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Fruit And Vegetables Are Healthy

StrawberriesMore and more we are witnessing raw fruit and vegetables receiving a whipping by the media telling us of the dangers of these healthy foods. Over again I am watching targeted media reports that vaguely link fruit and vegetables with ill health and death. Presently, there is a concerted Plan in effect to turn people away from life giving foods and, in some cases, the health benefits of junk food are being vaguely paraded in front of us. For no good reason, we are often told that high sugar junk food is more nutritionally beneficial to us than fresh produce brought to us by nature. Do not mistake this - the war against Health is on and we are porns in this game of misinformation and outright lies.

I have seen many of these so called "reports" that warn us of some vague health issues that stem from eating natural, healthy foods. These health issues are never specifically outlined (because they are not scientifically proven), and all the while disturbing images of sick people are shown as though this was some kind of "proof"  of the outrageous lies being told.

This is simple mind control. Reports show images of something that is good like a fruit platter, then alongside it they show horrifying images of sickness and death, thus allowing the subconscious mind to link the two together powerfully. I could feel myself programmed right after, feeling suddenly fearful of fresh fruit and vegetables. In these cases, it is necessary to consciously deprogram the mind by reminding the subconscious that natural food is healthy. This is stealth programming that must be undone by us, or else be put off by healthy food.

This kind of mind-control report goes as follows. We are shown images of fresh fruit and vegetables on the screen while a voice over tells us that "what is good for some is not good for others", or even "dangerous" for others - no reason is given. Then we cut to an image of someone with an illness or who looks terrible, i.e. they may have anorexia. This person tells how their act of dieting is actually killing them, yet we are not provided with their diet so we have no idea what they were eating. Obviously, they have been starving their body, in other words not eating any fruit or vegetables at all. Then we go back to the voiceover stating that more and more people are succumbing to illness after eating fruit and vegetables! We are not given statistics, nor told who gathered these non-existent statistics. Then we may see something like a table or bench top full of healthy foods including lentils, kale, low fat foods, tomatoes, etc, and while we are watching this, the voice of a psychologist comes on and tells us that it is harmful to plan our meals carefully as this is producing untold anxiety in people. Rather than carefully plan meals or eat healthy, we are told that psychologically, we are better off simply eating any old thing we can find to stuff into our mouths. Does this story sound like brainwashing? Damn right it does!

Paid Shills And Disinformation Agents

It is common knowledge, especially online, that many professionals and nonprofessionals alike are being paid out of government black funding (the funding that is given over to organisations off the books, where not even a President or Prime Minister knows the details of what shadow programs are being funded.) There are, some say, untold numbers of black-funded employees whose job it is to spread disinformation worldwide, especially on the net, in order to brainwash the unwary. Humans have always been "managed" by the establishment within a matrix of lies we are constantly fed which do not represent reality at all. It is very obvious for anyone who is involved in any alternate therapy, or health plan, including herbs and even exercise. It seems if you post a comment, share a story, or anything of this nature online, one or several paid shills pop up to dispute the health benefits of what everyone else is discussing and try to turn anyone ready to convert to a healthy lifestyle off that health kick forever.

I have witnessed many, many paid shills. You can spot them because they tend to be present on a certain forum 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The same persona will do this unceasingly for year after year - since they are in fact a large staff of paid disinformation agents all using the same ID. I have seen this many times. At first I believed these people to be particularly unpleasant bullies, for they bully everyone who says anything positive regarding alternative therapies or healthy diet no matter what. Then as time went on, I began to realise that the IDs in question could not be one single person as this was physically impossible. Other innocent posters would also catch onto this; many were becoming aware that something very strange was happening online.

Then people began to learn that something called "paid disinformation agents" existed, they are called "shills" in short. They are employed to tell the lies they tell; it is their job! I have seen certain IDs or accounts that have now existed for over ten years still bullying any person who speaks about alternative medicine, and have done so every day and night for those ten years, with varying different personalities. So this appears to be a very ORGANISIED attempt to "persuade with lies" those who are reading online in forums about alternative medicine. Surely you know one of these paid shills yourself? You see it in spiritual forums, any religious forums, even astrology forums. Now it is spreading.

