression and feeling like you just can't go on anymore.

Sweet Chestnut Flower Remedy

I used to feel this way back in my twenties and early thirties. I went through a six year clinical depression that was untreated, and that's a long time for depression. I couldn't quite get out of it. When I finally got counseling and started to recover, I found it very easy to slip backwards again and feel that old depression. How was I ever going to move on? I needed a miracle cure.

I literally discovered flower remedies down the road at the health food store. It was $17 (back in 2001) and I was struggling to afford it back then. I did however purchase it and began to use it each day. I do remember after two weeks of use, I felt completely normal again - no depression. And I actually thought to myself, "Why did I spend all that money because I no longer need to take it." Then I realised it had cured me. I use the word "cure" quite seriously, as it did indeed remove the depression vibrationally and replace it with normalcy. The one or two times I felt depression since then I've taken the remedy and two days later felt normal again. And I still have some sweet chestnut remedy left, still good sitting in the fridge.

There are quite a few other remedies but I cannot vouch for all of them, having not used them. I am so glad, however, to have rescue remedy, the most popular remedy, at hand for crazy days or weeks. I've rediscovered it and it simply works (and works fast), that is all I can say. Thank you Rescue Remedy.

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