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Why Do We Get Colds?

Cold RemediesDo you get sick just when you start to feel low, perhaps when the cold weather is just starting up? Some people claim that all illness reflects something else that is going on within us. Serious illnesses can reflect something very big and serious, perhaps something we aren't looking at or addressing. Yet a cold is very simple and short for most of us. So the cause is also very simple. Why do we get colds and flu?

Firstly, we need colds and flu occasionally to help our immune system get some practice. When we have a cold every 3-4 years, then this is enough to give the system a workout. We all want a strong immune system and this is how we can maintain it.

Since the cold is vibrational, then it is due to feeling a bit low. We all have days when we feel off and having a cold just means we get to stay home for a bit and then feel better. We might stop many of our usual activities and exercise so that we can just rest, drink tea, keep warm and try to recover. Our noses are usually dripping as well, plus we don't want to spread it around when we are contagious, for example at our workplace.

We can, however, reduce how long we have the cold for. There are many ways to help our immune system that are natural and my favourite is colloidal silver (silver in colloid - it looks like normal water and tastes a little bitter). Lets look at some other ways.

Natural Ways To Treat A Cold

1. Colloidal Silver is wonderful for anything you might have, and many people take this daily regardless of their health. You don't need to take a lot, just a few mls, although with the onset of a cold you will probably take much more. Make sure you spray it into the nose, not just swallowing, because that is where colds hide.

2. Homeopathic Remedies can work miracles, for example try using aconitum napellus. These are a form of vibrational medicine and are completely natural.

3. Lots of Water can help your body get through an illness, so make this filtered water as well. Tea is also wonderful for a cold so anything that can help your throat to feel better is advised. I personally still drink coffee during a cold because I find that caffeine is very curative to any headache I tend to have.

4. Vitamin C. Either take this in pill form or else try eating a bunch of high vitamin C fruit. This is the one I usually forget but it can really help to shake that illness.

5. Olive Leaf Extract for the throat. Don't buy a traditional throat medicine; instead use olive leaf extract as it can help with fever as well, and to reduce blood pressure if that's an issue.

6. Tea Tree Essential Oil for decongestion. Put some on a tissue, in a burner, or in a pot of water on the stove. It will help you to breath more easily and feel better too.

7. Lots of Rest & Sleep. Hopefully you can take a few days off to recover and laze around. How often do we get this chance? Sleeping is also very essential to our recovery so don't skimp on this; have a nice early night and try to get those 8 hours of sleep.

8. Think about the Cause as there will be a reason. Most times, I feel it is because we're feeling a little down, meaning that our normal vibration has dropped. Think about this because it is normally true but is not really an issue. If you have something more iky like the flu, it may have a more serious reason; there may be an imbalance in your mind/body lurking there, so try to work it out. Are you down, did your vibration just drop and why?

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