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Could You Be A Healer?

Many of us sensitive type people are spiritual healers without quite realising it. Or, we realise it but only on a deep level. What is a spiritual healer?

A spiritual healer tends to heal in a non traditional and more natural way, instinctively shunning unhealthy healing methods. They often use energy, channeling or other spiritual means. You will already be healing others naturally, either through touch, listening, your advice, or by just being naturally caring. See the 17 signs of being a healer below:


1. You care about others, even strangers, and have a natural empathy for them. If there is something small you can do for these strangers, you usually will do it, even if it is just being extra friendly, smiling and reassuring them. You offer love this way, and love is the most healing modality of all.

2. You seek to create harmony, sooth over issues or solve issues so that everybody wins. You like to go in and heal 'situations' if you can. You try to avoid conflict and so may try to heal behind the scenes

3. You are a quiet person, a little introverted and deep thinking.

4. You are a master observer. You notice everything around you.

5. You are an energy reader and so are quite psychic. You can read what people are thinking, their intentions, and this is without trying.

6. You are attracted to professions that help others in some way. It could be helping youth, disabled, or elderly. It could be as a counselor or psychologist. It could be through touch like massage therapy or shiatsu. As a nurse or vet, etc.

7. You befriend children and animals and they befriend you. You understand them easily and see them, whereas others may ignore or brush them off as unimportant.

8. You might have a talent for music (singing can be healing to others), or be an artist creating beauty. You are creative and channel beauty and harmony.

9. You frequently need to recharge yourself after being around other people either socially or in the workplace. You frequently feel drained and have learned to take good care of yourself. Unfortunately you can't be always on the go like other people, you guard your energy well so you have enough for yourself.

10. You feel like an old soul and are more sensible than others. You have a lot of wisdom about life that comes naturally. You can usually give good advice to others, many of who may seek you out for your wisdom.

11. You like helping others and try to do so as often as you can, especially when you are younger. As you get older, you learn to discriminate and choose who you help freely. This is because you tend to get burned by people who just want to use you up. Some people can never be helped, but enjoy the attention. You may go through a stage of withholding your natural healing, especially times when you need to recharge.

12. You love nature and spending time in natural settings (walking or exercise in nature helps you to recharge).

13. You are connected to your own body and very aware of its health. You will do all things health promoting to keep your body in its best shape, whether it is yoga, running, or eating organic.

14. You might have a lot of energy running through your body, or coming out of your hands. You feel energy entering your body through your feet, or traveling up your spine. Your hands tingle, and you may even do reiki without having been taught it.

15. You have a great respect for natural and alternative healing methods, and a great respect too for indigenous cultures and their wisdom, stories and traditions.

16. You are open to the idea that the world is changing and becoming more spiritual. You feel a new world awakening, and envision how you want this world to be. You are on the cutting edge of conscious, experiencing the shift in dimensions as this world ascends spiritually.

17. You don't have much in common with most people on this world, feeling innately different, like this isn't really your home. You can see all the foolishness on this world where others can't. People's behaviour can seem stupid or unevolved to you. You're always scratching your head at everything on this world that makes no logical sense.

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