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Healing With Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is remarkable beyond expectation; almost anything can happen when we open ourselves to healing from the higher self, which is a higher aspect of ourself on a super-conscious level.

Our Higher Self is aware and exists in a non-physical plane of being. However, it does know all about the physical realms and body, and it knows intrinsically about all our ailments, why we have them, and how to best fix them. We can tap into this source of knowledge any time we like and, if we are ready for radical healing, it might be able to help us.


Higher Self Healing

It is possible to be open to healing from our higher self and then to receive miracles. This will not always occur because you must be ready to let go of the reason you have it in the first place. There is a reason why we have created the ailment in our body, which the Higher Self can help us to understand.

The best way to ask for healing is during meditation, so we will need to have a space and some time to relax and meditate. Or, you could lay flat on your bed if you are unable to sit with crossed legs, then relax your whole body and mind. You will want to make sure you'll receive no interruptions during this time and give yourself at least 15 minutes, if not a few more more.

Firstly, find a genuine space of healing. This could be a sacred space you have set up earlier for meditation, or you could spend some time making a space. If you live in a small flat, use an area you are comfortable with or in your bedroom, somewhere private.

Now, get comfortable and reach upwards and connect to your higher self in meditation. We do this by bringing white light down through our crown chakra and down through our entire chakra system to exit out of the base chakra into the earth. This helps to ground you. Then take the white light back up again and out of your crown, and connect this light to your higher self above. Ask for angelic protection as you meditate, and if comfortable you may also connect to God or any angel you please.

It is possible now to talk to your higher self, either in words or perhaps in images, visualisations or feelings. You will want to focus on what exactly you wish to heal in your physical body. Your higher self will already know everything it needs to about this condition, in fact it will know more than you.

Every condition we have carries a reason behind it, and many of these reasons are either emotional or mental. Everything we carry emotionally / mentally sits in our aura and builds up, until it begins to affect the physical body. The part of the body it affects is symbolic, so you may also want to do some research first online to find out what this body part symbolises. If you recognise what is wrong, this will help you to also ask for healing. You may be able to do some work on it yourself.

For example, I have recognised from past patterns that I get a toothache whenever I break up with someone. Toothaches are very painful and I noticed that it would happen if I became full of hatred. It is giving me a message to be more forgiving or, if that can't be managed, to be simply indifferent. It is a good system to keep me in check.

As you continue meditating, you may want to ask your Higher Self some questions, like why are you suffering from this particular condition. Since each condition is symbolic of an emotional or mental issue, if we heal how we think or feel then the body should fix itself and the illness will fade away again. Your higher self may tell you what this is so listen carefully to any advise it gives you.

Is it a long standing issue, or is it more recent? Have we carried it over from a past life, or is it a recurring issue that pops up sometimes then gets better again? Maybe its a recent occurrence and we can fix it immediately by changing how we think or act. We need to ask the Higher Self to help us and send us healing. Ask it to help you heal yourself. Sometimes we need to do a lot of work on ourselves in order to heal, work that could take weeks or months.

When I had cancer, I knew immediately it was because I had lost the joy of living. I had become a shell and had given up, even though I would go through the day as usual. No one knew this except myself. I meditated and tried to talk to the cancer, which was the most aggressive form of the cancer, but it wouldn't listen. It was closed off and determined to do its job. It was then that I knew I had to change my thinking. I used affirmations for months in order to bring a deep change, and I became positive once more. The cancer was surgically removed and did not grow back again. I came out of this experience feeling amazing and positive. I knew the illness was my 'gift' sent to wake me up to living joyfully again.

An illness like cancer can only grow in our body if it is at a low frequency. In an emergency, affirmations can raise our frequency and bring about a huge change of attitude.

If your Higher Self has not helped you to heal, then the illness in question is still working to change something about you. Sometimes we can't see what is needed to change. This means we need more time to figure it out. Also, sometimes we are simply not ready to make the change we need to, and so the illness keeps coming back until we do.

If you need help to figure out why you are ill, it may be good to visit an alternative therapist to get to the bottom of the issue. It is always WE who must heal ourself, it must come from deep inside. (Unfortunately, if its our time to leave this life, and we all have a time, then we may not be able to change our condition.)

Think about when you feel pain, or what you are thinking when it happens. We have to understand the lesson before we 'get' it. Once you know what to change in yourself, set about finding some healing that will help you. You may need to forgive someone from your past, or learn a lesson to let go of an experience, perhaps one that keeps repeating for you. Keep working on it until you get to the bottom of it and a solution will be found that can help you. Your body may even miraculously heal itself, for this is the power of the Higher Self. Ask your Higher Self to send you healing and see how you go. Good luck!

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