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Colour Therapy Treatment

What is Colour Therapy? Colours are simply light of varying frequencies with red at the lower frequency and violet at the higher. White light contains all the frequencies and as we know, each colour has its own particular energy that can be used for healing.

We also know that each colour corresponds with one of our chakras, our energy centers. Our chakras need to be balanced for our body to be balanced, and so we need each individual colour. Red corresponds with our base or root chakra at the base of our spine, and it goes all the way up until we come to violet at the top or crown chakra.

colour therapy

Colour And Chakras

If we have a slow working or sluggish chakra, this means that its energy isn't moving properly. There are all kinds of reasons why a chakra may not be in full health. Applying the correct colour can go a way to stimulate it back into action. We are actually very colourful beings if we could just view our own aura and Lightbody. There is energy coming out of us at all times and around us in our aura, and the brighter it is the better.

Colour affects all levels of being from physical to emotional and spiritual. Although many of us may look at it from a physical point of view, colour therapy has many more lasting effects than we may realise including psychological affects.

Colour therapy is a holistic healing modality and can be used alongside other therapies whether they are alternative or orthodox medicine. It is a non-invasive therapy which anyone can take advantage of. Just think of all the colours in your life right now, in your home and what you wear. Do you wear colour? Do you have beautiful colour throughout your house? Why not take care with how you use colour and try to put the most pleasing colours around you.

Colour And Mood

Colours around us can affect mood almost immediately. We must remember that colour enters us through the eyes, but strangely also through the skin. Although its individual, here are some of the moods that colours might cause us to feel.

Red:          Motivated, Grounded, Active, Excitement, Intensity, Warmth, Anger

Orange:    Energy, Stimulation, Creation, Enthusiasm, Happy, Change

Yellow:     Intelligence, Prosperity, Joy, Optimism, Laughter, Attention-Getting

Green:      Love, Peace, Health, Harmony, Nature, Growth, Fertility, Envy

Blue:         Serenity, Wisdom, Truth, Loyalty, Water, Uncaring

Violet:       Spiritual, Wise, Mysterious, Respectful, Exotic

White:       Purity, Innocence, Enlightenment, Peace, Oneness

There are all kinds of colours inbetween, for example the colour pink means Love and Romance, and brown might denote Stability or Earth. Black is a very grounding hue.

The warm colours like Red, Orange and Yellow are known to be upbeat and can bring changes to the body such as increased heart rate or adrenaline. Meanwhile, the cooler colours can reduce the same bringing calmness or even sadness and depression. This is the basis of Colour Therapy and how we would use many of the colours depending on need. If you were depressed, perhaps some yellow or orange could be good for you. If you were overstimulated, then the answer could be blue or violet.

Kinds Of Treatment

A colour therapist could use a light lamp on you for many different physical injuries. Some of the issues treated this way are Pain, Wound Healing, Soft Tissue Injuries, Skin Disorders, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Metabalism or Inner Well-being. People react differently to light; it will range from person to person.

The safest colour of all is Green (the heart). Think of Archangel Raphael and his beautiful green. Green is a calming colour of balance, harmony and love. It is often best to use green at the start of a treatment and then once more at the end. The lamp will be applied to the skin/body for five or ten minutes. You can go through each of the colours or just the ones you need. Each colour is shone on a different area of the body, ranging from violet at the head and chest, whereas red shouldn't be used above the legs.

Other ways to treat with colour include wearing different coloured clothing, scarves, etc, or with stones and crystals of different vibrations. I will shortly write an article about crystals and colour therapy so please watch this space.

*Please note that colour therapy should never replace traditional and orthodox treatments or any prescription given by a doctor.

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