Mainstream Media Is Getting Stranger

At least once a week, I notice strange stories in our mainstream media (MSM) that simply defy belief and go against all known science pertaining to human health. I don't watch huge amounts of television but I watch enough to notice a new phenomenon emerging that I am calling the demonisation of healthy food (and also exercise). It defies belief, yet these poisonous ideas are being seeded into our consciousness and that of everyone around us. The imagery and words used simultaneously deeply program our subconscious, thus allowing another to control our minds. Suddenly black is white and down is up, and fruit and vegetables are bad for us.

Another well known tactic used for mind-control is simple derision and humiliation of a certain activity or belief. Often (especially during news programs) the media tells us outright to hate those who do "this" or those who think "that". Have you noticed how we are told what to think and feel via the television programming? We must do as we are bid! If you side with the loser side, you are risking others humiliating you, and this is why most people snicker when they hear about angels, UFOs or the dangers of vaccination, because we all know the television tells us in oh so many ways to snicker at it. This is what is starting to happen with food. Those who still believe fresh fruit is healthy, well those poor people, and then others start to snicker about it. So it begins. We must follow our mind-programming or be punished thereby.

JoggerSeveral times recently I have witnessed the media attacking innocent, life-strengthening exercise. A so-called expert appears on our screens suddenly turning the tables on everything science has ever proven about the human body. They arrogantly inform us (with no data or testing to back it up) that exercise is not helpful to improve health for anyone, and worse, we are told to laugh at those poor people who are "wasting their time" trying to be fit. Literally, I watched a story recently where a camera crew was filming a female jogger who was improving her health, and we hear that she is being silly, what a silly lady, and the expert states that in no way was she achieving anything since exercise does not improve health. The story seemed to go a full five minutes, showing various joggers whilst the crew laughed at them and felt sorry for them. How are these outrageous reports appearing on television? Clearly the media is happy to go along with these lies. Someone somewhere wants us to ditch real food (eat only toxic, processed food) and stop exercising. I have even heard an "expert" refer to fresh fish as "demon food" and state that eating cookies are a better option, all while an audience clapped and passively allowed this attack on their health to go on.


The more that people passively listen to these lies, the bolder those lies will become. Right now, we are at the stage of a soft but firm campaign against healthy food that is set to kick into higher gear. The way this works is the establishment (i.e. corporations) must successfully brainwash enough minds through rigourous repetition of lies compounded with negative imagery, derision, and humiliation of the opposition (i.e. you're a very silly person for believing fruit is good for you, poor you, you'd better start listening to the experts on television.) Once the soft lies are accepted - hey those vegetables are more trouble than they are worth - suddenly it will get even more negative and we will be told that they are dangerous. I predict those days are coming. The young are more likely to become brainwashed first and ask their parents why they are going to the gym, they are very silly parents. Or, "Mum, I don't need fruit, the television said eating sugar was better."

Look at all the programming that goes on, and how we are told what to believe and to laugh at those who oppose the programming. Take a good look at mind-control techniques and see if you can't spot them constantly coming out of the idiot box from our favourite "programs". And if they are paid shills lying about our health, diets and exercise programs, are these same media outlets telling the truth about vaccinations? We are told that mercury isn't that bad, and don't mind the aluminum in your flu shot, the fact that it is linked to Alzheimer's disease is of no consequence. We used to all trust the television, but what if we notice that they are lying and doing it a lot? Perhaps we need to do our own google searches and find the real truth about what is good for us and our children and what actually isn't.

Infographic – This pH chart gives a comprehensive listing of alkaline, pH neutral and acidic foods. This is why we need to plan our diet and be careful what we consume, after all, we are what we eat.
Alkaline foodsAlkaline Foods
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