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Using Meditation To Lower Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure can often be difficult to treat with drugs, due to side effects and trying many different medications. Even then, it may only lower your blood pressure by 5 points. We hear a lot about drugs but at the end of the day, they are not necessarily the miracle cure we often hope for.


I recently started taking a drug for high blood pressure to offset possible damage to organs like the heart and the eyes. Blood pressure tends to naturally rise during the day, so in the morning it can be lower but by night time, it can be quite raised generally. Blood pressure is connected to what we do during the day; for example in some people a lot of coffee or caffeine can elevate it by 10 points. Certain herbs may lower it by 10 points. A good herb to take at nighttime is Valerian, which is one for sleep and deep relaxation that I find works very well.

It seems when we settle down to relax our blood pressure can be highest. Although we don't associate relaxation with high blood pressure, it tends to be true. Straight after a long walk or jog, you blood pressure can be very low, and after a busy day when your mind is elsewhere you may be very pleased with the reading. But the minute we stop to relax and we start thinking about ourself or our life - boom, it literally climbs again. You might think your blood pressure calms down at the end of the day but, for many of us, paradoxically this is the most stressful time. You might want to try a relaxing shower and a bit of meditation before bed.

Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Are you in a category where you already exercise and eat very well, yet your blood pressure is too high during certain times of the day? Meditation can certainly be one way to get these numbers down again and overall make you feel very relaxed. Meditation has so many positive effects in life and no negative side effects. It can even improve blood pressure more so than exercise and diet. For overweight people or people who don't have time to work out for 30 minutes a day, a ten minute meditation can do the world of good, especially cumulatively.

As it is a cumulative effect, you may need to meditate for several months before you get a longer effect. In my experimentations, meditation did lower my blood pressure by up to 20 points, but an hour later it had increased a little again. Over the longer term however, meditation is a tool that can bring lasting effects and help us change longstanding nervous habits. Let's look at why meditation works so well.

Why Does Meditation Work?

First, high blood pressure is caused by stress which can accelerate our heart beats and constrict our arteries, thus increasing pressure of the blood flow. Basically when this state becomes normal to us, i.e. we are constantly stressed, our vaso-constriction levels are always high and we have developed a habit of living in a permanent stressful state. Because of the stressful state of our world and our constant worries, there's about a billion of us with high blood pressure.

Meditation reduces stress each time we do it because it immediately slows our breathing and allows our mind to float in a very pleasant state. It requires almost no effort except to remain focussed on the now moment. We keep bringing our mind back to now as it tries to drift off. I find I start to smile as soon as I go into a meditative state, my breathing slows and my mind becomes open as I focus upon the now. It is impossible to feel stress whilst slow breathing. As you focus on this, stress just melts away.

Our autonomic nervous system that normally is used to living with high stress is changed. There may be no other activity other than exercise that can break your normal cycle of high stress. When done consistently over time, meditation can reset our nervous system until we become used to being calmer; we begin to live the meditation, remaining very relaxed for extended periods (or constantly) afterwards.

You may want to leave your TV switched off for a while afterwards to see how calm and relaxed you remain. For some reason, perhaps tuning into world events or a mostly crazy world, the TV can raise our levels immediately after. Try music or reading a book for half an hour after.

Is Your Chance Of Stroke Reduced?

I did some research online regarding blood pressure medications because I wanted to know if medication reduced the chance of a stroke since being introduced. I remembered when I researched cancer that all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the world make no difference to death rates; so despite modern medicine, cancer resulting in death is the same rate as before those medicines were introduced. Nothing has changed death rates despite all these new techniques; your chance of dying is the same as 50 years ago. In my research with blood pressure, I discovered exactly the same result; you are still equally likely to have a stroke whether you take medication or not.

"You're in as much trouble by the time you are on three medications that achieve excellent control as you are when you have hypertension and it is untreated, which is amazing," Howard said.

"We want to raise the issue that, despite great advances in a pharmaceutical approach, relying solely on this approach is going to come at a dear price of people's lives." The way to curb the problem, Howard says, is to prevent hypertension in the first place.
Sourced from here.

If we have just as much chance of having a stroke as we would if not on medication, then there must be more we can do. Rather than control hypertension, we would be better to prevent it from ever occurring - thus meditating. We can make a habit of meditation. If TV makes you more hypertensive, then learn to use it less. There are other options that can be very successful for us.

Meditation can decrease your systolic pressure by up to 11 points, as I found in my experience. Reiki is also amazing for correcting high blood pressure - specifically self-reiki that you can do at home and costs nothing. You can reiki yourself by sitting and just placing your hands on your thighs for ten minutes and feel the healing energy coming out of them. Simply focus on the palms of your hands (the hand chakras) until you feel energy flowing out. Once it has started, it will keep coming unless you intend for it to stop. You do not necessarily need to get a specific "attunement"; we all have healing energy available to us; we can all heal ourself without doing any course.

I once got my blood pressure down by 40 points by doing this for ten minutes until I was basically asleep. I could not believe the result. We can also self-reiki whilst watching TV, if you're hooked on it. I've not done a proper reiki course but I have read books and learned the very easy technique.

Our arteries open when we do these activities. This is what some medications do for us, yet with side effects. Meditation and reiki have no side effects, and will cause complete relaxation to the point of wanting to sleep. You decide and experiment for yourself what you think works. There are always natural ways, and on days when the medication doesn't work for you (when you're very stressed) meditation will work and will be there. Try it.

And just as a side note, during my meditation, all kinds of great ideas start to come to me, including ideas for articles. It really is an amazing little tool to use and can start to open up many parts of your life, just by relaxing, letting go and being focused in the moment.

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